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Friday, March 18, 2011


The consensus in my family is that I have it. We watched a show about it on PBS the other night. Of now that PBS is no longer funded by the government we will have to endure hours of fundraising programming which means more aging hippie folk singers. If only we still had the USSR, they could just appeal directly to the Kremlin. I would still watch it as the news quality would still be better than NBC, CBS or FOX. I actually watched FOX (at someone else's house) and it is obviously Murdock inspired. Which leads me to this book that MuddyValley loaned me to read.
He actually brought me two books. One was thick but is a collection of stories. Still it intimidated me. I have to be careful when it comes to book reading. Once I start I am unable to stop. Once when I was first married my wife lost me in GoodWill. After a quick tour of the toy department, followed by a check for vintage stereo I usually grabbed a book from the used book department and  found an easy chair in the furniture department. It was a book on WWII fighter pilots and I became engrossed. She looked every where for me and was a little upset to find we oblivious to the world sitting in a beat up lazyboy and reading a book. Now we have our own beat up lazyboy so I am not so hard to find.
So, I started reading a novel by Dave Barry. I've been boycotting Dave Barry ever since he stole the Daily Strumpet name from me, but novel had a picture of shark-like playing cards circling a vortex in the ocean and there was a cutout on the cover so that the vortex looked-3D and I had to read it.
The name of the book is "Tricky Business," and it is kind of a take off on the typical crime novel. It is one of those books that come about from a couple people sitting around a newsroom and talking about formula plots and the one guy saying, "I could do that!" But, it flows well and has a compelling quirk in the plot and the good guys do well and grow personally and the guitar player nerd is a hero and finds a girl.
So, I read it in one night.
Which brings us back to the ADDDHD  but now I kind of forgot where I went with this.
I know I should go back and edit as smitty kindly pointed out but I got places to go and people to be and I'm out of coffee.
Have a nice day...


  1. have to say, your mama taught you your letters right well. that tells me that you can read with the best of them. :)

  2. Nothing like a Lazy Boy and a good book. Seems like you got your priorities about right.

  3. Lots more coming! Books from here are loaned to be passed on, don't need em back. Dust off the Lazy Boy. (And the throne)

  4. Just remember, Budd, ALWAYS do what the voices tell you! I always have, and look where it's gotten me!

  5. Budde, try to get your hands on a copy of "Nanette; Her Pilot's Love Story". WW2 P-39 Aircobra fighter pilot's memoir by Edward Parks who later was on air at NPR. Should be good for some quality lazyboy time and a couple of crankiferous posts!

  6. NO MORE BOOKS! I am not as young as I once was! I cannot stay up all night reading. If I do the couple chapters a day thing I end up losing the book and my attention span is too short anyway.

    Collie-Thanks for the book tip. (I think) Have you read "Sole Survivor," by George Gay? The only guy that made it back from the torpedo attack at Battle of Midway. Good book which was also reviewed on NPR.


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