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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Amish people are terrorists according to the USDA

The 21st century makes me uneasy. Mostly it is because of the general de-evolution of the population and that the leaders of the USA read "1984" and thought it was a good idea. The head of each agency probably uses the book as an important reference tool.
I got on this subject because I keep selling grain to working class sorts who think everything is going to fall apart and they are growing chickens so they will have something to eat when the world ends. At first I just figured they listened to Coast to Coast AM way too much but it is like, every single person who buys hay or grain figures everything is going to fall apart at any time. That attitude is what scares me.
My wife texted me from school to send her a link to where I found the info about USDA agents and SWAT teams raiding Amish farmers for selling raw milk.
Check out this search on Google, USDA Amish Milk Raids, pretty scary but this is even more scary... Click on this link and scroll down to the comments. People are in favor of the raids!!!!
I think people who drink raw milk are insane. Sorry, I think I do not want to die from Cholera or Samonilla or whatever. Call me chicken or uninformed or what ever. Don't care. I've been on too many smelly, gross, and disgusting dairies in my life...
But, using SWAT teams and guns against food co-operatives and Amish people is wrong and insane and no one should stand up for it. What if one of those adrenaline junkies pulled the trigger? The police are such idiots they think Amish people will shoot back but Muslims won't? (the answer is "yes")
Then there are the gestapo tactics of the cops. They trash your house, take your cell phones and computers, and point loaded guns at you. Why do law abiding citizens stand for this sort of treatment for anyone? What if the cops get the wrong address? What if you are not guilty? Why should we treat suspected criminals this way? Does it make anyone safer? Does it stop crime?
Amish people don't resist, you do realize these are the folks with the buggies. One raid was the result of an agent (don't have the link, sorry) asking an Amishman for some raw milk. The Amish fellow gave it to him and got raided for his kindness. In court it was revealed that if you asked the Amish fellow for the shirt off his back and the shoes off his feet he would be required by his beliefs to give it to you... That case was thrown out of court.
Now I have to go to work.
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  1. I remember going to the Ga. farm and drinking that milk. Grandma had her cows and milked them every morning. My dad grew up drinking the buttermilk. I didn't much care for the taste. She also made her on butter. That I do miss.
    My dad didn't die from this milk
    This is a bunch of zealots trying to justify their budget. Power breeds the need for more power.

  2. what are the odds of probability of a person contracting those conditions from drinking raw milk?

    i drank it every day when i was a kid. that was the only kind of milk we had at the time.

  3. Here is a page with a list of botched SWAT raids on the wrong houses & some of the damages , deaths, and misery incurred.


  4. Orwell had the time about 10-20 years too early is all.

  5. Police raids for selling raw milk???? Good grief, I guess they have cleaned out all the drug dealers and meth labs and are now targetting other dangerous types.
    Re; raw milk, I drank it all the years we had our own milk cows as a kid and don't think it hurt anyone. Bits of straw and cow manure were effectively filtered out with a cloth and no ill effects were noted.
    They get around the law here in Canada by selling shares in the cows to customers who want the milk. That way the customer is just drinking milk from their own cow and there is no law against that (yet).

  6. Gotta go check out the FBI most wanted posters to see the picture of the incredibly mean looking feller with the open-back fretless banjo and the milk mustache. Hey! That's me!!

  7. Freedom in the USA, 2011: Abortion, check. Driving with no seat belt, nada. Using the chronic "medicinally", check (in some states). Buying and selling raw milk, nada.

    What a deal. Too bad there isn't an Amish population here in Benton Co. It would be mildly amusing to read in the Crime Watch section of the G-T, "....a search of the buggy revealed 2 quarts of raw milk. John Doe, 48 was arrested for manufacture and distribution of a controlled substance. His horse and buggy were impounded....." instead of the usual boring DUII's and chronic/meth offenses.

  8. I don't drink much milk, can't stand the store bought. Best milk I ever had was straight from the tank at a dairy we delivered silage to at Cloverdale, Ore., But once my brother and I helped the neigbour milk and drank his and it make us sick. I would drink milk every day if it was whole fresh and natural.

  9. Amazing. This was posted at 1PM pst and already if you google usda amish milk raids the lazy farmer is the top two!

  10. I don't want to be the definitive source for info on Amish people being raided by SWAT teams. This post will self destruct sometime in the near future...
    It's cause Gorges Grouse linked to me...

  11. Police raids for raw milk...only in America.

  12. It is probably the KGB surplus trainers employed by the police training academies. Who would have thought "Police Academy" was a documentary.

  13. I am from Ga. and grew up on farm buttermilk that my mother churned. I still love it, but cannot find any good tasting buttermilk in our grocery stores. One company made the best, but they sold out.My granddaughter loves it too and still ask for that tangy, tasting buttermilk, that was not to thich, not too thin. She has liked it from a baby and is now seven years old.

  14. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean you aren't being watched!

  15. Anonymous Fred, Good point! Of course that is sort of like, "you are never alone if you are a schizophrenic..."


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