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Thursday, February 29, 2024

My second check up

I wonder I could provide some sort of guide for people who break the ball off the end of their femur. I feel I might have good advice. Mainly, don't do it!!!

Today I went to Kaiser HMO for my month and a half check up. (I think) I have a hard time keeping track of time.

My x-ray technician told me my break looked awesome.

I got a great doctor this time and she answered all my questions.

But, I hurt like heck. I guess it is from the mobility tests they gave me. 

I attempted to work this afternoon. My nephews are painting an IH 656 Hydro that one of them rebuilt in his community college shop class. They wanted advice on painting the tractor. I found my supplies and tools and helped them get set up to paint.

I feel like this would be a great time to note the incredible education that I got at Chemeketa Community College in 1984 and note that my nephews are also getting an awesome, interactive, and involved education at the same College now. I would like to compare that with the education my daughter got at GFU, and the disappointing education I got at GFU, and the not that useful an education I have observed students getting at Linfield University where I worked. Community Colleges give you a huge bang for your buck. There are a lot of instructors at Community Colleges who have real life experiences and who decided to work at a Community College to share those experiences with students. At small universities you get people who say that same thing but I didn't seem the same energy. I have observed a lot of unpleasant politics at the small college. Maybe they just want to think they are a mini Brown University  on the West Coast but they always seem to loose sight of their local market. The Community College professors want to teach you how to get stuff done. IMHO... But, that seems to be they way with trade schools. I really don't know all that much.

But I digress.

I have no idea why I hurt so bad. I must have exercised a previously unused muscle. I am setting in my chair with ice on my leg and really wishing someone would come visit me who I could talk into getting wood for the fire!

In other adventures...

Yesterday I exercised the Gator. It was fun until I hit a huge mud puddle and water came up through the floor and soaked me. Actually, that was also fun but it was cold!

I have been buying GPS speedometers made by a certain company. (Sensor One don't tell anyone, it is a really good product) They have a digital readout. They come terminated with connectors for a number of different agricultural use interfaces to match sprayer monitors and brand specific planter monitors. There are only three wires. There is power in, ground, and a third wire which provides an impulse for the speed control on the monitor. I look for weird connectors that people don't use any more, get the expensive GPS speedometer for a good price, cut the odd style connector off and wire it for what I need.  Not a high volume business but a satisfying one.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Musings about Clover and toxic chemicals that I would like to use

The rain has returned. The weather service predicts snow. It is not cold enough to replant rye, according to what I have read. Rye needs several days with temps below 34 degrees F to vernalize. This might not be a problem with the upcoming cold trend, but I also have to be able to drive on the ground to replant. I can see plants but the the population doesn't look good. I just need a few thousand pounds for the whiskey guy next door but with a now plant population I suspect it will be pretty weedy. 

Yesterday I looked for crop rotations which would add organic matter and might lend themselves to no-till. A friend was telling me about Balansa Clover. I made the mistake of filling out an information request from I am a little worried they are going to think I am a real farmer. 

The Balansa clover looks like a good cover crop or a potential seed crop. According to the propaganda you can plant in early fall and it will tolerate wet soils and a ph of 4.5. I suspect it does not like a pH of 4.5 all that well and probably especially not with complete soil saturation for six months.

I would like to be able to rotate the clover with annual ryegrass. 

Currently we try to have a three year plan. Year one we work the annual. Sometimes we plow. Year two if we get an early rain and a sprout in the fall, we spray out the annual and no-till. Year three, we try to disk aggressively and then get a sprout, then work again and plant or spray and no-till through the sprout. Year three requires a decision, are there enough weeds it has to be worked or can we use same decision process as year two. Generally we stay the course on year three. Then start over again with heavy tillage on the fourth year.

If it would be possible to break the annual on annual cycle with something like Crimson clover or this Balansa clover it would be very beneficial. The Balansa is supposed to give a huge forage yield so there would be the possibility of taking a forage crop and then no-tilling a spring grain or maybe even switching to a long term grass crop.

The other idea I was researching was the use of Idanziflam herbicide to control annual weeds in grass fields. I used this product as a pre emerge to keep right-of-ways and field borders free of weeds as a grounds keeper and it really works well. I have observed the improper use of the product on the field next to the University and I knew that the shrill people are gearing up a campaign against it. It must work really well to inspire a whole new fundraising campaign.

The only product that appears to be registered for use anything close to what I want to use it for is called Alion and it is only registered for carbon planted Fescue for seed.

