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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A lesson in the undeniable virtue of the oppressed, which will not be understood...

I opened up my mail from WebPro News at lunch time and I was pretty much amazed at what I read.
Click here to view, don't think you have to be a member to read WebPro News.
I'm sure you have heard of video by now. A girl at UCLA had the lack of understanding to post what she really thinks. It was a touch insensitive but yet kind of funny as well.
The article title is amazing, "Racist YouTube Video Results in another Social Media Casualty." In what context is it racist? Well, obviously only as White Person Speach!
I plan showing this to my young daughter to illustrate the "Undeniable Virtue of the Oppressed." Or what happened to free speech in the USA. Or why UCLA is means thought control, or why it should not be on your list of intended colleges.
It is simple. If this was a rap song about annoying white people it would be ok.
Plus, it means nothing, it is just a kid talking. A kid who has not been indoctrinated yet. She is making humor based on exaggeration of real events. It is a freaking joke. Has anyone watched comedy central? The whole thing is kind of silly.
I find the comments pretty amazing. There is true hate and stupidity in this world and is often found on the internet.
Hate speech and racism is when you say a race should be killed or that they are descended from monkeys or basically anything you hear in a mosque. (That last comment was a little racist I suppose)
And, what she said about the tidal wave was insensitive but basically right. If you are going to call everyone in your address book to see if they are ok after a huge disaster you should not do it in the library.
Don't know why I devoted a whole mid-afternoon post to something this stupid but the people who think they are open-minded are such useful idiots. They were the sort that killed their families during the Cultural Revolution. (Which was ok as they were Moaists and people at UCLA think that is just allright.)


  1. I watched it from your link. Insensitive is an understatement. It might have been slightly humorous had it been posted at any other time than just after a disaster that very well might have claimed the lives of many or all of the relatives of the same Asian students she is referring to. It is quite possible that with the breakdown in communications concurrent with the disaster, that the students, while still trying to attend to their studies, have been trying to place calls day & night to see if relatives are still alive. Their culture, unlike ours, places a high premium on scholastic success. One of the reasons we now have so many Asians and Indians holding professional positions moving to the USA. There is a void and it is being filled.

  2. She's sorry that the video inconvenienced people. Some people rant about stupid things and this was another one. Racist? Probably because she singled out one race. Asians. She will learn, like all the rest of us did, that free speech has is place. It has consequences.
    I grew up through the school of hard knocks. You tell the bully he's wrong and you get punched. After a few times, you learn where and when this type of speech is acceptable.
    I don't believe I would say racist remarks on the internet. Maybe red-neck comments while sitting in a duck blind would be acceptable. or farmer jokes while no-tilling.


  3. It is unacceptable speech only because she is white.
    A rapper could say worse about Asians at UCLA because it is one "protected" class vs another.
    White people are the oppressor class and that is how it will be.
    The issue is not about fairness but rather about power and status.

  4. Sorta ties in to that joke I mentioned on my blog.

  5. Decided to go back and listen to the kid. She's just a bubble-head who made the mistake of telling the truth. If the timing was off, people should just deal with with it and move on.

  6. BS folks.
    I don't think her video was anything out of the ordinary for your typical college student.
    Of course you should not mock other people's language or a natural disaster that killed 10,000 people but does it warrant the vitriol she received? People do that kind of stuff in college just to make a fuss all the time.
    Her crime was as follows-1. White, 2. bimbo accent, 3. boobs showing, 4. saying out loud what plenty of people think.
    I've heard Katrina Jokes, terrorist jokes, jewish jokes, and plenty of jokes about African Americans, and one joke about a sprinkler that includes, Hispanics, Asians, and Black people. Not to mention rude George Bush jokes and really racist Obama jokes and what about all the tea-bagger jokes made by the same people who when after this chick. (purposefully insensitive language used.) People just say this crap. If anyone at UCLA went past sophomoric reasoning, if anyone in America went past sophomoric reasoning, they would have just ignored it.
    Besides, everyone knows that she didn't mean it as "racism" and everyone is purposefully taking it out of context.
    Just because they are hypocritical racists themselves.

  7. maoists and alright


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