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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Society is Schizophrenic

We are surrounded by porn. We have naked lady clubs, escorts adverts in the back of Willamette Week, "Casual Encounters," on craigslist and this is all freedom of expression.
But... it is bad to expose children to this, we say.
Somehow society ignores that children have eyes and ears and look at TV and listen to pop music and have idols like Miley Cyrus and that adults are making billions off of selling sex.
We make the hookers and the pornstars and the women who dance with their chests out to be less than desirable people, but people still buy lots of "Girls Gone Wild," DVD's.
I was looking for info about the impending nuclear melt down in Japan and found this story about a teacher in Mo who used to be a porn star.
Some clever little high schooler found her pornstar identity and turned her in. I think the kid should be kicked out of school for looking at porn.
She said she had made bad decisions in her life and had worked to turn her life around. She offered her resignation to avoid controversy.
What every happened to rehabilitating yourself?
What is important...
1. Is she a good teacher?
2. Is she advocating porn in the class room?
3. Does she look like a "Hot For Teacher Video?"
Why is it an issue?
I think they should no accept her resignation say American is a land of second chances. Respect this woman for turning her life around!
Don't look at porn it messes with your head...
This is my opinion. Is there no forgiveness in this world?

Update: I wrote this in a hurry this morning. I was going to come back and answer the comments but my commentary ran a little long. Perhaps this should be a nude new post.

What really bugs me about porn and obscenity is that there has been a demand for porn/sex created though advertising and college professors looking for sex and then there is no outlet. Prostitution is illegal. Strippers and porn stars and girls who put out a lot are still looked down on by the very people partaking of their favors. They have less status in what is supposed to be a "classless" society.
I don't think the whole free love thing has empowered women. I hear young guys describe girls as sluts and I point out that they certainly didn't mind accepting their favors and the guys says yeah but I wouldn't marry her. Of course they end up doing so or fathering a child or going through some emotional roller coaster and having drama and pain and general stupidity.
I think there is too much focus put on sex. There are lots of things that bring meaning in life. Art, music, hard work, nature, but yet so many young people seem to spend most of their free time drinking themselves stupid and having awkward sex and screwing up their lives.
Personally, -while I do like boobies, I don't like to be assaulted by sex all the time. I think if I want to naked ladies I should have to go to a website with a xxx label and if I do a search for amateur radio I should not have to wade through 5,000 sites of ugly chicks on their knees just to find scanner frequencies or tubes for my halicrafter.
I think if the business was not predatory they would do it voluntary and you could filter it out with your browser. (easily) 
And I think there is no connection between teachers having student sex and a teacher who once was a porn star.
Obviously she is NOT promoting porn in the classroom.


  1. What is in her past should remain there. If she is a good teacher, then the school and their parents have lost out. The school board is showing their puritanical weaknesses. (big words, hope I used them right)
    The girl who found out, probably just used google and found the connection. Where were the girls parents? Why wasn't she properly indoctrinated through the use of censorship web tools. Then she would avoid these sites,
    They wanted to impeach Billy boy, for an affair with Monica. Then, that Boehner guy? Has a affair with an aide and still remains as speaker of the house. Ah, because it's him not you.
    World is full of hypocrites. I try not to be one also.

  2. A hundred years ago, walls were thin, houses were small, and people still had sex. I suspect that there are more perverts now than then.
    There was also porn, but not like today. It is nothing new.
    They should offer her her job back.

  3. "World is full of hypocrites." - AMEN! Ten to one the girl who found the dirt is no more than a closet slut herself.

  4. Bobby, I think that people who have sex with those they have authority over, Bill Clinton, Sam Adams, Boehner, should be fired. I also think that people like, "I have a wide stance" Larry Craig should be fired. David Wu needs help, People who have affairs with others of the same age and are married are cads and I would not vote for them. I'm uptight but I try to be fair.

    Muddy, I think much of the debate we refuse to have in our society is just what we want to define as deviant behavior. We protect certain groups and take out our frustration on others. I think more people should just admit they like porn but agree to some guidelines in the hope that young people will get something in their heads besides screwing and taking drugs.

    Gorges, I think the students and parents need someone with moral authority to explain about poor choices and why it is a bad idea to think about nothing but sex all the time. I'm not sure that is possible...

  5. Guess times change. Back in the fifties my Algegra teacher was frumpy, overweight, wore really thick glasses and was covered with chalk dust. Pretty sure she wasn't an ex porn star....

  6. BB-I know it sounds funny to have a pornstar science teacher but I doubt she dresses quite the same as she once did... Three kids had to have taken a toll!


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