The main problem with using the chemical for turf was that it is such a tiny mix rate that you could easily use too much. We are talking in the .25 oz range. It is also like $350 a pint or something outrageous. If you over apply the chemical, nothing will grow in that location for several years.

I probably should not share this post with anyone professing a belief in Regenerative Agriculture. 

Can you imagine a Timothy field that was free of annual ryegrass, bent grass, reed canary grass, or Foxtail? That would be amazing!

And now I need to go feed the chickens.

Have a nice day...

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Monday, February 26, 2024

The recovery process is longer than one would hope for

The sun came out. We had a couple nice days here in Western Oregon. Of course I took the Gator apart instead of spraying. This was somewhat poor judgement. It is somewhat telling as to my mental issues.

Saturday was a beautiful day for a drive. Note that I am the passenger. Rode with my brother to get the mail.

In all fairness I am a cripple most of the time. I say most of the time, as sometimes I feel really good and the next day I don't. The other issue is just figuring out what I can and can't do. The issues that bothers me the most is going from inaction to action. I get out of bed or out of the chair and my leg and knees are super stiff and hurt. After I walk around a bit, it all loosens up and I feel better. I stop moving and then I am back to pain and suffering until I get moving again.

I am going to ask the Doc about at my next appointment. Maybe I need to drink more water.

Sunday I put the Gator back together. I still have a bucket of tools to sort. Today it is alternating rain, sun, sleet, sun, rain, wind. (Actually that wind came from a Duck that has been hiding behind my chair. It has terrible breath)

I want to use the Gator to spray ditches and spot spray a few fields. I have an electric sprayer that fits in the back and I have a wand and homebuilt boom. I think I may have to do some upgrades. 

I needed to get to the electrical circuits for the lights and accessories and I needed to repair the cab mounts. I had been trying to access the wiring from under the dash. Saturday I unbolted the cab, lifted the front of the cab up, and removed the "hood." I could see all the wiring which brought up the standard problem of old equipment. The wiring was a mess of taped and faded wires. There seems to be only two colors of factory wiring, Yellow, and Black. Generally, black meant a ground wire, but everything else was yellow with a different colored strip. Finally I just got irritated with it all and ran jumpers around what appeared to be open circuits that were buried deep in a taped up wiring harness.

I really wanted brake lights and there was no power on the positive side of the brake light switch. I ran a jumper from the ignition switch so the brake lights are going to work when the key is on. I was going to rewire the whole light and signal wiring to the rear but it was too much for a Sunday.

Look at me! I got a beacon, I have at least one turn signal, I have lights!

I also hooked up a volt gauge and a cigar lighter so I can charge my phone or run a sprayer monitor and I can tell if the electric sprayer is draining the battery. The gauge reads 12.5 volts fully charged so I suspect there is not a lot of charging capacity.

My good friend from work came to see me Sunday. He cleaned out my locker for me when I separated from my employment. I thought I had cleaned out anything of value as soon as my daughter graduated as I planned on walking as soon as I got my PTO down but there was actually some good stuff. I was really happy to see my A/C certification as it has my registration number.

We went though the accumulated crap from eight years of employment and got to talking about the really toxic and incompetent people that Linfield has not fired and laughing a bit at myself. Good grief that place was a toxic place to work. The toxicity varied on what your job was and how much you could just do by yourself, but how that place stays in business is beyond me.

One story that came to mind was when I got the job with the Steam Line company working on campus and the main part of the interview was to drive the dumptruck after work and see if I felt comfortable driving.  The constructor foreman left the keys under the floor mat of the dumptruck. Basically, if I could figure out how to drive it I was hired. So, I took my friend for a dump truck ride around campus.

The next morning I was called into his supervisor's office and questioned about driving the dump truck. I thought it was all a joke and exclaimed, "well they left the keys under the floor mat!"

The supervisor was a cool guy but had to explain that someone had actually reported me for joyriding in the dump truck. 

I was not allowed to drive the dump truck or work for the company while wearing anything related to Linfield. I had to change my hat and my shirt before going to work.

The other funny thing about the construction job is that they would leave the key to the excavator and dump truck under the seat and they just trusted me to run the equipment. Yet, when I worked at Linfield I had to return every key to a lock box every evening. All the lawn mowing equipment owned by the college did not add up to the value of an excavator and dump truck plus the damage that could be done if I went rogue after work.

