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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Random rant about something you have heard before and it won't even matter except to get me on a list somewhere

 Oregon is going nuts and it is probably time to leave.

I grew up hearing stories from my Uncle about leaving Germany between the wars. He foresaw the end of this country better than anyone else I have even talked to.

Germany was devastated spiritually after WWI and it slowly became a dual society. The rural people were conservative and more religious. The city folk became progressive and liberal. According to Uncle H the growing divide between the liberals and the  smarter than anyone else folk became significant. 

A charismatic leader like Uncle Dolf who promised to rid the country of socialist/communists/weird perverts and university professors(sorry for being redundant) was welcomed because he was an alternative. A few normal people realized it was time to leave. But overall I suspect that the temptation to welcome brownshirts beating the shite out of Antifa shite head types was so strong that one might overlook a little spillover. 

Needless to say, Uncle H got the heck out and moved to Texas. I suspect the only thing that will keep Oregon from turning into Berlin of 1926 is... , well I don't really know. I don't see a charismatic right-ringer rallying us all. The Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer a first seemed to be a step in defense of the rest of us but they were immediately and skillfully marginalized. The racial diversity of the groups, Latino, Cuban, Black, White was denied and the clever folks defined them as RaCist. Of course. The "so called violence" didn't do much as those groups seem to have just ended up being mostly Oregon State Police and FBI infiltrators agitating each other. Plus, rural Oregonians are not extreme right wing or "racist fascists." We just want to be left alone. We don't want Kate Brown and countless civil servants telling us what to do. We don't want snot nosed brats protesting endlessly about non-existent oppression of people who we don't even know. We don't want global warming bullshite forced on us because the idiot early baby-boomers read the Hobbit and Grapes of Wrath and convinced their grandkids that the internal combustion engine is evil and that all Mexicans are oppressed farmworkers. (I used to be post baby-boom and pre Gen-X before Wikipedia expanded the Baby Boom years. There ain't a lot of us and we seem to be a grumpy lot)

Note: I started to write this last weekend and ran out of steam. I am still out of steam. I got nothin to say. 

Here are some pictures with no captions and a video that probably won't work.

My collections are interesting

Sunday, July 18, 2021

I started this blog post last week and then went fishing so it is posted this week

I sometimes astonish even myself with my level of negativity.

I just seem to be permanently annoyed and even that annoys me.

I was happy briefly Friday. My college University is building a new Science and Wine Studies building and renovating the Physics building. They had a giveaway of old science equipment. My work study student and I made numerous trips to see what was being declared surplus. 

I scored a few key items ahead of time but I resisted the urge to hoard. I wanted three things. First, I wanted the variable a/c transformer useful for reconditioning tube amplifier, old project boxes with crinkle finish, and a 1000ml flask. I did ok. But I missed out on two telegraph keys. Of course my daughter has left me so there is no point in building my own telegraph network and learning morse code...

When the doors opened at 10 a.m. there was a stampede of townsfolk. Many of them were nut case hoarders. I did find at least one meth addict. She headed straight for the glassware. I joined with a former fellow employee and tormented her by asking if she wanted various objects. When she started swearing and using codewords used by feminist idiots with funny colored hair I departed. It was actually quite funny. She had the facial lesions, she was jittery, she was over focusing, she was hoarding. I wish I would have taken a video. Later, she stashed all her stuff under a table and started counting it. Meth is a great social control device. If only it rendered the user permanently sterile. I don't want it to kill people as that is just sad. But, making them dependent on social services and unable to reproduce is great. Social services are the perfect place for earnest young women and ill-tempered liberals who have the need to make everyone's lives better. Keeps them out of building inspection, safety inspections, artifact surveys, aways from the Soil Conservation Service, and so on. Now if only working for the gubment and/or getting a Liberal Arts degree made you sterile...

Later that day there was a ground breaking for the new building. My student is in the band and I had been told Grounds staff were to make an appearance. So I attended. I felt a bit out of place. The Mascot was strangely happy to seem me. I am not sure what was up with that. Three fist bumps in one day is a bit much for me. The President's wife gave me a hug! (I suspect that is the one thing that improved my day, she is awesome.)

I retreated to the background and observed. Whereupon I met up with other's of the invisible campus staff and gossiped. It is pretty funny that we are all super conservative and are opposed to almost every BS virtue signaling idiotic liberal pandering the University does. Which is basically every PR campaign.

Much humor was had by all when the tribal dancers and the jackass spokesman for the Confederated Tribes of the Grande' Rhonde' showed up. According to my student when the Cultura rent-a-blessing elder was introduced and welcomed he said something to the effect that it actually was "their" ground which is kind of BS due to the fact that they "ain't from around here," and used to come over from the Grand Rhonde Valley and fight with the local natives. (I may be wrong there, he did claim to be from a local tribe so I guess he did have the right to say welcome to my land)

I just wonder what they were actually saying in their dance or if it was just random. (I also found out I was wrong about the rent-a-blessing! They were there because they were so happy to get a street renamed that they did a blessing dance just for the heck of it!)

I am such a grumpy-ass! This is probably why my daughter is convinced I am a colonialist racist sexist ill-tempered old fart.

Update July 18... That was last week. My wife thought I needed to do something other than look at my computer and so I went fishing. I was a bit on edge and it was not the greatest fishing trip ever. I probably need real medication as times.... Other than arguing with the President of my University over the War of Northern Aggression and the differing cultural significance of the battle flag... And, other things...

The fish I caught is indicative of my expectations vs my reality.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

I Accomplish Stuff at My real job....

I have to decide. Decisions are hard for me. I generally choose wrong. So do discard the first pick as it is probably wrong and take the second? Or just go boldly forward with no regrets... I have had bad luck with both so perhaps I should just choose randomly...

Today is Independence Day. It may be too dry to set off explosives. Plus, I kind of identity as a wearer of the grey.

My choices,

Go to Church...

Go fishing...

Rake alfalfa. ( I kind of want to do that the most)

Go back to bed. (Five gallons of coffee later I suspect that is not an option.)

Proofread my blogs...

Find the movie projector and "Gum Ball Rally" and invite the people over who have been begging me to do movies for the past year...

Wallow in depression till my daughter arrives to work on her bus, annoy her and my wife, then go fishing...

Yesterday was a good day.

