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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Republicans are idiots

The clever plan by Republicans to cut funding to NPR is all over the news. It is one of those issues that kind of bug me but I was not really sure why. I realize NPR has a left of center bias and it has been that way for years. I don't really care. I know what is. If I want a counterpoint I can listen to Michael Savage. Which also shows up the problem with non NPR news. No one else really does in depth reporting on the radio. What is the competition to "All Things Considered?" I will say the one thing that bugs me about NPR is they don't read books on the radio any more. I will add that the Terri Gross (sp?) series on country music was amazing. You won't find that on commercial radio.
But, I digress.
Which is the point. I'm talking about funding for NPR when the whole issue is a high profile scheme to make it look like the Republicans are actually doing something. And, the Republicans just getting a little revenge on some smarmy arsed liberals. Which, I think is juvenile.
Sure that hidden camera was funny and it proved what we already know about NPR. I was pretty happy that the head of NPR resigned. I thought it was a real cheap shot to fire the news fellow that said what we all think, seeing Islamic people on an airplane in the post 911 world makes everyone nervous. (Why would it not?)
But you see, I'm off subject again.
How about some real controversy. The Republicans don't WANT to cut the alphabet soup of government agencies. How about they start with TSA, Homeland security, The FDA, Education department, how about making some real choices.
NPR could most likely make it their own, it doesn't even matter. The frauds will cut NPR and then congratulate each other while they add money for programs like scanners that don't work and cut individual personal freedoms and waste the lives of American soldiers to support people who don't really like us.
I had a little chat this morning with a local fellow who sell blue berries. He has to triple rinse the blueberries in chlorinated water to sell them. It is insane. The problem with Ecoli is when you bring all your produce into one warehouse, package it in sealed plastic bags and ship it around the country. The bags are a breeding ground for bacteria. The so-called food safety law did nothing to stop that practice but it did effectively shut down small processors who never had a problem with food safety to begin with.
Big Companies caused the problem then bought off the right people to eliminate competition. Sort of like the bank bailout. Utter and complete corruption.
Yeah, cutting funding to NPR will really balance the budget. That was the little nagging voice in the back of my head saying what really is going on here. Cutting NPR is the same philosophy that gives us the naked scanners and ball fondling screeners. It looks like someone is doing something so us idiots will feel better.
Morons, all of them are morons.

Update at 11 a.m.
I've had three arguments about this today. I am even more convinced I am right than I was yesterday. The issue is not that NPR is made up of a bunch of commies. It is that the Republicans are going after an easy target. They have no balls, they are petty and mean and don't have the guts to follow through on what got them elected. They failed at getting the Healthcare reform stopped and so they are going after NPR to make it look like they are doing something. Us conservative folk are getting all tingly now that those evil liberals are getting their due. But one again we are being manipulated as we are mostly simple sorts who just want to be left alone.
For the record, if it needs to go it needs to go. We are going to have to cut costs. I think we should reduce funding to all social programs, either finish the job and take the oil, or go home in the mideast,  stop funding tin horn dictators around the world, start drilling for oil, build some nuclear reactors, and cut a lot of the stupid programs at USDA, and cut subsidies. Get out of debt!
It won't happen...
I'm going back to grinding feed...


  1. it may not balance the budget all by itself but it is a start. and if npr can survive without government substacies as they have said they could then they don't need it and shouldn't get it.

    the latest scandal is just the straw that broke the camel's back to justify denying them taxpayer's money.

  2. Guess I'm with The Griper on this one, Budd. I don't really care what their ulterior motive may be. I'd rather my tax dollars NOT be used for so much liberal propaganda. If you feel otherwise, that's okay, too. It's a free, sort of.

  3. NPR is more than just the news division. There are programs that make it one of the most enjoyable and diverse radio outlets in the nation.

    I have lived long enough to realize that the quality of news is not fair and balanced period. There's a big backstory about Juan Williams being dismissed. It has two sides and
    This situation grew murky because of the dual relationship between Williams and two media organizations with totally opposite target audiences.

    No matter what the outcome is the people of this nation will need a media outlet that at least provides a wide range of programming on different topics. There are some outstanding documentary programs, music and special programs that people enjoy.

  4. I only agree with msladydeborah this morning. Nothing personal towards my long time readers.
    I've listened to NPR for years. There is nothing else on the radio. I don't want to hear the same playlist repeated on every radio station on the dial. Rush gets on my nerves. Michael Savage gets a bit shrill at times. The old time country music station is off the AM. Sometimes I listen to Mexican music out of desperation.
    While NPR is laughable sometimes...
    NPR is not "leftist" propaganda. They have a left of center perspective but they are very much mainstream news. If you want to hear left of center listen to some of the community radio stations like KBOO.
    NPR and Public Broadcasting have brought us a wide range of programming. The only station we can get in the "digital age" is PBS. There are travel shows, Antiques Roadshow, symphonies, stuff that is good for our child's brain. I aced every public events quiz given in high school because I listened to "All Things Considered" every morning.
    Should there be some people fired? Probably! Should they be funded by the government at this point, probably not...
    But don't buy all the BS you are being given.
    All the baloney about NPR is to take your mind off the fact that you are being once again SCREWED BY REPUBLICANS. They are just throwing us a bone. They know we all like to hear the liberals whine. Somehow we are going to take it in the shorts, one more time...

  5. Tell it, Budde and msladydeborah!

    It will be a sad day for democracy if the Republican right succeeds in silencing a voice they find disagreeable.

    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire, or possibly Evelyn Beatrice Hall.

  6. Budde, I may be one of the most non-political people in the world. I do vote but have been known to flip a coin when I get to the voting booth. I'm guessing your NPR is similar to our CBC radio? Many complain about political bias on CBC. I could'nt say one way or the other. I listen to CBC because I enjoy the programming and the interviews/talk shows. I figure the government wastes my tax dollars in many ways that don't benefit me but any money they give to the CBC is a benefit for me. Good entertainment for my money.
    I also enjoy some of the U.S. late night radio shows when I can get them.

  7. Ralph, you are right on the money. "The government wastes my tax dollars in many ways that don't benefit me but any money they give to the CBC is a benefit for me. Good entertainment for my money."
    It is not like after cutting NPR they are going to do anything useful. It is just being petty.

  8. They're acting like a bunch of kids. Give them what they want to hear and we won't have to do anything else that could possibly matter.
    Why do we have a TSA. When I was in Turkey, all the airports had security provided by the military. When you went through the front doors all people and bags were checked. They carried machine guns and they meant business.
    The cuts need to be made. People will not be happy. Now who can we blame for this so that we get voted in again. This is just a game to them.


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