What a bunch of idiots. I am so glad to be gone.

But, I digress...

The sun is out and I am going to try hooking up my sprayer.

Also, just adding a bit that I thought of later in regards to the college.

A couple days ago the former President of the University gave me a call. He has a really fun new job and is pretty happy. He said he just wanted to know how I was doing and said he appreciated me. We had a nice conversation. It made me feel better about life. I made some really good friends in my eight years as a groundskeeper and I am really thankful for that.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, February 24, 2024

I take the Gator apart and don't actually fix anything

Friday started as an optimistic day. I made a list. I finally brought some semblance of order to my books. I did a blog post.

I started to work on the Gator. I cannot lay down, sit down, or bend over too far, when working on anything. figured out how to crawl onto the forklift and and actually lift the gator into the air so I could reach the offending bolts.

The cab and frame are not happy together. The windshield mounting brackets are broken and there are electrical problems. The electrical is impossible to get to as it is under what would be the hood, if there was a hood. The cab sits on top of this front cover. I needed to remove cab bolts and lift up the front of the cab to access the "hood," and then remove the hood. Then I was able to remove the broken windshield mounting brackets which also hold down the front of cab.

My own UTV lift

The problem with the cab is that the windshield mounts securely but the rear cab mount bolt holes wear out. So the rear part of the cab flexes in the bolt holes. The front part of the cab is held secure in the bolt holes so it doesn't move. This transfers the stress to the mounting brackets which are like 10 gauge sheet metal.  Those metal brackets then flex and break and they are really hard to get to or to reinforce.

It is a Curtis cab so I probably could get parts.

There are also electrical issues. The wiring is now exposed with the removal of the front cover. I have a broken light bulb as well.

I want to install a voltage gauge and a cigar lighter in the dash. I need to fix the glove box so it doesn't keep falling out and I want to install a power outlet so I can connect a sprayer pump controller. My goal is to be able to spray field edges and spot spray blackberries.

However the sun is shining and I feel I should be working on the grain drill or something useful.

I am starting to worry about all the crops that are not coming out of the winter and all the weeds that are showing up instead.

Here is the thing about recovering from an injury. It is like being a special needs modern child. Every effort you make gets a gold star. But, you really are not actually doing anything useful. You pretend to be but in reality the ground won't work itself, the tractor transmission won't install its own clutch out of sympathy for you, and the weeds are still going to grow.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Life in Slow Motion

Today I made a list of things to do. I doubt this will do anything but give me anxiety. My problem is that I seem to be moving in slow motion. There are things I can do an a lot of things I don't want to do and most things I do slowly.

I started by organizing my books for tax purposes. I just need to get a few more things together before visiting the accountant. I keep forgetting what I have and have not finished and then thinking of something else unrelated that needs to be accomplished.

I want to go visit a friend who had heart surgery and I need to go to the big city and see my daughter. I also have a Briggs engine on an air compressor that needs attention. It is blowing gasoline out of the intake and it will not start without liberal doses of ether. It is an 11 hp industrial with electric start. I have seriously debated installing a GTX 390 Clone which is branded Rhino. The Carroll Stream Motor Company has them on sale with free shipping but I am kind of broke. No feed sales and no planting means no income for Budd E. Shepherd... Plus, I can't get the stupid unemployment payments to work.

The cleverness of the State Of Oregon is unmatched. I assume the recruit from Sinfield University HR department. I missed reporting jobs because I was in the hospital with a broken leg. I was supposed to prove my identity at a Worksource Oregon office, but I was unable to drive because I have a broken leg. I am supposed to apply for jobs which I cannot do with a broken leg. I am unwilling to go sit on waiting room chairs because my broken leg is broken where it attaches to my arse and it hurts.

The illustrious State Of OR is changing their unemployment reporting system at the end of February. To get a jump on things they just made all the old information phone numbers dead end, but because it is no yet March 4th, the new number is not connected.

But, I digress. 

I had a list...

Perhaps I will just ignore it all and hobble down the highway. Or take the gator to the river. The goose aliens from Canada have destroyed the new alfalfa field. Perhaps I can encourage them to return to the land of Vintage Mercury Automobiles with a few random Russian Surplus 7.62x39 mm.  Actually, since our dear leader has declared his former buddy from 50 years ago a Crazy SOB and shut down imports of surplus ammunition, 7.62 is quite valuable. 

