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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Farmer Frustration

I am trying to figure out what to do with my tractor. I have to change the axle bearings. The wheels have to come off and then the heavy axles come off the rear end of the tractor. The planetaries are in the axle housings and all this comes off with the axles. This is very heavy. The cab must be jacked up in the air and blocked. I can't get the wheel hubs to brake loose.
I called the last local dealer with experience in working with Whites and he said it was difficult to re-install them and I should bring it to him. He estimated the cost to be around $3,000 to do both sides including parts.
I called my neighbor who works mostly on John Deeres and he said it was not that hard and if I ran into trouble he would come help me. Any professional help means $85 per hour.
Then I got a call for a 150 acre job. This would pay the bill. But...I also have a couple other $3,000 expenses.
Man, I do NOT want to work on this. I'd rather pull an engine any day.


  1. Does JD neighbor have experience with that procedure on that tractor? You might be paying $85 an hour for him to find out that yes there are weasel tricks involved. On the other hand the dealer might just have a generally low opinion of farmers with wrenches and wants the business and you'd never know if it is really that tough. Is he willing to explain just why that job is a challenge?

    If there is a sure 150 acre job that will pay for it, I'd be inclined to let a dealership with experience get it done. If it's not right, he'll have to stand behind it. If you take it on and find it fights you back, you could be in for logging a lot more time amusing yourself in the shop. That 150 acre job might go to somebody with JD stuff and you still have the other $3000 bills unpaid and a broken tractor to boot.

    Just my initial reaction. You are a much more accomplished mechanic than I.

  2. We've cheated a bit on the ones we've done on the Deere's and just left the wheels and tires on and fork-lifted the whole assembly off. Do I recall that you have a neighbor with a hay squeeze? Just a thought. I'm the first to admit that we do too many repair jobs ourselves just because I hate dealing with dealers almost as much as I hate paying them.

  3. On the other hand,collieguy, I have too often had work done by the pros only to end up having to do it myself anyway. For one of the minor experiences: One time I got lazy & had a lube job done by a shop. I left for a 300 mile trip to install a load of church windows & had the rear drive shaft drop off 1/3 of the way there. The u-joint that didn't fall apart was dry as a bone. This job didn't require a rocket scientist. Most jobs on older equipment don't. Just perseverance, a strong back, and patience. A shop manual and an internet forum help a lot too.
    Hang in there Budde

  4. We just dove into it... Borrowed a forklift.
    Muddy, we just won't talk about Chronic boy's misadventures ...


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