The a/c fan quite on the 2-135 but we had a new one. I was not driving the 2-135 so it were not I who suffered. I sent my retired guy helper home and worked on the tractor. I did get it repaired. It was a POS Chinese fan. ( A shout out to my namesake in California who actually blocked me on facebook because I complained about Chinese bearings and he though I hated his wife who is apparently Chinese- Insanity runs in our family) I really hate Chinese products. Have nothing against Chinese people in general especially if they are from The REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

But I digress...

The 2-135 is suffering the curse of a repaint. Exhaust manifold leaks, (or has a bad head gasket on the result Hercules. Of course the Hercules was rebuilt by the US Army before the Obama appointees took over so I figure it was made with regular pride and not June Pride so it is probably fine) It also has a water leak from the rubber joint under the Turbo, which also makes me suspect a head gasket, but no bubbles so I don't know)

My nephews took the initiative to bring the Tedder rake and baler up to Muddy Valley and get things going whilst I worked on stuff. I sent them home as it was  6 p.m. on a Saturday and I figured there was a rodeo somewhere that needed attending. But first I waited till the eldest got all the twine tangling problems sorted out on the baler. Actually feel a little guilty about having the second oldest rake another two rounds till the baler started working again.

I got my just rewards. The A/C in the 2-155 was so cold I got the shivers. I really hated to turn it down as most of the time you are way too hot running a tractor. I suppose it doesn't all even out in the end.

And then I decided I would open the next field. I was a mile away from the pickup on the opening round when suddenly the sun disappeared behind the hill and the moisture content jumped to 20 percent. I figured that was probably ok and baled a little further and then it went to 30 percent. There ain't no rationalizing that away so I quit.

I actually feel good about accomplishing something for the first time in a year. Of course I should have stacked it also, but perhaps this afternoon when it is hot...

In other news, my college is giving away surplus cool scientific stuff next week and I want to take it all. I don't know what it does but I want to be a scientist. If only I could concentrate. If I could concentrate and remember anything but the lyrics to old country western songs I could do anything in the world!!!

When The Lazy Farmer gets depressed he thinks about going fishing. But doesn't


The depression worsens...

I had a student come out to me the other day. A beautiful girl who at times drives my guy helper nuts. Last summer he would not even look at her when she would stop and talk to me but he would continually sneak glances.

She can do anything, drive anything, use tools, use proper terminology for tools, knows stuff. ("Knows stuff" is an important thing. You could talk to her about any subject and I think she could carry on the conversation)

However they are reprogramming kids nowadays, "they" do it well. There is a script. 

1. I have always know I was different.

2. I just don't have feelings for the guys I have dated.

3. Dating a woman is so interesting, they are so complex, and it just feels right.

(if student has a Christian background)

4. My parents are close minded and conservative

5. The Bible is open to interpretation, it was written by fallible men. (Men, is an important term if it is a girl involved)

6. That section in Romans doesn't mean what it says.

7. I choose to believe in a God of love and a god of love would never have created me this way if she didn't want me to be happy.


8. I just feel so right about it and my stress level has dropped so much. I am happy. (but yet, I will find out later, still on medication and still has high levels of anxiety)

This will be the third or fourth time I have heard this.

Then the girl will go on to date a needy girl with no personality. (Of course since I work in grounds, I rarely get students with no work ethic or meet the passive sort with no real personality so I don't know the other side)

I read into a neighbor girl who I worked with when I was farming full time. Almost exactly the same conversation. She was tougher, had more personality, was more driven, knew how to do stuff, more than any guy she ever dated. So she hooked up with a puffy and needy older woman with a hell of a lot of ugly tattoos. It is such a shame...

What I observe after the process. 

The parent's cope. Dad rationalizes or pretends it didn't happen. Mom builds a relationship but the kid joins the weird cult of liberalism. If the family is already a bunch of liberal dipshits then it is all wonderful and the codependent couple is given special status with all the other dipshit liberal relatives, but they are still a sideshow. 

Call me an asshole if you want but I am really sad about the whole thing. 

Perhaps I will skip church and go fishing... 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

The lazy farmer is actually lazy nowadays...

It is hot...

It is never hot in Oregon this time of year. 

It is going to be 90 degrees at 12 midnight tonight. I should have been hooking up lights on all the tractors. Years ago we had similar weather and I just basically switched to working at night. 

Now I have this job as a groundskeeper and when I get home I am so tired from the heat I just don't feel like doing much. Pretty sad. I really am becoming the lazy farmer.

Last week I turned down a better job. It paid $2 an hour more. I suppose  I had good reasons.

1. It would have cost me $1 an hour to drive the distance. The reason this is a big deal is I live close enough to my current job that I could drive home for lunch. Switching to a 40 minute commute on a highway I hate was daunting.

2. They made me an offer. I asked for 45 cents more to meet my goal. They said that HR had a computer program to determine pay equality and after working for my current college I understand the codewords. The code word is F... You. They are coating it in Jesus language instead of social justice and diversity. Actually I think at the new job I would be getting a double dosage of both.

3. The President of my current college invited me for coffee to discuss my mental state. I went to his office. The ladies in the office acted weird like I should not be there or I was getting fired. Turns out he was on vacation. I was invited to his house.... 

I really felt I should go to the back door as it is the president's mansion on campus. He calls me in and his lovely and gracious wife brings me coffee. We have a great chat, the cheers me up. We agree on a strategy. I ask for what I want, which is pretty reasonable and based on the wages of local groundskeeping companies. If they don't give it I walk. I have a job.

And that is what I did.

I am still a little depressed. I just cannot seem to boost my motivation. It will be a long summer.

I have been driving dump truck in the evenings. It gets me more behind with fixing farm equipment but $30 an hour is pretty nice. Plus, they are so happy for my help. The excavator guy has a truck load waiting for me at 4:05 pm. I haul it to the farm where I am dumping it and try to make it back by 4:45 pm. He quits at 5 so that gives him time to load me. Then I try to get two loads in myself. I am down to loading in 20 minutes. (I am getting better with the excavator. )

I try to make it home by 7:30. So far I have only ran the stacker one evening. I worked till 10 p.m. and thought I was done but didn't realize there was another field. The problem with this is that while it is nice in cool in the stacker, the next day I can't stay awake on the lawnmower because of the heat. 

I am afraid I am getting old. I have no idea how to deal with that problem...

Sunday, June 6, 2021

I am reflective

We had a different Pastor in Church this morning. I enjoyed the sermon. I needed it. I am too uptight.

He quoted TS Elliot, "The Hollow Men," and reminisced about reading "On The Beach," many years ago. Then he quoted Dale Carnegie, "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living."