Speaking of genius administrative abilities... In order to financially ruin the Russians over their MILITARY invasion of the Ukraine, Uncle Joe stopped the import of Russian ammunition to the USA. This certainly demonstrates a clever understanding of supply and demand.  So the Russian military uses ammunition, but Russia also exports ammunition. So, if you refuse to buy Russian Ammunition this will result in less Ammunition for the Russian military? Correct?

Speaking of other genius administrations... I just got an invitation to join the Sinfield University Staff Assembly Meeting. Perhaps I have been rehired but no one got around to telling me. I did get a text from a grounds department person. No one knows how to use the spinner fertilizer spreader. I had to laugh. 

Have a happy day. Perhaps I will go look for more sticks to pick up on the alfalfa fields.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Perhaps a mile was too far

Yesterday I put in another mile. I also picked up cans. I feel old.

We have sun today. It is almost 60 degrees here. I skipped my walk.

Instead I took my wife lunch. Lunch was Tacos from Tacos Burros in town. The family that owns it works hard. The daughter is attended the University which I no longer work for. I tried several times to get someone from the University to stop for lunch there or to write a story about them or somehow acknowledge them. 

Tacos Burros is a classic hard work story. The owner is doing his best to get his daughters a college education in oder to raise their social status. The University pretends to care but no one will actually go talk to them or feature them in one of the propaganda publications because no one at the Uni actually does give a rats arse about hard working first generation college students aside from the theoretical. The practicality of engaging in anyone outside the wine business is quite a bore.

But, I digress...

I bought tacos and the wife and I went to the park for lunch. We took a walk around the park and by walk, I mean I hobbled along with my cane.

Yesterday I did a full mile and probably a quarter of it I managed without even the cane. Today I am paying for it.

I looked at a couple fields. Don't think I will be spreading fertilizer tomorrow...

The small Timothy Field looks better than I had expected. Still a bit of a lake.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

I walked a mile, but there was no Camel

Yesterday was a.... milestone... in my new life as a cripple. I walked hobbled a mile.

I have been attempting to balance my books for tax purposes. I am a bit worried I didn't do the end of the year over lapping payments correctly. I need to talk to my accountant but she has gone big time and has an office in town and will probably be a little more accurate with her billing.

But, I digress...

Balancing my books using Quick Books Pro is a bit frustrating for me. There are three reasons for this. First, I dropped out of two accounting classes and I just have a weird mental block about accounting. Secondly, I foolishly upgraded my MacBook Pro to the latest system and now have to upgrade from QuickBooks Pro 2015 to a more modern version.

The third reason is the most irritating. QuickBooks Pro is now cloud based and subscription based. I don't want it to be cloud based as want to use the program when not connected to the internet. I also don't want to pay the subscription fee when I have a program (QuickBooks Pro 2015) that I paid for and that works perfectly for me.

I have resurrected my old PowerBook from back when they were silver aluminum and had awesome keyboards and lots of ports and a CD drive and a beautiful large screen. Mine has an issue with the video card and will unexpectedly crash when fancy online graphics make a call for acceleration. I have a software patch for this but you always need to be prepared for a crash.

I did buy a PC laptop and downloaded Open Office with the goal of switching all my business record keeping to the PC which has Windows 11.  I still prefer the old PowerBook to the PC, especially since I haven't found my software license for Quickbooks 2015 and non cloud based versions of QuickBooks pro fetch a premium used,

But I digress,

The point of this post was that I was able to walk a mile with the help of only one crutch to keep me out of the ditch. I got a couple offers of encouragement from various neighbors as well as an offer of a ride, but I soldiered on.

If I would not have been so annoyed with QuickBooks I probably would not have had the energy to leave the house. So I will say a big thank you to Intuit for the motivation!

I think this was the last great PowerBook! Too bad it has a fatal flaw with the video card.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Illness and suffering update #5

I did not get the Harvard-China virus. Yet...

Using my skills at Bias Conformation which I learned though eight years of observation at the University, I think I can say with confidence that Kirkland Signature Tonic Water, high doses of Farmer Dave's Hemp Tonic, and fizzy vitamin C prevented me from getting the WuFlu.

The lovely and gracious Mrs. Shepherd is essentially well. She has lingering congestion but I made a trip into town to get her the  good Sudafed. This is kept behind the counter and you have to provide your identification to get it. You can't have people making meth out of Sudafed, it cuts into the profits of the cartels.

