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Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Folk Music

The daughter went to spend half of Spring Break with her Aunt. Wife and I watched a movie. The movie ended and OPB comes on. It would seem that the decision to stop fund NPR has driven them to desperate means. It would seem that the only commies left in the world are aging beatnicks in the USA. When they hear folk music they just start writing checks. There has got to be a way for me to make money off of this.
I was trying to be sociable, plus the iBook battery died and the power cord was next to the TV and I kind of hated to leave. I made a few small comments about the sincerity of audience and then Bobby Darin came on. He was singing about freedom and he had the clever little hand gesture where the peace sign turned into a fist. Pretty doggone subtle. Good thing I was wearing my Che t-shirt. If only I had a Norton instead of a Triumph.
I understand that as a freshman in college you get all worked up about social injustice and I do understand that whatever gets chicks all earnest and sincere is a great way to may yourself appear earnest and sincere and that can be used to your advantage. But, to just sit around and watch earnest and sincere upper middle class white people singing about 100 level college courses in the 1960's just kind of gets on my nerves.
Especially when it was pointed out that this was payback for subjecting the family to 30 minutes of The Ledge last night.
I had to clear my head and so I found this on YouTube.  Check out the audience. They look shocked.

Thinking back, I was pretty much a middle class white kid but I really don't remember being all that sincere. I remember being an idiot on several occasions but I certainly hope none of them have been caught on tape...


  1. Uh, Budd, you been inhaling too much grain dust again?

  2. Gorges, check out the symptoms of Ergot Poisoning!


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