I wanted to call/text my daughter and talk about it. "On the Beach" is an awesome movie. (Having never read the book) plus TS Elliot. "The Hollow Men," is interesting in so many ways just as a poem but the Pastor's Biblical references and the "On The Beach," reference made it all so much more interesting to me. There was a time when I thought talking about things like that with my daughter was the most amazing thing in the world.

But alas, that that time has past. It is a different world now.

I went to my nephew's graduation yesterday. Him and his three other classmates seem happy and positive. It is Child Abuse to put your kid into the public school system if you have any values at all. 

I often question my decision to work off the farm. I question even more my decision to get my daughter to attend the Young Writer's Conference at Sweet Briar college. I am not a particularly good parent.

However, when I decided to get an off the farm job I felt I had to make a decision. My dad had to go to a rest home. If he would have lived another year there would be no farm. This would have probably been a good thing for all involved, but that is another story.

I did not want to be a 50 year old truck driver, it is a tough life. I often get confused at what gear I am in. It is an 18 speed. Traffic is a little scary on HWY 18 on a Friday with 12 yards of gravel. I think it would be worse with a set of doubles or a 50ft trailer. There has got to be a niche for me...

But... That is what I was last week.

The company doing the steam line project at my college needed truck drivers and they hired me for twice my hourly wage. I took a week of vacation time and drove dump truck. Saturday, my supervisor told me I could just work by myself if I wanted and I should just use the excavator to load myself. 

The bucket is quick attach, it rotates and tilts independently. It is really amazing to run. I am not good at running it but I have observed the real excavator driver using it and he is awesome.

JRT Mechanical seems to be a great place to work. I sent a photo to my supervisor documenting that I anciently broke the top board on the dumb truck with the excavator bucket. (The controls are opposite what I am used to and I was trying to learn new controls instead so switching the lever). I said he could take the cost of a new 2x10 out of my pay. He said it would be cheaper to just buy a new dump truck...

I probably should have turned the lever that changed the controls but I am so bad at running an excavator I thought I might as well learn the other system. I did get better...

I kind of hope they offer me a full time job.

My supervisor from the Grounds Department at the University I work at brought me coffee Saturday. I offered to let him run the excavator but he declined. It was kind of funny...

I don't think I can work at my daughter's college. It pays another $2 per hour. They have amazing facilities. People seem to love their jobs. That college is NOT going broke.

But.... The secret to happiness is controlled access. 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

I refuse to go to work in the morning and pretend to listen to a self help book but actually listen to...

 I am a bad farmer. A lazy farmer. There is hay to cut and in three days, there will be hay to bale. I have feed to make, I have a broken tractor, a broken motorcycle, a broken golf cart, and several axes to grind. (metaphorically speaking)

It is 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday. I have a baler to put together and I am blogging. Perhaps that is where the Lazy Farmer name does truly apply.

What I would rather be doing

I hate working on baler plungers. I have trouble reading the instructions. When I had my larger helper Bill, we would argue over the instructions and somehow figure it out. I do not think in the same way as my new helper. Nothing against him. It just doesn't work the same.

This needs to be installed and adjusted and then readjusted and then adjusted again. Then I will probably get it wrong.

I have a book but I can't read... Actually, I can't understand instructions...

I need my daughter. But she has abandoned me.

The weather man is calling for 90 degree temperatures next week. I am taking a vacation. I am going to drive a dumbstruck for the company that is redoing the steam lines at my University. I also have an interview at another University as a handyman groundskeeper. There is a very unlikely possibility that it will pay two dollars an hour more. If so I will take it.

My daughter is working in the grounds department of that University this summer. It is where she attends. She has been advocating for my employment there. I am not sure this is a good idea. I tend to interact too much with her. She objects, but then turns around and seeks me out. This job is an example. She was going to work in my grounds department but then got a job at her University. Then she tries to recruit me.

She said, "At LU I am known as Farmer ....'s daughter. At GFU you will be known as Lulu's dad." A subtle difference. But somehow important in terms of status....

The decision to switch jobs is actually impossible. I was offered the job a couple years ago. The pay turns out to be almost the same when the extra half hour drive is figured in. The drive kind of sucks.  At my current job I now I have 15.5 hrs of PTO per month and they give me all sorts of interesting junk. They are renovating the science building and I am really hoping for cool scientific junk this time! 

I am listening to "How to stop worrying and start Living," by Dale Carnegie. It is a refresher course...

Ok, I'm lying... This is what I am really listening to. Probably why I can't read.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

The difference a week makes

Last week I was looking at this!
The Road Really Did go on forever...

 Friday I was looking at this in front of me!

Poa Annua goes on forever...

Last Sunday this was the view out of the Crane Hotsprings!

Dramatic view last Sunday!

This weekend I descended into the bowels of the baler! Somehow the baler got put away without being cleaned and inspected. The top plate under the knotters was broken in four places. Saturday my helper and I took it all apart. This is the view from below. I am also sharpening the knives. We probably should be baling hay.

I think the handle of my hammer has dried out! It was a bit disconcerting when it flew off. 

And no baler repair is successful without injuring yourself. The amount of blood from such a small cut was amazing. 
I was removing a knife bolt with the big air wrench. I was holding the head of the bolt down with my finger. Laying on my back under the baler. The head of the bolt turned in the slot and a sharp sliver of metal sliced my finger. When I felt it happen I had the sinking feeling that I had really injured myself and was going to have to sit in the emergency room at 7 p.m. on a Saturday evening. 
Just a flesh wound. Makes it hard to type with a bandaid on.

Monday, May 10, 2021

We visit Crane Oregon

 We are staying at the Crane Hotsprings just a couple miles from the huge metropolis of Carne, Oregon. Crane is notable for being tiny and having a public High School where students board. The area is so sparsely populated that it is too far for student to ride the bus to school. So they live there!

We took a long drive today. The GPS tried to send us to Winnemucca, Nevada. This was not where we wanted to go. Fortunately we had a map. We went French Prairie. We wanted to see an old Ranch and were temped to take the Steens Mountain loop. However we settled for an Ice Tea at the French Prairie Mercantile and headed home. 

We did find a ranch for sale on Ru-Red road near the Malheur wild life refuge. If someone would like to buy it for me. It is only $295,000. A bargain!

The high desert is very dramatic. Rock formations jump out of the sagebrush. 

People also seem to like to live in really crappy old manufactured homes a half mile off the highway. There are also quite a few alfalfa farms. We even found a mint farm on a gravel back road.

A great time is being had by all!

I work for an institution more dysfunctional than the local co-op

 I am on vacation. I am setting on the porch of a prefab cabin at the Crane Hotsprings.

