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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The sun is out and I should not read depressing blogs!

The Classic Liberal has some good stuff. Reading his Blog makes me look over my shoulder. If I have to drive after checking it out, I usually try and make three consecutive right turns in a row to check for the Pink Panther on my tail.
He has a good post today, which came from The republican Mother blog which is interesting in its own right.
I find it depressing to find out how totally screwed "we" are. And I now understand why I dislike NewsMax.
Money, money, money...
And now, I'm going to go outside and NOT make money!
If only I could get a grant!

Edit: Instead of going to work I got distracted by the Republican Mother blog. Check out her "x-files" links. I like General Butler's book!


  1. This is why every so often,for long stretches of time, I avoid the news on the computer, newspaper, and tv. Life becomes so much more peaceful. My problems are usually easier to solve than the worlds.

  2. That's why I'm more into woodworking and bushcraft blogs now. They're less likely to raise my blood pressure or make me pray for an quick second coming!


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