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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Random rant about something you have heard before and it won't even matter except to get me on a list somewhere

 Oregon is going nuts and it is probably time to leave.

I grew up hearing stories from my Uncle about leaving Germany between the wars. He foresaw the end of this country better than anyone else I have even talked to.

Germany was devastated spiritually after WWI and it slowly became a dual society. The rural people were conservative and more religious. The city folk became progressive and liberal. According to Uncle H the growing divide between the liberals and the  smarter than anyone else folk became significant. 

A charismatic leader like Uncle Dolf who promised to rid the country of socialist/communists/weird perverts and university professors(sorry for being redundant) was welcomed because he was an alternative. A few normal people realized it was time to leave. But overall I suspect that the temptation to welcome brownshirts beating the shite out of Antifa shite head types was so strong that one might overlook a little spillover. 

Needless to say, Uncle H got the heck out and moved to Texas. I suspect the only thing that will keep Oregon from turning into Berlin of 1926 is... , well I don't really know. I don't see a charismatic right-ringer rallying us all. The Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer a first seemed to be a step in defense of the rest of us but they were immediately and skillfully marginalized. The racial diversity of the groups, Latino, Cuban, Black, White was denied and the clever folks defined them as RaCist. Of course. The "so called violence" didn't do much as those groups seem to have just ended up being mostly Oregon State Police and FBI infiltrators agitating each other. Plus, rural Oregonians are not extreme right wing or "racist fascists." We just want to be left alone. We don't want Kate Brown and countless civil servants telling us what to do. We don't want snot nosed brats protesting endlessly about non-existent oppression of people who we don't even know. We don't want global warming bullshite forced on us because the idiot early baby-boomers read the Hobbit and Grapes of Wrath and convinced their grandkids that the internal combustion engine is evil and that all Mexicans are oppressed farmworkers. (I used to be post baby-boom and pre Gen-X before Wikipedia expanded the Baby Boom years. There ain't a lot of us and we seem to be a grumpy lot)

Note: I started to write this last weekend and ran out of steam. I am still out of steam. I got nothin to say. 

Here are some pictures with no captions and a video that probably won't work.

My collections are interesting

Sunday, July 18, 2021

I started this blog post last week and then went fishing so it is posted this week

I sometimes astonish even myself with my level of negativity.

I just seem to be permanently annoyed and even that annoys me.

I was happy briefly Friday. My college University is building a new Science and Wine Studies building and renovating the Physics building. They had a giveaway of old science equipment. My work study student and I made numerous trips to see what was being declared surplus. 

I scored a few key items ahead of time but I resisted the urge to hoard. I wanted three things. First, I wanted the variable a/c transformer useful for reconditioning tube amplifier, old project boxes with crinkle finish, and a 1000ml flask. I did ok. But I missed out on two telegraph keys. Of course my daughter has left me so there is no point in building my own telegraph network and learning morse code...

When the doors opened at 10 a.m. there was a stampede of townsfolk. Many of them were nut case hoarders. I did find at least one meth addict. She headed straight for the glassware. I joined with a former fellow employee and tormented her by asking if she wanted various objects. When she started swearing and using codewords used by feminist idiots with funny colored hair I departed. It was actually quite funny. She had the facial lesions, she was jittery, she was over focusing, she was hoarding. I wish I would have taken a video. Later, she stashed all her stuff under a table and started counting it. Meth is a great social control device. If only it rendered the user permanently sterile. I don't want it to kill people as that is just sad. But, making them dependent on social services and unable to reproduce is great. Social services are the perfect place for earnest young women and ill-tempered liberals who have the need to make everyone's lives better. Keeps them out of building inspection, safety inspections, artifact surveys, aways from the Soil Conservation Service, and so on. Now if only working for the gubment and/or getting a Liberal Arts degree made you sterile...

Later that day there was a ground breaking for the new building. My student is in the band and I had been told Grounds staff were to make an appearance. So I attended. I felt a bit out of place. The Mascot was strangely happy to seem me. I am not sure what was up with that. Three fist bumps in one day is a bit much for me. The President's wife gave me a hug! (I suspect that is the one thing that improved my day, she is awesome.)

I retreated to the background and observed. Whereupon I met up with other's of the invisible campus staff and gossiped. It is pretty funny that we are all super conservative and are opposed to almost every BS virtue signaling idiotic liberal pandering the University does. Which is basically every PR campaign.

Much humor was had by all when the tribal dancers and the jackass spokesman for the Confederated Tribes of the Grande' Rhonde' showed up. According to my student when the Cultura rent-a-blessing elder was introduced and welcomed he said something to the effect that it actually was "their" ground which is kind of BS due to the fact that they "ain't from around here," and used to come over from the Grand Rhonde Valley and fight with the local natives. (I may be wrong there, he did claim to be from a local tribe so I guess he did have the right to say welcome to my land)

I just wonder what they were actually saying in their dance or if it was just random. (I also found out I was wrong about the rent-a-blessing! They were there because they were so happy to get a street renamed that they did a blessing dance just for the heck of it!)

I am such a grumpy-ass! This is probably why my daughter is convinced I am a colonialist racist sexist ill-tempered old fart.

