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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

A direct aplology

It was pointed out to me that my first apology was actually passive aggressive tripe. 

New apology:

To MM, I apologize completely. I should not have mentioned you in my blog and I will never do it again. I am sorry.

To KWB, I totally miss judged you. I ahold not have made remarks which I thought were funny but were really stupid and mean. I apologize.

To MM, I take your comments to heart. I will strive to not make mean comments about people in an attempt to be funny.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

After the rain, summer is over

 I need to look back at my summer posts. How worried was I at the end of last summer? I don't remember. It is amazing how much work there is yet to do.

We had our first rain. I poured and then drizzled for a day. It warmed up Friday and Saturday and then we got a good thunderstorm last night. I was trying to move some dirt with the White 2-60 and a pan scraper. I ran over my phone, but since I was going in circles and it didn't actually destroy the phone my the book I was listening to via Bluetooth headphones did not stop. Then I saw the blue of my phone case in the dirt. Modern problems.

It started raining and I headed home. The thunder hit pretty good and so I hung out in the shop with Rosco the dog for a while and listened to Jimmy Buffet (RIP). I also attempted to set up a new toolbox. I rarely buy anything like that new so I was trying not to scratch it. Funny. Of course I used the forklift to tip it back over after installing the wheels so who knows.

Baling Teff Hay Ahead of the Rain

I installed a bigger hydraulic pump on the 2-60 which has made all the difference in speed of the loader. It is still a 1970's hydraulic system but it works much better. Of course the whole project turned frustrating as the pump had to come off again as I didn't the output connector hooked up right and ended up spinning the gear off the pump. Of course then I got a flat tire so I spent yesterday morning at the tire shop.

New pump for 2-60. Note the huge puddle of Calcium from bad valve stem, left front tire.

In other news the 2-155 is going but high range immediately failed. My only other friend with a 2-135 in the state of Oregon said he had a similar problem. Sometime White changed the 2-135 over drive clutch specs to the same as the 2-180 which uses thinner discs. Everyone, including A&I have switched to the new discs. However no one updated the specs to require extra discs! So I put it together based on the old instructions but with new plates. Actually, I think I mixed thick and thin plates so who knows.

Anyway, there is my life update, have a happy day!

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