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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Before you decide to plant hemp, give me a call....

We planted 2 acres of hemp.
Two weeks after skeptically committing to hemp I sold a load of pig feed from a fellow who raises pigs in the part of Oregon where the most beautiful hay is grown.
He was asking about hay as there is a shortage due to the fact that every hay farmer in the state has taken out their alfalfa fields and planted hemp for CDB oil.
Then I talked to a friend who had attended the Louisville Farm show and he was telling me how everyone was talking about hemp.
So, I've been a little skeptical...
Apparently there is enough hemp oil for every American to drink CBD juice for morning noon and night and also smoke a few buds when the urge takes them.
It has been a learning experience.

1. CBD is just an excuse to smoke pot. Not that I really object. I don't but I know a lot of people who do. Smoking a CBD bud gives users (according to a review of our brand of hemp) a pleasurable restful experience. Sort of like getting stoned with Cheech and Chong back in the day I suspect.
One of the helpers at the farm where we are drying our hemp took a bud home "to his Mom," to smoke and she reportedly got nicely stoned... Yup, its just for your "health."

2. Hemp takes a lot of water and fertilizer. Kind of like growing corn. Plus there is a ton of plastic and drip line to dispose of if you do it like we did. Not that environmentally friendly.

3. No one is doing anything with the leftover biomass. I want to grind it into chicken litter but I'm not sure I'll have the energy.

4. Over production, if something is too good to me true it probably is...

5. Hand stripping hemp is a pain in the butt. I'm tired of changing the dryer everyday before and after work...

This ain't no way to be a lazy farmer.

Let me know if you need to score some bud....

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