It is a beautiful day. 

I have internet. My wife is off searching for hot coffee. This is a hilariously working class resort. 

Yesterday we were in Bend. There were lots of stringy tanned people with weird sandals and kayaks on the roof of their Subaru's. Now we are with people who have big-arsed pickups, Romeo shoes, baseball hats and Camo. There are a couple hippie families here also. I am not complaining or making negative judgements on either group. Everyone is friendly. It is just funny that there are differences between the two locations.

I am not sure of the point in writing about my college. I am sure most of my 20 remaining subscribers have heard about my college University in the news as I have had calls from as far away New York asking me what is going on.

There are two parts to this. There is the Tyranny of Tenure Professors who are part of a small community of self-congratulating self styled intellectual writers that are the source of most news opinion in the country. They Twitter back and fourth about the dangers of White Supremacists and how terrible Donald Trump still is, and they live to be oppressed. They are so happy when someone objects to their stupidity because then their free speech rights are being restricted and they are being bullied. A love fest ensues.

But my college University has its own issues which won't allow it to respond to internal criticism. The University started as a small local college. There were ups and downs but it's heyday was twenty years ago when the economy was booming and the President was a lady who loved everybody.

When I was hired I the college contributed 11.25 percent of wages to retirement. My insurance payment was very reasonable and of course there was the free tuition with a tuition exchange program with like 400  other colleges. 

There were also employee associations, I believe their was a faculty group, an administrator's group, and a hourly wage employee's association. We all felt we had a say in the governance of the college.

The new President thought we should all be one. It was his vision for unity at the college. He didn't realize that the groups had uniquely different needs and attitudes which needed a line of separation for the groups to function smoothly. 

Then the Wu-Flu hit...

Suddenly we were all on zoom meetings. Then a decision was made to combine the Employees Association and the Administrators groups. We were pissed (hourly wage people). There are some serious differences between wage and hour people and their supervisors. Namely that some of the supervisors seem really nice but are really petty and mean. We nearly revolted. I actually talked to a labor organizer and then realized two things. I don't like labor organizers and I really don't have to work at the college.

Somehow we all feel we own the college. That is not true.

During the Wu-Flu crisis I worked from home. I put a sprayer together in my own shop. Did a pretty good job of it also. I also installed my own sprayer controller ($1000 retail value but I bought it on eBay for a lot less). I was unloading the sprayer in the parking lot. (one of the features of my sprayer is that one person can install it in the back of a Kawasaki Mule by himself) A long term employee of the college was making his rounds and stopped to help me, I joyfully explained all the features of my sprayer. He smiled and shook his head.

"Buddy," he said. "I have been here long enough to know one thing... L...... doesn't give a fuck about you..."

I was shocked but the more I thought about it the more I realized that the college was a bureaucracy and yes I was expendable. It was a wakeup call. I have been much happier since realizing this.

At the same time the English Professor revolted. This is when the real attack on the president started. It was so outrageous I had to defense the President. I emailed him and we patched things up. Had some coffee and talks about music and philosophy instead of Linfield issues. Honestly, the President doesn't like to be disagreed with. But, the thing is he had a vision. He was hired to change things. I don't like change but you have to do something. We were going broke, no one had a better idea. I mean starting a marching band seemed pretty cool but I think there might be more and better ideas.

The problem with the college is more than just a few faculty members who have tenure and shout down anyone who dare disagree with their woke White Savior complexes, 

The administration does not respond well to change. They fall back on an authoritarian stance. We complain about retirement cuts we get an impassioned speech from an upper level administration lady who nearly breaks down in tears describing our "benefit rich" compensation package. It is no longer benefit rich, I could get a $10 per hour raise if I went to work for the local co-op. The college is no longer contributing to my retirement. My insurance is pretty expensive.

Four years ago (or so), before the current president, the Libertarian student association attempted to bring in a conservative speaker. Reshmi Dutt-Dutt went ballistic. Again, called students Nazi's. Wrote an incredibly self absorbed opinion piece against free speech on campus.

The administration didn't know what to do. Finally they found some bogus reason to force the speaker off campus. Security objected or something. But, they caved. And they caved in such a way as to piss everyone off.

The same thing is happening now. The school administration falls back on rules and fails to act proactively. There was a student protest over the firing of Daniel Pelzner-Pollack. Student wrote on sidewalks with chalk. Security followed behind and washed off the chalk. Apparently one security guy actually started fining students $25 for making a mess.

There was a protest at graduation. (The protests are pretty lame. Ten heavily masked odd looking students and four Professors with signs saying things like "do better," stand around and read poetry) Professors had the audacity to put signs in the windows of their building. The "do better" and "Fire Davis and Bacca" signs inspired a security raid on the offices and the signs were removed. Considering that probably half the student body and 3/4 of the parents think the angry professors are idiots the signs were inconsequential.

Now the Professors are claiming oppression and there has been another round of indignant articles in local press.

So the professor has been fired and the University is really not putting out any press on why and there are no articles showing what a great and personable fellow Miles Davis is. I suppose the plan is to just let it all blow over but I am not a PR guy.

Miles Davis is a cheerful and positive guy. He likes to hug people, he is interested in students. He is a good speaker, he works the crowd, he is a salesman. He thinks all his great ideas boosted enrollement by 10% his first year but I think it was him getting out there and shaking the hand of prospective students that boosted enrollment.

When my daughter was checking out colleges Miles Davis made an appointment with her and spoke with her in person. She was impressed. (Did not change her mind but she was impressed)

The wife of my coworker passed away from Pancreatic cancer. I was standing in front of the administration building with a coworker when Miles Davis came down the steps. He said he was going to the viewing and why didn't we go along. I went with him. We discussed religion and farming and paid our respects. I think that shows a great deal of humanity.

I don't really have an answer but I think it I such a shame that it all seems to be going to hell. I wish he would just fire them all and take the hit. There are three reasons to attend my University. Business, Nursing, and the Sports department really works hard to support student athletes regardless of their ability. Also, I think there used to be a good music department but I haven't heard a lot about music but it isn't like anyone from my University is going to read this blog. Also one good Psychology professor.

Whatever, I am going to try out the hot springs. Also brush up my resume...

I will proof read tomorrow... maybe...

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Why a liberal arts education is the worst thing you can buy your student

I am setting on my porch in the middle of nowhere. There is a hot springs. The neighbors are listening to Dwight Yoakam. Many them are wearing camo, It makes them hard to spot. I frequently run into people and have to say, "sorry I didn't see you."