The young pharmacist girl had a 1975 Chevy lowrider tattoo on her forearm and the ubiquitous nose ring. I didn't comment as I hate to promote body disfigurement on young women.

But I digress,

I suspect I nearly got the engineered virus. I have been very sore. Partially, because I have been walking without crutches and trying to increase my linear distance traveled from feet to years to fractions of a mile. Probably also because I am fight off a virus strain someone created to sell vaccine and medical treatments.

I mean, why is that not a completely valid conspiracy theory? Why would there not be an incentive to make a virus and a vaccination? Sound business plan. Similar to local glass shop investing in bricks. Of course things went wrong, because there is always a flaw in someone's evil plan...

Friday, February 16, 2024

The WuFlu and I

This will be a winter to remember.

My wife had the sniffles and a cough. Then she felt worse. So she took a WuFlu test. She got the two thin red lines. Yesterday she felt pretty bad. She had the shivers and that alternated with her skin hurting. She has not lost her sense of smell. She is feeling better to day but is sleeping a lot.

We investigated cures right away. We have some Ivermectin but it is the one percent injectable for pigs and cows. The non approved recommendation is to go by the swine dosage chart and take it internally. Mix it with orange juice or something. After spending a lot of time looking for information we dropped the idea. The internet is not the wealth of information it once was. Search engines no longer bring you the information you need. Only the "information," rationed to you.

It would appear that if you can still smell bacon then you don't have a from of the Harvard virus that was killing everyone and you don't need to get crazy with home cures.

We have been taking lots of vitamin C and Zinc. Also multivitamins include D.  I am liberally dosing with CDB because I have a lot of it and need to use it somehow. I also have been doing fresh grapefruit juice and raspberry juice. Because it makes me feel like I am doing something clever by squeezing grapefruits to a cup and telling my wife it is good for her. 

I bought the Grapefruit as a source of quinine in case it was actually malaria. However, the quinine is in the skin and unless you are sure the grapefruit is grown without the use of pesticides you can get a concentration of something more than quinine. 

I have also been drinking cheap Tonic Water. It has a lot of sugar in it and probably doesn't do much. It was suggested to add a little Gin as that served the British well when they ruled the world.  But Colonialism is out of fashioned nowadays unless you are the Chinese and not Taiwan. I certainly don't need another trip to Human Resources, not that it matters now...

In other news, I have become rather fascinated by the Big Headed Scientist. I feel there is a lot of credibility to this story and I would consider working this into my belief in the Flat Earth, however, I don't think they will let me in,

(In all honesty I do prefer the George Clinton mothership concept as all you have to do to join is to "get down." )

Have a great afternoon...

Saturday, February 10, 2024

I go for a drive and wonder what happened to the rye I planted in November

 Click here for the real The Lazy Farmer....

Yesterday the inability to do anything got to me. I took a ride in the Gator. I threw the crutches in the back and I have a cane in the rifle rack behind my head. My worst fear was getting stuck but my hip hurts if I go fast so I meandered along at a sedate pace befitting my advanced age.

OK... I am a fraud, the cigar is not lit. I am channeling Uncle Milt and Harpo in my old age. The cigar was a gift when I exited the Uni and I did appreciate the gesture. I made some great friends in the past few years. (although I am sarcastic and inappropriate and supposedly all my coworkers think I am racist, sexist, and a notorious gaslighter. (I guess I should take Beano for that))

My no-tilled Rye has been disappearing. I thought it might be Ralph Goff's pet geese so I went prepared to scare them back to Canada but they seem to have already left. I see bites out of the rye so I could drop $50 an acre on slug bait or disk it up and replant.  
The green in the distance is the oat field. A month ago you could see rows of rye. According to the cover crop propaganda rye will flourish planted late into cold wet soil. It is not.

It looks like it will be a wild carrot or dog fennel field if something is not done.

Can you find a single rye plant in this view?

The no-tilled oats are recovering from the freeze and from going under water a couple times. They were planted several weeks earlier than the Rye. They look pretty good. Except right next to the road. 

I think the oats will recover. They are still a little yellow but there are good rows. Population should have been higher. I planted 110lbs per acre. I think I need to no-till everything at 120-150lbs. It just does better.

There are a lot of opportunities to make extra income to subsidize our failed dirt farming but they all take capital. It is amazing that people can drop $80,000 on a pickup truck that never will haul anything useful but yet I don't have $70,000 for a better stacker, or $24,000 for a White 2-110 FWA so I can save a little on diesel pulling the mower, or another $120 an acre for lime...