Update July 18... That was last week. My wife thought I needed to do something other than look at my computer and so I went fishing. I was a bit on edge and it was not the greatest fishing trip ever. I probably need real medication as times.... Other than arguing with the President of my University over the War of Northern Aggression and the differing cultural significance of the battle flag... And, other things...

The fish I caught is indicative of my expectations vs my reality.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

I Accomplish Stuff at My real job....

I have to decide. Decisions are hard for me. I generally choose wrong. So do discard the first pick as it is probably wrong and take the second? Or just go boldly forward with no regrets... I have had bad luck with both so perhaps I should just choose randomly...

Today is Independence Day. It may be too dry to set off explosives. Plus, I kind of identity as a wearer of the grey.

My choices,

Go to Church...

Go fishing...

Rake alfalfa. ( I kind of want to do that the most)

Go back to bed. (Five gallons of coffee later I suspect that is not an option.)

Proofread my blogs...

Find the movie projector and "Gum Ball Rally" and invite the people over who have been begging me to do movies for the past year...

Wallow in depression till my daughter arrives to work on her bus, annoy her and my wife, then go fishing...

Yesterday was a good day.

The a/c fan quite on the 2-135 but we had a new one. I was not driving the 2-135 so it were not I who suffered. I sent my retired guy helper home and worked on the tractor. I did get it repaired. It was a POS Chinese fan. ( A shout out to my namesake in California who actually blocked me on facebook because I complained about Chinese bearings and he though I hated his wife who is apparently Chinese- Insanity runs in our family) I really hate Chinese products. Have nothing against Chinese people in general especially if they are from The REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

But I digress...

The 2-135 is suffering the curse of a repaint. Exhaust manifold leaks, (or has a bad head gasket on the result Hercules. Of course the Hercules was rebuilt by the US Army before the Obama appointees took over so I figure it was made with regular pride and not June Pride so it is probably fine) It also has a water leak from the rubber joint under the Turbo, which also makes me suspect a head gasket, but no bubbles so I don't know)

My nephews took the initiative to bring the Tedder rake and baler up to Muddy Valley and get things going whilst I worked on stuff. I sent them home as it was  6 p.m. on a Saturday and I figured there was a rodeo somewhere that needed attending. But first I waited till the eldest got all the twine tangling problems sorted out on the baler. Actually feel a little guilty about having the second oldest rake another two rounds till the baler started working again.

I got my just rewards. The A/C in the 2-155 was so cold I got the shivers. I really hated to turn it down as most of the time you are way too hot running a tractor. I suppose it doesn't all even out in the end.

And then I decided I would open the next field. I was a mile away from the pickup on the opening round when suddenly the sun disappeared behind the hill and the moisture content jumped to 20 percent. I figured that was probably ok and baled a little further and then it went to 30 percent. There ain't no rationalizing that away so I quit.

I actually feel good about accomplishing something for the first time in a year. Of course I should have stacked it also, but perhaps this afternoon when it is hot...

In other news, my college is giving away surplus cool scientific stuff next week and I want to take it all. I don't know what it does but I want to be a scientist. If only I could concentrate. If I could concentrate and remember anything but the lyrics to old country western songs I could do anything in the world!!!

When The Lazy Farmer gets depressed he thinks about going fishing. But doesn't


The depression worsens...

I had a student come out to me the other day. A beautiful girl who at times drives my guy helper nuts. Last summer he would not even look at her when she would stop and talk to me but he would continually sneak glances.

She can do anything, drive anything, use tools, use proper terminology for tools, knows stuff. ("Knows stuff" is an important thing. You could talk to her about any subject and I think she could carry on the conversation)

However they are reprogramming kids nowadays, "they" do it well. There is a script. 

1. I have always know I was different.

2. I just don't have feelings for the guys I have dated.

3. Dating a woman is so interesting, they are so complex, and it just feels right.

(if student has a Christian background)

4. My parents are close minded and conservative

5. The Bible is open to interpretation, it was written by fallible men. (Men, is an important term if it is a girl involved)

6. That section in Romans doesn't mean what it says.

7. I choose to believe in a God of love and a god of love would never have created me this way if she didn't want me to be happy.


8. I just feel so right about it and my stress level has dropped so much. I am happy. (but yet, I will find out later, still on medication and still has high levels of anxiety)

This will be the third or fourth time I have heard this.

Then the girl will go on to date a needy girl with no personality. (Of course since I work in grounds, I rarely get students with no work ethic or meet the passive sort with no real personality so I don't know the other side)

I read into a neighbor girl who I worked with when I was farming full time. Almost exactly the same conversation. She was tougher, had more personality, was more driven, knew how to do stuff, more than any guy she ever dated. So she hooked up with a puffy and needy older woman with a hell of a lot of ugly tattoos. It is such a shame...

What I observe after the process. 

The parent's cope. Dad rationalizes or pretends it didn't happen. Mom builds a relationship but the kid joins the weird cult of liberalism. If the family is already a bunch of liberal dipshits then it is all wonderful and the codependent couple is given special status with all the other dipshit liberal relatives, but they are still a sideshow. 

Call me an asshole if you want but I am really sad about the whole thing. 

Perhaps I will skip church and go fishing... 

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