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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Barbie Crackhouse

Today I was in GoodWill and found the most amazing dollhouse for sale. It was one a very nicely crafted dollhouse but has now fallen into disrepair. Sort of a dollhouse for kids whose parents want them to learn what to expect when they become tweekers later in life.
As you can see from the front most of the windows are broken out and the door hangs ajar.
We can see the mismatched garish carpeting. One wall is askew and we have a dangerous stairway.

Water damaged walls and floors. I sure there were tiny needles in the carpet but i didn't touch anything.
In think barbie may have been cooking meth in the corner of the blue room.
It was kind of depressing. Someone once put a lot of work into that house.


  1. Perhaps you could re-hab it and turn it into a crayfish restaurant for nutria, luring them in and thereby ensuring a constant supply for your Barby-que.
    After all, what's good for Barbie is good for the USA. Or is that Australia?

  2. Barbie's Beer, Bait & BBQ. Today's special pulled nutria sandwich and boiled peanuts. Park your '76 Camaro right in front.

  3. Guys, someone bought the dollhouse. I was in Goodwill again today and it was gone!


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