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Monday, March 5, 2012

More things that make me happy

I am still pretty messed up. I can now stand on my own. I can pick up small objects. I can lift my coffee cup. I can turn records over.
I was going to go to work but them my helper showed up.
I just don't want to have to talk to him. I will have to sit in the store and have coffee and explain the whole injury and then he will pretend to care when really it is the first of the month and he is out of gas. Then he will offer to do all sorts of things for me which he fully intends to do when he offers but if I make the mistake of taking him seriously I will be very disappointed.
We are getting quite a storm so I guess I am off the hook for planting.
I gave my brother a list of instructions for the helper.
There is really nothing to have him do other than grease the drill.
The shop is full of unfinished projects which he won't want know how to finish. I don't want to start new projects as that means more unfinished projects. He mostly likely will only work long enough to put us in danger of an OSHA inspection. While he has been to nearly every safety seminar we can't just tell him to go put shields on stuff as he will just drink coffee for two hours, say he doesn't know what to do, and then go home early.
He won't be able to fix the window in the truck he is going to drive, he may be able to fix the air leak, I changed the oil in my tractor myself, I don't really see him finishing the sprayer as he pretends he can't weld.
Frankly, I don't know what to do with him until I am well and not grumpy.
Perhaps I'll send him over to help MuddyValley build fence...


  1. Don't you dare send him over here. He drives a tractor fine (if there is no mud to run it into) but I really don't see him building any fences.

    1. He left at noon anyway. I thought he was going to your place but I guess not.

  2. Sorry to learn about your injury.

    I have a product suggestion for you. See if you can find Tiger Balm. It is an ointment that works to relieve all types of body pains. Your local pharmacy might have it. It is rather reasonable cost wise.

    Or try Dr. Teale's Foaming Bath Soak. I swear by this particular product. This is carried at WalMart and most pharmacies. There is a liquid and the traditional epsom salt crystals. It is wonderful for relieving strains and aching muscles.

    1. I tired the Tiger Balm which helped and used regular epsom slats which helped.
      I inquired and found a couple other farmers who had same type injury. Their advice was similar. Heat followed by cold packs, tiger balm, sit or lay down till it passes.
      Thanks for the info/concern.

  3. Always cold ice packs asap the first day to bring the inflammation down and heat the next few days or weeks to relax the muscle tissue and increase blood flow, After the first day stuff with camphor in them like tiger balm and those other assorted muscle pain remedies give temporary relief. Give the muscle time and a chance to heal. I'm not a doctor, but I've played one. :-)


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