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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Apology doesn't make it all right but it somehow makes you feel better? Or not?

Since I live on the West Coast of the USA, and since we are but 50-some miles from that very coast, and since I just watched a program on OPB about the Japanese launching balloon bombs that exploded in my very county.... I have been watching the Japanese nuclear meltdown with interest. While possibility of glowing in the dark intrigues me I understand there are side affects other than gaining amazing superpowers from a radioactive spider bite.
I read with mixed feelings of the power company's chief executive giving a tearful apology. I'd like to see more of that in the USA. Would it hurt to admit you made a mistake? Perhaps some ritual suicides by top bankers would be in order? I suppose that is pushing it a little...
"It was the only honorable thing to do."


  1. I guess if you glow in the dark, you won't nee3d batteries for your flashlights. That's a positive.
    It would be good to see some CEOs saying they're sorry that they ruined the world and disemboweling themselves.
    But, I don't think either is gonna happen.

  2. I know I'll be labeled a crackpot, but many Christians wonder the same thing. Since there are no bastions of Christianity left in the world (we were the last), are we seeing the beginning of the end?


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