It is nice to be away from home and work.

Life at the small College University is getting frustrating. There are two reasons for that.

First of all the College of Arts and Sciences contains four Professors who just flat need to go. I can't believe how ideology has replaced religion in this country. If you see someone with a bumper sticker that says, "I choose love," or who is wearing two masks, or has a rainbow flag, or "I choose Science," you know they are pretty much a closed minded, bigoted, and a horrible person. Of course they are pretty sure that they themselves and all their friends are wonderful, as long as everyone minds the party line. If one should stray a little then those people suddenly become the worst people on earth.

Secondly, my college has this totally dysfunctional bureaucracy which will not allow them to make a correct decision.

Why my college hired their first black president I was skeptical. I read up on him and discovered he was Muslim and had come from a poor background, joined the Navy, joined the CIA, took advantage of a doctorate program for people of color and moved into higher Ed. He seemed to be too enthusiastic and I was nervous.

Then I met him. I shook his hand, he invited me to coffee and there I was, a farmer turned groundskeeper having coffee with the President of the College. He actually seemed interested in my life. I found myself liking and respecting him. This is kind of weird for me as I dislike authority figures. But I have respect for people who work their way up from the bottom.

Conversely the faculty were overjoyed to have the first Black President in the history of the college. Then he actually addressed why the college was going broke. He asked Professor's to justify their jobs. He refused to cut the facilities staff. He noted that there were classes with only one student and that salaried professors were maybe teaching one class.

The liberal arts faculty revolted. They claimed he was destroying the college. They refused to do anything to help. They refused to admit any culpability in the potential failure of the College. Meanwhile, the business Professors, the sports department, the Nursing Professors continued working hard. Those are the departments that are bringing students into the college. However, the liberal arts department is important because the idea of liberal arts college providing Nursing, Business, and Sports Management classes is to provide a "well rounded" education. But, students who are destined for success. I mean the kids who work hard and take workstudy jobs in grounds or building and trades or utilities hate the utter idiocy of the politics pushed by liberal arts Professors and take those classes only because they are forced to do so.

This is because the Liberal Arts Professors are sanctimonious annoying assholes who think they are wonderful and push this Maoist Progressive agenda that just bugs the hell out of anyone who actually has to work for a living. Things like, racist stereotypes in Shakespearian literature, lesbian themes in English lit, the evils of a male patriarchal white supremacist colonial interpretation of history. It is bullshite and everyone but stupid blue haired white chicks know it.

So they turned on the President. For one week they loved him in their non-ironic White Savior (different from White Supremacy by subtle definitions but still racist as heck) and the next week he was an evil wikipedia quoting Herman Cain sort of bastard.

They linked him to a sexual harassment claim against a College Trustee which happened before he was even at the college. When that failed to stick they got a white female professor to claim sexual harassment when he touched her on the shoulder and made mention of their upcoming scheduled meeting. He was with his wife and daughter at the time. This was immediately investigated and while he did most likely touch her, touching someone to get their attention in a group with your wife and daughter is not sexual harassment. Except by the definition of the lunatic professor Daniel Pelzner-Pollack. A self styled defender of student's rights and defender of the underprivileged. (Say White Savior Complex dickhead)

Daniel Pollack-Pelzner (or whatever his dumbass hyphenated name is) is the professor who cleverly linked Mary Poppins and black face vaudeville and made a name for himself with other dipshit progressives.  He claims to have discovered this with the usual progressive self-absorption although I remember the discussion at Chemeketa Community College in 1983.

DP-P gets himself on the college board of trustees where he continually brings up discredited sexual harassment claims and then moves on to calling the President a racist. Now it all gets really interesting. Having not been shut down, he moves on from misrepresentation to out right lying.

It started to go off the rails when Miles Davis was declared innocent of sexual harassment by the agency hired by the college to investigate that sort of thing. MD did touch the lady but it was not weird. So Pelzner-Popeye claims Davis was guilty of touching the white lady professor who has a creepy sexual thing about being looked at by black guys. (not Jim Crow like at all) Pepto-Pelzner goes nation wide with a claim that is the opposite of what the investigation proved. 

This whole claim dead ends so Punter-Potlicker pulls out the race card. He accuses the president of hating Jews. This is even better. When DP and MD first met DP was talking about Shylock who is often characterized as having a big nose. MD apparently made reference to a study showing Middle Eastern people all have the same sized noses which helps to disprove the stereotype. So DP posted on twitter that MD said he had a big nose because he was Jewish. 

Behind DP is a trollish lady professor who eggs him on but never actually pushes it to the point of going public. Daniel Pelzner-Polldark is the useful idiot to Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt's constant agitation. 

Reshmi is famous for calling the L.....d student libertarian association Nazi's because they had a free speech ball on campus. It was an actual ball where students could write what ever they wanted and some evil Nazi student drew a frog picture. Reshmi went ballistic. She called the Libertarian Students Nazi's and then claimed victim status by writing this virtue signaling rant which puts the blame on limiting free speech on conservatives. (They brought it on themselves)

There is more to say but I am afraid I have gone a bit overtime. And it is cold and my fingers are going numb. I have more to say about this but perhaps I should save t for later. I wanted to label these people as horrible cynical lying bastards but the thing is... They believe what they are saying... Liberalism is a mental disorder...

Maybe I shall proofread tomorrow!

The problem with vacationing

 I don't understand vacations.

I know the title of this blog is the Lazy Farmer. It is true that I am lazy. Perhaps too lazy to actually take a vacation. 

My hero is the original Lazy Farmer who was featured in farm magazines of the 1950's. He would not take a vacation. He was a worker! In that spirit, my goal as a Lazy Farmer is to avoid work. My ideal is to sit next to the wood stove on a winter morning with a cup of coffee and read Farm Show Magazine. My other goal is to have my wife get a good job so that I can sit by the wood stove on cold winter mornings and read Farm Show Magazine with out "Mirandy" telling me to get to work.

That has not happened in my life and so I do feel like I am a bit of a failure. I have had a lot of cracked pot schemes. No-Till planting, Non-GMO pig feed, Selling the original stock of Slik Toy tractors. (Still have several boxes), hemp, hemp pellets, pellets in general, hemp tonic, and 55lb wheat straw bales to feed stores and the latest and most ill conceived scheme of all- Being a Groundskeeper!

All of these schemes boil down a sinister conspiracy to keep me away from my rocking chair and a nice warm fire.

