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Friday, February 23, 2024

Life in Slow Motion

Today I made a list of things to do. I doubt this will do anything but give me anxiety. My problem is that I seem to be moving in slow motion. There are things I can do an a lot of things I don't want to do and most things I do slowly.

I started by organizing my books for tax purposes. I just need to get a few more things together before visiting the accountant. I keep forgetting what I have and have not finished and then thinking of something else unrelated that needs to be accomplished.

I want to go visit a friend who had heart surgery and I need to go to the big city and see my daughter. I also have a Briggs engine on an air compressor that needs attention. It is blowing gasoline out of the intake and it will not start without liberal doses of ether. It is an 11 hp industrial with electric start. I have seriously debated installing a GTX 390 Clone which is branded Rhino. The Carroll Stream Motor Company has them on sale with free shipping but I am kind of broke. No feed sales and no planting means no income for Budd E. Shepherd... Plus, I can't get the stupid unemployment payments to work.

The cleverness of the State Of Oregon is unmatched. I assume the recruit from Sinfield University HR department. I missed reporting jobs because I was in the hospital with a broken leg. I was supposed to prove my identity at a Worksource Oregon office, but I was unable to drive because I have a broken leg. I am supposed to apply for jobs which I cannot do with a broken leg. I am unwilling to go sit on waiting room chairs because my broken leg is broken where it attaches to my arse and it hurts.

The illustrious State Of OR is changing their unemployment reporting system at the end of February. To get a jump on things they just made all the old information phone numbers dead end, but because it is no yet March 4th, the new number is not connected.

But, I digress. 

I had a list...

Perhaps I will just ignore it all and hobble down the highway. Or take the gator to the river. The goose aliens from Canada have destroyed the new alfalfa field. Perhaps I can encourage them to return to the land of Vintage Mercury Automobiles with a few random Russian Surplus 7.62x39 mm.  Actually, since our dear leader has declared his former buddy from 50 years ago a Crazy SOB and shut down imports of surplus ammunition, 7.62 is quite valuable. 

Speaking of genius administrative abilities... In order to financially ruin the Russians over their MILITARY invasion of the Ukraine, Uncle Joe stopped the import of Russian ammunition to the USA. This certainly demonstrates a clever understanding of supply and demand.  So the Russian military uses ammunition, but Russia also exports ammunition. So, if you refuse to buy Russian Ammunition this will result in less Ammunition for the Russian military? Correct?

Speaking of other genius administrations... I just got an invitation to join the Sinfield University Staff Assembly Meeting. Perhaps I have been rehired but no one got around to telling me. I did get a text from a grounds department person. No one knows how to use the spinner fertilizer spreader. I had to laugh. 

Have a happy day. Perhaps I will go look for more sticks to pick up on the alfalfa fields.

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