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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Almost a white Christmas

Eight years ago I would be out playing in the snow with my daughter. We would be figuring out how to ambush the cousins across the machinery lot.
I miss my daughter. 

She came home for Christmas and we played board games and had a nice Christmas I suppose. Then she left as she had to work today. Or perhaps it was the discussion. I don't know.

My wife got me a record cleaner for Christmas. A lady from Church has given me a box of record albums for evaluation. She won't say if she wants to sell them to me. They are incredibly dusty.

I was never into late 60's rock but I really like some of it. Cream, Quick Silver Messenger Service, there are a couple Beatles Albums, Eagles, John Harrison boxed set, and of course "John Barley Corn Must die" album by Traffic.
I took the box just for that album. I don't really like the song I just like the title. But, record collecting is a silly emotional pastime anyway.
It was amazing how dirty the records were. Of course the original owner was blind and perhaps couldn't see how badly he was treating his records. On the positive, all the original posters and paperwork are there. Obviously, he did not hang the posters. Not much point I suppose.
I don't know if I should buy the records or just tell her to sell them. They were so dirty I couldn't stand to listen to them so I cleaned them and put them in plastic bags.

Speaking of records.
I have been trying to sell a turntable which I rebuilt. No one wants to actually buy it. No one has a "stereo" any longer. So you would have to buy a phono preamp, amp, and speakers. I suggest just getting a CD player. Probably why I have not sold my turntable.
I think what I will do is get a cheap preamp from, connect this to a cheap china amp that has bluetooth, and redo a couple of my little Bose monitor speakers. The problem is the price would be $250 to $300 so I am probably just throwing good money after bad.
Christmas is past.
My daughter is gone.
There is snow.
I have a great book to read that my brother gave me for Christmas. Perhaps I will retreat to 1945 when people had real problems...

I hate to live with regrets but I do. I think I should have quit my job after my father passed and we did all the accounting and realized we still had a farm. I just don't know if I should have gone back to farming or never came back from Florida. Somewhere and sometime I took a series of wrong turns in life and while it is fairly entertaining for observers. I am no longer as entertained as I once was...
Where I was six years ago and wish I was today!


  1. I think it has been a different Christmas for many. I was the only guest at my brother's for Christmas dinner but it was still good. Farming is good at present. At least until spring when we have to decide if we can afford to put in the high priced inputs to grow a crop when we are still in a drought. High grain prices will help but there is no guarantee of a crop. Land prices are high so it is a better time to sell than buy. But until spring we have no worries.

    1. We got another dusting of wet snow last night. The temp is in the 20 degree F range now so driving is not terrible. I got my wife sent off to work and now plan to park my rocking chair next to the wood stove in the grand tradition of the Lazy Farmer. Let Mirianda dow the work today!

  2. I had to exit my link through the follower app and go to your site direct to leave a comment. No big deal but if anyone else is having issues leaving a comment there is a go around.

    Be grateful that your daughter came home. I have friends who will not see anyone for the holidays. As long as she comes home you still have a chance to plant seeds. I thank God for every special day when my children either invite or accept and invitation.

    Spring is coming.

    Grace and peace

    1. The Lazy Farmer also no longer shows up very high in search rankings. The site needs some work. Honestly, the daughter put in effort and still wants our love so it is encouraging. We discussed life being getting your lazy bottom out of bed and doing life one foot in front of the other. Spring is next.

  3. Just realized I think I still have a record cleaner here too. Something my brother got as a Christmas present probably close to fifty years ago. Kind of an interesting novelty. Maybe I'll put an old LP on the fourties vintage RCA radio record player just to see if it still works.


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