My lovely and gracious wife, who we shall refer to as "Mirandy" for the purposes of this story is a determined woman.

Mirandy alternates between encouraging me to work harder and worrying about me working too hard. Three years ago I declared a moratorium on vacations until our trailer manufactured home was paid off. However, I gave in. Mirandy was of the opinion that I either needed to up my life insurance, go to a doctor and get diagnosed for sleep disorders, or go on vacation. She was so sincere I agreed on a vacation. Mostly because that vacation was three months away from the time of the discussion.

Three months have passed and now I am on vacation. We are in Bend, Oregon. We are on our way to Burns Oregon. I am going to attempt fishing. Also, there are hot springs involved and a ranch. I like the idea of hot springs in the same way I like the idea of smoking hemp and listening to Willie Nelson all day. It is great to have goals but often achieving those goals is a bit of a disappointment.

We were going to visit a cousin in Bend. In fact we allowed time for the visit. However, I neglected to call the cousin and we went to GoodWill instead. 

Earlier we had lunch at the place in Sister's Oregon with a large stuffed dead Black Angus on the wall. There was also a bored looking Buffalo and a rather irritated looking Coyote on the wall.

My wife found half a drywall screw in her French Fries. It was the non-pokey end and she didn't actually eat it so alls well that ends well I say.

We also saw lots of burned trees and a large dam. People were catching trout off the side of the dam. The other side of the dam had a better view.

I really am not sure what a person should do on vacation. If my daughter were still age 10 then I can think of all sorts of adventures. I kind of just want to read a book...

Choices of Books to read on vacation...

1. "Dangerous Visions #1,"  Science Fiction shorts stories curated by Harlan Ellison and Isaac Asimov. (present from my daughter)

2. "Farewell Victoria," by T.H. White. I'm sure that will depress me. End of Empires and God, Honor Country, and all that. Then I will start ranting about the idiot professor at work who has a degree in Post Colonialism, ok really?!!! There is a degree in drivel and you can get paid to teach drivel and no one knows why small private colleges are now irrelevant. I guess the gullible blue-haired girls need something to care about... I suppose I should not have read "The Once and Future King," at such a young age. Might does not make right, Ignoble means are not justified by a noble cause. Lancelot should not have been tapping Genevere, but Morgan LeFaye was hot. I would totally have gone for her.. 

But I digress... (In the worst way)

3."Modernism and Totalitarianism," by Richard Shorten. I started to read this to argue with my Workstudy girl who was taking a class in Nazi/Facism but it turns out we agree on most everything. Her family is hispanic and they work hard for their living. She is not happy with the BS she has to be subjected to in the Linfield College of Arts and Sciences but figures that is what she has to put up with to become a nurse. I try to encourage her. Doesn't like to be called "Latinx" No real Hispanic person likes to be called Latinx. It is kind of offensive. I haven't figured out why yet. I think it is the male/female tenses. 

4."Flotsam and Jetsam," by Robb White.  He wrote some of my favorite books from my youth, "Up Periscope," "Torpedo Run," "The Lion's Paw." 

But now my "Mirandy" has returned and I must concentrate on my vacation.

Have a happy day!

Addendium: The TV is on. What the heck is wrong with our Government. Declares the border open and then when refugees from the L.......d College of Arts and Sciences favorite socialist dream country show up and want asylum the border is closed. But it maybe it is open. But then they deny people are being kept in cages. Liberalism is a mental disorder. 

Also... People won't go back to work because of all the Wu-Flu money. I suspect the only reason the economy is still work a crap is because people are secretly working for cash but also collecting COVID bucks. It is the private economy that is the only thing keeping us afloat. 

And Now we shall pack up and hit the road. I shall catch a trout, club it to death, and I shall cook it with lemon and butter. Or I shall burst! Goal Setting is Important!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

A selfie and a weather comment

 Life on the farm...

Last weekend I took the dogs for a golf cart ride. They were happy. It was a beautiful day. Today the rain has returned. But not enough.

Enough that I do not want to drive down Highway 18 with a 15foot no-till grain drill all the way to the Casino to plant twenty acres. Casino traffic is the worst. On the way to the casino they are all gamblers so they take chances. On the way back they are angry broke drunks and drive accordingly.

Highway 18 and a truck passing me.

Working late after my groundskeeping job
Beautiful Sunsets in Oregon too bad the state is run by idiots

Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Tyranny of Tenure, how professors can screw a college... Or how Budd E. Shepherd is going to get fired from his Cush job as lawn mower boy

Whist you all know me as a farmer who is out standing in his field, I do have another life. I am Carl the Gardner, groundskeeper at a private college. (also, I just realized where Donald Trump learned to dance)

I am sure there were reasons to take this job but I don't remember them. It is turning me into more of an angry person than I even imagined I could be. I now understand the real reason for the Civil War (War of Northern Aggression) and it had nothing to do with slavery or black people. It was hypocritical Yankees telling Southerners they were evil for buying slaves from Yankee bastards when those same Yankee Bastards actually hated Black people.

I see it every day 

When I started at the college the President was a white dude who was mostly into fundraising and funding a wine program. He gave the faculty everything they asked for and facilitated the hiring of more and more liberal dipshit professors because, well, that is what liberal white old dudes do.

Suddenly, the college board discovered the college was going broke. The old president resigned.  And after years of not really recruiting students and becoming more and more irrelevant to the local community, it was decided that changes needed to me made.

So they hired a Black President. A very enthusiastic fellow who had great credentials, and a background as dean of a business school in Virginia.

If liberals were not humorless dipshits they could appreciate the irony of a bunch of guilty white people hiring what they must have thought to be a "magic Negro." This was quite a score for the liberal dipshits as one of the dearly held truisms of dipshit liberals in Oregon is that everyone in Oregon is an utter racist (NPR works this into every story) So they virtue signaled themselves a president and just assumed that since they were forward thinking individuals and on the correct side of history that of course the new president would agree with and cherish every clever idea they imagined.

Those of us who actually do work on campus were skeptical. We were worried we were getting an affirmative action huckster who would turn out to be incompetent and run the school into utter ruin.

It turns our that what I was worried was a BS salesmanesque attitude, was actually true enthusiasm on the part of the incoming President. He loved his job and he loved the students and his enthusiasm and positive attitude was inspiring. But, he made mistakes. He did not realize Oregon liberals are Maoist Bastards (and dipshits) (vs East Coast Democrats who are conservative in economics but sort of social liberals, meaning Whores.) So our President tried to support free thought on campus and had the NERVE to invite the Republican candidate for Governor (A liberal dipshit himself) to speak on campus. The looney left faculty exploded. You would have thought the President was a Trumper!

