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Monday, March 28, 2011

I went back to bed. $%^&*ing rain...

I am sick. I don't have the sort of symptoms that send me to a doctor. In other words, I'm not coughing up blood (not a lot anyway), no temp of 103, no spurting wounds, and I have a deep cough and I feel really tired. I usually am sick for a day or two and then I'm fine. I usually cure myself by just pretending it didn't happen and focusing on minutia. (I learned that from watching US national policy)
But, today I genuinely feel like crap.
I went out to the shop and discussed just what we are going to do with the offending sewer line and then excused myself and went home. I see that my father has in fact managed to fill the tank nearly full in two days. He has the whole ignore it and it will go away thing down to a "T". He simply does what he wants because he is 90 years old. I do sort of wish he would have worked at his iBook from home from the last few days or that my sister-in-law would have taken away his prunes...
But, I digress.
I found a Mickey Gilley album awhile back and I listened to it Sunday. But I was kind of annoying the family I think so I didn't go to the trouble of recording.
Here is "Room Full of Roses," which Mickey covered in the 1970's.

I suppose my musical tastes are a bit strange as we have gone from The Humans and Radio Birdmen, to sappy country via the Legendary Stardust Cowboy in two weeks.


  1. You found good one.
    Hope you get feeling better.

  2. Mickey Gilley, always a good choice. Brings back memories of the 70s. We too are stuck in a depressing stalled weather system. The sun shines but the endless south-east wind just won't quit and its been a week now. Below normal temps (20 degree highs) make it kind of miserable to be out there yet I have things I want and need to be doing. But we are still buried in snow so I guess theres no big rush to get in the field. Hey, get well soon Budde.

  3. I went to work at 9, had to look at some fields to see about fertilizer. Had to get fertilizer, had to get more feed, then the air pressure changed and I got a splitting headache and so I quit at 5 p.m. Bankers hours...
    I've never really listened to a whole Mickey Gilley album before. Not bad!

  4. My Mickey Gilley intake has went from low to none since the local pseudo-Classic Country station changed formats to lame-O comedy a few weeks back. I need to sell some crappy old farm equipment so I can afford a trip to the record store once in a while.

  5. It was probably caused by the shock to your system from listening to the Stardust Cowboy. I am still getting over something that sounds like the virus you have. Got it about the time you posted the SDC clip.


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