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Monday, March 12, 2012

A truck photo, a computer, a lazy farmer, rain, wind, suffering and famine...

I hope my brother is at work.
I went outside, I took my daughter to school, I came back inside to wash my coat, and I sat down in the easy chair. I feel like crap. I seem to have aged 10 years since I twisted my back.
We are having a pretty good wind storm. But, I have a lot to do.
I am not ready for spring...
My lovely wife bought me a refurbished MacBook. I do not know the cost nor will I look it up. The possibility of seeing the cost makes me unbelievably uptight. That was not the point of the gift, so I will respect the intent.
I am going from a Motorolla based RISK processor in an iBook G4 1.33 12" inch screen to something dual core with huge ram and huge HD. I don't see that much of a difference. The daughter does. She has been playing with Garage Band musical instruments and sort of teaching herself to play chess.
Of course it requires a different cord that what I have to connect my old iBook to the new MacBook and do the overnight transfer of files. I learned from another blogger not to use the wireless feature to migrate.
What I did learn is that camera photos have GPS coordinates imbedded in them and iPhoto can read those and put your photos on a map. I am not sure if I like that.
I have never used iPhoto as I found I hated it the first time I tried. I use Graphic Converter. However the daughter likes to make movies with a digital camera and legos and iDVD imports from iPhoto better than from Graphic Converter.
In other unrelated commentary I discovered my farm coat reeks of this chemical. I was very careful and have no idea how I got it on my coat. I didn't mix it or handle it. I must have backed up to a fertilizer leak or something. I guess that explains my sore throat...
An experiment with iPhoto. This is a very well preserved 1960 something Peterbilt
And now I will go back to work. Have a nice day... As Mr. Harry used to say...


  1. Don't worry! You should be all right. I followed the links. It's only moderately toxic! I think that means it's ok, as long as you don't plan on engaging in any activities that require serious thought or any coordinated bodily functions.

  2. Do you have a charcoal chemical filter on your tractor cab? It might help. Its surprising how those fumes get into things. I have the filters in both tractors for spraying season and they seem to keep the chemical outside where its supposed to be.

    1. I think I am just especially sensitive. You couldn't smell the stuff in the cab. There is no drift as the fertilizer goes out little tubes between the v-openers in a steam, there is no atomization and so no drift. I don't see how I possibly could get enough inhaled to have any effect.

  3. And your Peterbilt truck photo just reminded me of one of my favourite movies. The award for best acting by a 281 Peterbilt must go to this one in the Steven Spielberg movie from 1971... Duel. And its all on youtube. There goes my evening.

    1. Thanks lots Ralph! It's not on instant Netflix so there goes the evening here too, warming the seat in front of the computer.

    2. I may have linked to the photo of the surviving truck from the movie.

  4. I wouldn't do as well without my chiropractor. He is really good and understands nerve endings and spinal adjustment for good health. I feel really good this morning. You and my suffering wife could too.

    1. My chiropractor is a big help. I went to visit him mid week. They also offer massage therapy which is amazing for muscle strains. It took a bit of effort to get used to the violation of personal space but the relief from muscle pain was worth it.
      I didn't take the massage as I was in a hurry to plant. I should have.


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