Then the President actually tried to address the financial crisis at the college. He asked the faculty to essential justify their positions and to work together with the whole college to make it work. The faculty revolted. (Mostly the English Department) Now I personally seriously disagreed with a number of things the President decided to do. I'm not sure we should have become a University, I was very angry when he discontinued our staff employee's association in the name of unity. In fact I emailed him and we got into a serious disagreement. BUT, the freaking president of the college actually deigned to argue with a GOUNDSKEEPER! He responded!!!! (Honestly, He is a good guy.) He worked his way up from poverty. I admire him. 

(I understand I have a White Colonial Perspective that judges people on the basis of hard work, willingness to take risk, willingness to be honest and straightforward, willingness to take a so-called disadvantage and work twice as hard to overcome a stereotype. This is the absolute opposite of a dipshit liberal. As I have come to understand by working at this college.)

I am getting a bit longwinded and have feed to grind but here comes the crisis.

One of the members of the Board of Trustees sexually harassed a student representative. She reported him to the college who directed her to make a police report. The nutcase professors jumped on this as a means to an end. And I mean that in the Maoist tradition. A Noble Cause Justifies Ignoble means. Even though the Trustee was kicked off the board and is facing felony sex charges (I think its a felony) this was not enough. 

The faculty came up with a cunning plan to get rid of the President who made them actually work. They found a Comrade to accuse the President and the Celebrity (black also) who he got to join the Board of Trustees of sexual abuse. And now the President is accused of racism for statements that may have been made during a speech in 2018.

The Professor who accused the President of sexual harassment is White. According to the report I saw, he touched her on the back or shoulder and said he looked forward to hearing her presentation. (I paraphrased a bit.) This was investigated and it was determined that he did touch her but that it was not sexual and did not violate any school standards or meet the legal definition of sexual harassment. Let me go over this again. White female cries sexual assault after a black man touches her shoulder?? Yes, there is racism left in Oregon but it is not us redneck, hillbilly, pickup driving farmer types that are perpetuating it. Tell that to NPR.

There are two professors who are agitating and they are in general pretty toxic employees. Or so I've heard from staff and students. One professor is Indian and the other is a Jewish White Male who is on the Board of Trustees and whose claim to fame is interpreting the Chimney Sweep scene in Mary Poppins as racist. The JWM accused the President of making a big nose joke. Then he made accusations, that because the Chairman of the Board of Trustees noted that the professor was trying to gain power by constantly bringing up claims of sexual abuse, which had been dealt with according to proper procedure, and bringing up this stuff when the school was going broke, was counter productive, the chair was accusing him of being part of a Jewish Conspiracy to take over the world,

Now... I got other stuff to do. I'm going to post some links and you can read it all yourself. All five of my readers 

Also, I typed this in the usual hurry so there may be typos so if you are a dipshit liberal and what to pull a typical dipship liberal ploy of attacking my grammar then good for you.

And, much of this comes from sources which were students and staff who saw it but I am not supposed to reveal the information so I might have to delete this whole thing.

Furthermore... Keep in mind the dipshit Indian lady once stood up in a joint faculty staff meeting and noted that the faculty was the "Power of a Small College" (former slogan of my college). This was during a meeting when the retirement of the staff was being disproportionatly cut in regards to faculty) It was amazing. One after another, hispanic staff members got up and walked out. 

Read these twitter links and understand. These people flat made this shite up! There will be NO repercussions for them. And this is how liberalism works...

In other news:

This is the first car I drove by myself...

Also, I really do need to start proofreading but I got to make 4,000lbs of pig feed. Infused with hemp! This makes the feeding program much more efficient. The pigs can then subsist on out of date Nacho Cheese Dorritos and live in a basement. Although Chester Whites tend to join college Fraternities and listen to a lot of Peter Tosh and rap music with no sense of irony.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday plans


This is what I will be doing after Church today. 

I am No-tilling radish seed. The radish will be used for covercrop.

I am planting on a compound slope. The GPS doesn't work correctly for this. I should have spent an extra $500 for tilt compensation when I bought my antenna. The antenna thinks the roof of the tractor is ground level so when you are on a long hillside it offsets you a foot one direction and overlaps a foot the other direction. If you have a compound slope it just gets weird. The antenna has "look ahead" software but that assumes the field is mostly level.

Also, I think my GPS company is calling it quits. 

I probably should never have gone to work at the college.

I tried joining a "Regenerative Agriculture" facebook page. Bunch of f...g Democrats. (not that there is anything wrong with that) The ideology there is strong. I joined because there is going to be a lot of money dumped into this sort of thing in the future. But it is mostly emotion and anti-plowing activists. I may do a project making fertilizer pellets using wool, alfalfa, and a weird secret organic ingredient. It will be fun because of the science but I suspect I will not like the people I will be working for. 

I miss The New Farm Magazine

I miss the Easter Sunday's of my youth. Mostly Mom making ham and mashed potatoes. 

Have a happy day...

Edit: Yesterday I attended the memorial service for my Aunt. She was the last of the old generation. When I was little she was a little hard to get along with. Somewhere over the years she became nice. I think it had to do with her dementia. She was really sweet in her final years. My wife said it will be the opposite for me. I once was nice, but then I got grumpy... Small Children and dogs still like me so I guess all is well...

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Planting in March

Facebook is a blessing and a curse.

I love reading about WWII airplanes, White tractors, Moline tractors, the occasional AC tractor, pictures of stuck tractors, Dynaco tube stereos, and people who make fun of Democrats. 

Last week a memory picture popped up and I was planting the same field on the same day as I had planted several years ago. Pretty neat to see what you did last year. But then the ten years ago picture pops up and I am just depressed.

I have been no-till planting. It took in an inordinate amount of time to get ready. 

Eight years ago Uncle Harold would not order me Pioneer quick couplers with the built in valve to bleed off pressure so you can unhook under load. He said $175 was too much money. So I rebuilt my old ones. 

They failed just as I wanted to go to work. I bought new ones for $350. 

I no-tilled Radish Monday. Radish is used as a cover crop in the Midwest. The radish roots displace packed soil and add organic matter. I also planted clover as a companion crop. Red clover seems to do well with Radish. After the radish is combined for seed the clover should last two more years.

My friend who is currently obsessed with honey bees says the bees don't do well with Red clover as the bloom is too deep and their proboscis  doesn't reach the nectar. I did not know this.