Maybe I should just find a real job...

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Wasting time

Today I took a nap for most of the afternoon. It makes me feel old. I fixed lunch for my wife and I and after she went back to work I did my exercises as per the recommendations of the NIH. (mostly)

I sat back down in my chair and the next thing I knew it was four in the afternoon. I had plans. I was going to take the gator for a drive. I was going to take a couple old lamps apart for my wife.  I was going to finish my books for the end of the year. I was going to do a quick blog.

I swear I am aging every day. Or perhaps I am just reminded of the passage of time.

Tomorrow it is going to rain so I wasted my one day to go outside.

What if I start to enjoy being lazy?

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Week Three of breakage

Today I walked 100 feet. Tomorrow I intend to walk 100 more.

I am supposed to sign up for therapy but it my insurance is a HMO and who knows what sort of therapy I would actually end up with. I probably need psychological therapy but since I didn't hit my head they said no. Instead I need physical therapy and it just sounds annoying. Maybe I will call tomorrow...

I did find a booklet of exercises for people who have broken their hip and it comes from the National Health Service with I figure is the "mother of all HMO's."

I have been referring to this booklet (click for link). I like the reference, "lift your bum off the bed..." I sort of imagine a naughty British nurse as my therapist.

This is what I remember as my stint in the hospital. (I was on a lot of medications...)

Most likely actually footage from Sunnyside Hospital during my stay!

The exercises are pretty simple. I lay on my back and while keeping my good leg flat on the bed, I lift my bad leg up as far as I can, keeping it straight, and not lifting my back or whimpering in pain. This is to be repeated 10-15 times. Then I rest and have a bit of a cry, and then I do two more sets. 

It is for the best as I am home alone, although my whimpering greatly distresses the dog and now she will not come out of my wife's closet. There may be a deeper problem with the dog as she is adopted. She is also greatly afraid of my crutches. Perhaps Goldie needs the therapist, Perhaps the therapist could teach her to fetch. That is an excellent skill for a dog. Makes them more relevant, separates them from cats.

The next exercise is to stand facing the a wall. Put my hands out against the wall, and raise my offending leg backwards as far as I can, hold it ten seconds and repeat the exercise ten times. This does not hurt as bad so I assume it is useless.

There is also the exercise where I lift my "bum" off the bed but I always get distracted by the concept of attractive British nurses from the 1970's. 

Coincidentally I am also going blind.

Darn that ice!

Friday, February 2, 2024

Pain is a suffering preferable to talking to the insurance company or the gubment

Now the real suffering begins.

Yesterday my daughter took me for my post surgery checkup. Yesterday was February first. The insurance policy from my previous job ended on January 31. It appeared to follow seamlessly. However, since the policy did change, there are issues.

I need to call today and try and straighten out the issues but I just don't have the energy. I also have to prove my identity to the State Employment people and go to a orientation meeting. This would be fine it I could walk and drive. I need to call them as well.

I did not get a lot of information from my Dr. visit. My insurance and medical care is through the Nations oldest and largest HMO. This is why I oppose National Health Care.  I have had good luck and bad luck though the system. Yesterday, I got a hurried and stressed doctor that had a lot of patients waiting and I had a difference of understanding between what the surgeon told me and what this Doctor understood.

It will be fine, other than I have no idea how to solve their billing issues and I suspect it will mean a lot of time on the phone.

The bottom line is I can put as much weight on my hip as I can stand. What I wanted to know was if I started walking without crutches would I learn bad habits of walking and set back my healing. Did I get any sort of therapy. Are there any special instructions or maybe hints that things are good or bad.

I am making really good progress. Every day I can go further without crutches. I am trying not to limp or develop bad walking habits. My hip actually feels pretty good. It is my knees that are the problem. What I really need to learn how to do is sit in a straight backed chair again. need to set at my table and do my books and contact my insurance and set up a pile of personal possessions to sell on the big auction sight.

In other news, my friend who wishes to not be discussed in this blog thinks I should read, "The half finished heaven," by Tomas Transtromer.

I am not really sure I am up for Modernist-Surrealist Poetry at this stage in the healing process.

Instead I think I will watch "McHales' Navy," on the oldies TV channel. You can't go wrong with PT boats.

Have a nice day!

If you need your own pain and suffering listen to this cover of "Wildwood Flower!"

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