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Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Christians Should Support NPR

Aside from the Republicans trying to cover their impotence by defunding public broadcasting...
Here is one reason to keep NPR.
I have heard the plan of Salvation explained three times in the past two years on a NON religious station.
1. Jerry Falwell (very well done and a good interview. He came off as a good man in my opinion)
2. Al Green
3. Billy Joe Shaver
Where you may ask?
They were interviewed by Terry Gross (sp?) on Fresh Air on NPR...
While Billy Joe did conclude the interview by saying, "if you don't love Jesus you can just go to hell!" who is to say souls were not saved by the indirect influence of Terry Gross?!
Ha! Ha! Riddle Me that one Joker!


  1. budde,
    no one is advocating taking npr off the air. even the npr execs declare that government funding is not necessary for them to remain on the air. don't take what we said out of context.

    i enjoy listening to some of their programming myself.

  2. The Griper's right. No one's out to shut it down, unless it offends Obama. But it still don't need this ol' boy's tax dollars!

  3. Griper and Gorges, you have illustrated my somewhat ineptly made point. We are talking about OPB and not that the new Republicans haven't done anything. PBS funding is a drop in the bucket. They won't go off the air. It doesn't matter. I just don't like being messed with.
    I would bet a goat burger that somehow this push to take money from PBS is going to benefit some corporation that helped someone get elected.
    As Bobby said in the previous post. It you want to take a big step cut TSA. They may provide more entertainment than PBS, but they have yet to catch a real terrorist.

  4. Hey don't take away TSA, that's the only chance some of us have to be groped!

  5. budde,
    it's not a matter of what could be done instead of defunding npr.

    i kmow i can think of a dozen things that i'd have preferred that Congress address before this and i bet gorges could add to it too. in fact, i think you'd find us mostly in agreement with you if the issue was about tsa instead of npr.

    its a matter of what they are addressing and whether or not it is justified. and by the argument you present you are implicitly agreeing with us.

  6. I like 'Car Talk' on NPR...Click & Clack, the Tappet brothers. Always make me laugh...

  7. I don't really care what happens to NPR. I have never forgiven them for getting rid of the book reading programs! I mostly agree with you however.
    I am frustrated by the Republicans. I expect the Democrats to be corrupt scum and destroy the country. I used to think the Republicans would counter that. Now I see the Republicans are corrupt scum as well. Where are the good guys? I hope the Tea party is not taken over by republicans!
    Do you think G706 is starting to sound like a Democrat?

  8. mtrhd, I agree, I think Mr. 706 may have been influenced by Mr. Woo's furry emails. A bad example to us all. Or, just freedom of expression. I'm confused.


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