The radish is planted at 7lbs per acre on 15 inch spacing. The seeds are bigger than clover. Similar in size to Millet but round.  My wife built me little dividers for the drill as I have to block off every other row. This is a continual battle. How do I block off rows but still get the seed to flow evenly? I have made cardboard dividers and duct taped to the drill box. The duct tape is a pain to remove. 

I got started Monday after work. I had problems setting the drill. The seed rate was too low. This usually means there something wrong in the drive and the shaft is skipping. I found nothing wrong. 

The next problem was low power to the fertilizer rate controller. Then a hydraulic hose failed. 

I requested the next day off of work.

Tuesday was a beautiful day. I ran a new wire direct from the battery to the fertilizer controller. I found my  Seed-Meter and set the drill properly. 

I had my wife's dog Goldie with me. She wants to be a farm dog so badly. She is a rat terrier and loves to chase rats, mice, and squirrels. She also loves to ride in the tractor.

Unfortunately she decided to lay between the drill openers and the rear mounted harrow. I had let her run loose as I was getting in and out of the cab a lot. But, when I was working on computer issues and was stopped but did not get out of the cab she apparently made her ill fated choice.

I soon realized she was missing. I checked the brush along the river. I drove around and called her. I first suspected a Billy Coyote. He is a rascal. Finally I drove the two miles back to the house. Goldie was on the porch covered in mud and shaking. I found a pretty bad scratch on your tummy. I cleaned it and put Hemp Tonic on it.

She seemed fine. A little sore but she is a little dog who ran 2 miles. But, when my wife got home. Goldie could hardly move. The scratch was dirty and she wouldn't let us near it.

So, I took her to the vet the next morning. It was an hour wait. The vet thought she looked like she was in a lot of pain and wanted to keep her on antibiotics and pain meds. I pointed out that she had in fact, ran two miles home in panic. The vet thought that explained the symptoms and sent her home. No stitches. All is well...

And now I have exceeded my allowed blogging time and my wife says we are going to church! Have a nice day. I was going to complain anyway... 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

March update

I miss Sunday afternoons with my daughter. She is away at college. My wife went to meet in her town. I think they are going to GoodWill bulk bins or something. The daughter and I have differences of opinions nowadays.

I am listening to the David Allan Cole radio station on Amazon. David Allan Cole is not politically correct. Current song is Hank Williams Jr. "Dinosaur," He does not care for gay guitar pickers and is not really in to Donna Summers. I suspect this is where I'm headed. I have been really hoping for some seriously offensive David Allan Cole but have been disappointed so far. One of the most offensive David Allan Cole albums is "Underground Album," I always assumed it was satirical but the idiots of today take it quite literal.

They also can't put Dr. Seuss in cultural context which has driven the price of the best Dr. Seuss book, "I saw it on Mulberry Street" though the roof.

I have nothing to say. Think I will go make hemp buds into pellets that no one will buy anyway...

Hemp chicken crumbles! The right side of the photo is barley, peas, clover, and a little hemp. Left side is hemp bud and top leaves. Pretty sticky and "dank," probably could put it in a pipe. Pellet mill heat might even boost the THC. Perhaps I should pack a blunt...

Sunday, February 7, 2021


February is the in between season. January was cold and wet and I really didn't get much done.

Or should I say, I didn't get anything really worthwhile done.

I rebuilt two turntables. A JVC and a Sanyo fully automatic. The Sanyo just needed the speed controls cleaned but the JVC had two broken cams on the auto return mechanism. Both turntables had rather odd cartridges which are hard to get needles for so I left that alone, other than cleaning. They both came from a lady at work and I gave her back the Sanyo it was the one she liked most. 

The JVC was a bit more frustrating. I had to glue a plastic cam back together. Tried superglue, JB Weld, and swearing. I did meet a nice fellow from Florida on the vintage audio facebook page. He restores turntables for a living and gave me a lot of good advice and the needed part. I was happy to discover he was NOT a democrat and that was a pleasant surprise. 

I bought a cheap Chinese 12v amp and I had an extra preamp so I can listen to the two Ray Price albums my wife bought at bulk GoodWill. I also have the Reader's Digest Compilation, "Songs for Lover's." This is out in the shop. There is finally so much junk on my main workbench I had to abandon it. Can't even see the real shop stereo.

The shop mechanic at work also gave me two industrial speakers which I have also connected so I have a lot of midrange. Mostly midrange.

I also bought a Chinese pellet mill so that I can turn my hemp into pellets. It does turn hemp into pellets. Pretty much as advertised. I suggested to a few test subjects that the pellets were in fact granola. My subjects reported a rather spicy aftertaste and but amazing feelings of calm and wellness afterwards so who knows.

My friend also gave me his old Traeger grill. After discovering that wood pellets for the Traeger and quite spendy, I made hemp pellets. I mixed the hemp with random sawdust I found in the barrel of floor dry at the shop. My wife was quite skeptical. "Just because you have 1000lbs of hemp doesn't mean you have to use it for everything," she exclaimed. The porkchops were fine. Just tasted smokey. Went really well with a couple bags of Nacho Cheese Dorritos.

I also made cow pellets with hemp shake, barley, peas, and clover hay. I tried them out on my neighbor's cows. They seemed to like them. Later I told him of my experimentation and dumped the rest of my lot of pellets into his grain bin. His helper reported lots of dead rats later in the week. My neighbor does not approve of pot. I however, have gotten a lot of entertainment out of the whole situation.

Hemp dust makes the records sound bad. It is very hard to get off the vinyl. Completely ruins the high range. 

But now it is February. 

February is the month when one say's, "OH CRAP! I have done nothing all winter!" Then have another cup of coffee. However the stress level is up. I probably should work on the grain drill. I need to put the MM G1355 in the shop. The three speed has failed.

Of course the stress level is also up due to the knowledge of more regulation, high diesel, high fertilizer, more regulation, who knows how bad will be screwed by this, Those fuckers Widen and Merkley.  Of course that Bastard Biden has brought in Mike "Corporate" Espy as agriculture secretary so I expect a return to the frustrations of the Obama Administration.

Note: I suppose it is not really fair to denigrate my cheap Chinese mill. It is what it is. The company I bought it from seems quite legitimate and gave me a lot of help over the phone. I could not afford $10,000 plus for a quality made product. You can see the company here. 

Edit: It is interesting that you can put hemp juice in a brownie and eat it. But, you give what is left over to your cow and it is called adulterated meat and you can't sell the cow. Gubment! Here to help you!!!

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