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Thursday, February 29, 2024

My second check up

I wonder I could provide some sort of guide for people who break the ball off the end of their femur. I feel I might have good advice. Mainly, don't do it!!!

Today I went to Kaiser HMO for my month and a half check up. (I think) I have a hard time keeping track of time.

My x-ray technician told me my break looked awesome.

I got a great doctor this time and she answered all my questions.

But, I hurt like heck. I guess it is from the mobility tests they gave me. 

I attempted to work this afternoon. My nephews are painting an IH 656 Hydro that one of them rebuilt in his community college shop class. They wanted advice on painting the tractor. I found my supplies and tools and helped them get set up to paint.

I feel like this would be a great time to note the incredible education that I got at Chemeketa Community College in 1984 and note that my nephews are also getting an awesome, interactive, and involved education at the same College now. I would like to compare that with the education my daughter got at GFU, and the disappointing education I got at GFU, and the not that useful an education I have observed students getting at Linfield University where I worked. Community Colleges give you a huge bang for your buck. There are a lot of instructors at Community Colleges who have real life experiences and who decided to work at a Community College to share those experiences with students. At small universities you get people who say that same thing but I didn't seem the same energy. I have observed a lot of unpleasant politics at the small college. Maybe they just want to think they are a mini Brown University  on the West Coast but they always seem to loose sight of their local market. The Community College professors want to teach you how to get stuff done. IMHO... But, that seems to be they way with trade schools. I really don't know all that much.

But I digress.

I have no idea why I hurt so bad. I must have exercised a previously unused muscle. I am setting in my chair with ice on my leg and really wishing someone would come visit me who I could talk into getting wood for the fire!

In other adventures...

Yesterday I exercised the Gator. It was fun until I hit a huge mud puddle and water came up through the floor and soaked me. Actually, that was also fun but it was cold!

I have been buying GPS speedometers made by a certain company. (Sensor One don't tell anyone, it is a really good product) They have a digital readout. They come terminated with connectors for a number of different agricultural use interfaces to match sprayer monitors and brand specific planter monitors. There are only three wires. There is power in, ground, and a third wire which provides an impulse for the speed control on the monitor. I look for weird connectors that people don't use any more, get the expensive GPS speedometer for a good price, cut the odd style connector off and wire it for what I need.  Not a high volume business but a satisfying one.


  1. I found my community college education to be quite useful and allowed me to get a pretty decent career for a fraction of the cost. I also found you avoided some of the silly things that aren't relevant to your chosen field of study.

    1. You didn't learn your pronouns?
      Once I was driving around campus with my little cart when I noticed students unfurling a banner across the street. As soon as they saw me they quickly got out of the way and apologized for blocking me. I had to tell them they should really be more angry if they were going to effectively protest. "But, this is Linfield," they explained. I just had to agree...

  2. I attended a community college while working full time on the factory floor of a company that manufactured milking machines. Both were valuable life experiences. Ultimately I attended a large state university that likewise had good and bad things. In total there were probably 4-6 courses of true value. You reminded me of the instructor of two economics classes at the junior college. He owned a farm which her rented out to a person with whom he also farmed on shares. Many of his lectures digressed (or advanced) to the economics of corn, soy beans and cover crops and the complexity of livestock.

    1. I attempted to take an accounting class from my university. The professor had an impressive background in education and private business. As soon as things started getting "iffy" and early retirement was offered, he was gone. Too much toxicity. I am not sure why that is not the same at our local community college but I didn't see that. Somehow small colleges shed their good quality and motivated talent.


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