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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What we did Sunday afternoon and what I did today

I am weird and I guess it only follows that I would leave a bad influence on my daughter and nephews.
We spent Sunday afternoon at the river building a fort. And carving cryptic messages into willow trees.

I finished the sprayer today. Three months is not a world record. The booms now fold.

I am now setting in my easy chair listening to the Allman brothers on the Rek-o-kut and sitting in my arm chair. My speaker rebuild sounds pretty good.
I also sold my Hesston disk mower today so I can take my lengthy advert off of Craigslist. I told the fellow everything wrong with the mower as well as what new parts were on it and what he should fix in the next few years. He offered me $500 less than I was asking and I took it. I have a drill payment to make and tractor parts to pay for.
But then again, the lottery is up to a couple million. Perhaps I'll drop the five grand on lottery tickets at Dad's Market. I could use a couple million...
In the words of the neighbor boy, "hookers and beer!" His father didn't know he exclaimed that...


  1. Don't waste your money on the lottery tickets! The odds are too poor. For $5,000.00 I will sell you 5,000 chances to win $1000,000.00. The odds will be twice as good as the official lotteries. What a deal huh?
    Or, you could make a payment on the seed drill.

  2. For a minute there I thought someone found the lost settlement of Roanoke.

  3. The Lumbees! They are still around. That explains a lot. Or maybe not.

  4. Muddy,1. we could just call it rent...
    2. The Feds won't give them any money. Claim they are not real Indians.

    G706, I spelled it wrong...

  5. Is that a genuine MM paint job? And did MM ever make a Uni-Sprayor?

    1. Some years ago we were given several cases of Federal Yellow paint. 40 year old paint takes a little more stirring but it seems to work.
      I don't think there was an official uni-sprayer but I think there were some after market kits. I will have to check the catalogues.


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