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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Why do I get sick at vacation?

 I hate Oregon winters. Non-stop rain and then nasty wet snow. It was fine when I had my daughter to play with but nowadays it just ain't the same.

Then I got sick. I have like two weeks vacation time coming and if I am going to get sick I can fake it at least one day at work. Hopefully infecting multiple people and then when I am getting well, take three days off and get paid for it.

It started Monday with a cough. I didn't realize it was a real cough. I thought it was the result of me eating lots of my sister-in-law's Chex mix. It hit me in the middle of the night. The headache is the worst part. Tuesday morning I took a Wu-Flu test. According to the test, I don't have the virus which originated in China. 

It also could have been the result of being cold and wet for a couple days. Or stress at Christmas or I got it from my wife who was sick a few weeks ago.

The problem is that while I am lazy and welcome a chance to set in the easy chair, I want to use that time reading a book or listening to a record or something other that trying to sleep.

My wife says I am at the grumpy stage and that is a good sign.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Almost a white Christmas

Eight years ago I would be out playing in the snow with my daughter. We would be figuring out how to ambush the cousins across the machinery lot.
I miss my daughter. 

She came home for Christmas and we played board games and had a nice Christmas I suppose. Then she left as she had to work today. Or perhaps it was the discussion. I don't know.

My wife got me a record cleaner for Christmas. A lady from Church has given me a box of record albums for evaluation. She won't say if she wants to sell them to me. They are incredibly dusty.

I was never into late 60's rock but I really like some of it. Cream, Quick Silver Messenger Service, there are a couple Beatles Albums, Eagles, John Harrison boxed set, and of course "John Barley Corn Must die" album by Traffic.
I took the box just for that album. I don't really like the song I just like the title. But, record collecting is a silly emotional pastime anyway.
It was amazing how dirty the records were. Of course the original owner was blind and perhaps couldn't see how badly he was treating his records. On the positive, all the original posters and paperwork are there. Obviously, he did not hang the posters. Not much point I suppose.
I don't know if I should buy the records or just tell her to sell them. They were so dirty I couldn't stand to listen to them so I cleaned them and put them in plastic bags.

Speaking of records.
I have been trying to sell a turntable which I rebuilt. No one wants to actually buy it. No one has a "stereo" any longer. So you would have to buy a phono preamp, amp, and speakers. I suggest just getting a CD player. Probably why I have not sold my turntable.
I think what I will do is get a cheap preamp from, connect this to a cheap china amp that has bluetooth, and redo a couple of my little Bose monitor speakers. The problem is the price would be $250 to $300 so I am probably just throwing good money after bad.
Christmas is past.
My daughter is gone.
There is snow.
I have a great book to read that my brother gave me for Christmas. Perhaps I will retreat to 1945 when people had real problems...

I hate to live with regrets but I do. I think I should have quit my job after my father passed and we did all the accounting and realized we still had a farm. I just don't know if I should have gone back to farming or never came back from Florida. Somewhere and sometime I took a series of wrong turns in life and while it is fairly entertaining for observers. I am no longer as entertained as I once was...
Where I was six years ago and wish I was today!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Death of a Uni-tractor


My father built this swather attachment for the Uni-Tractor. It features an Owatonna cutting platform with modifications. Variable speed reel and drapers, adjustable height reel has a rotating drum with fingers to pull material through center. Top of the line back in the day.

By the time I ran it in high school it was pretty frustration to run. Rather horrible to run, I might add. It has sat in a shed for all these years and now the shed is falling down. The nephews decided to clean out the shed.

There is no where for Mr. Uni to go. Since there was calcium in the tires, the rims are shot. I seriously doubt anyone thought to put air in the tires before moving it anyway. 

Sort of an end of an era... I mean, before we could always get it running, for parades and stuff....

Monday, December 13, 2021

I just can't do it anymore...

 Today I checked my University Email account. This is always a worrisome chore. I never knew when I will get sent to a re-education camp, get put in charge of a re-education camp, get a letter so ineptly informing me of a raise that I start looking for other jobs, or just generally shake my head at the utter ineptness of the whole shebang. I would feel better if I thought they were actually sampling the fruits of the wine program but I suspect not.

I was quite unexcited to see the campus wide sort of newsletter/communication. It has replaced most of the bulk emails which is good but you have to wade through a lot of BS to find anything that pertains to you. 

This is what I found today. How to talk to your less enlightened relatives about the Wu-Flu. This is better than the original statement of get vaccinated or get fired, followed by a lessor threat of get vaccinated or get tested every week. 

We have a mask wearing policy. I wear the mask whenever students are with in eyesight. Other departments don't wear them at all. I usually wear mine over my mouth this is the correct way of wearing a mask as aforementioned mask only deflects germs being expelled from your mouth. If you are a total dumbass you can wear two masks which laughably do not work. Or perhaps I misunderstood my PPE training. (Putting two filters of the same mesh size does not filter out more than one filter of one mesh size.)

I now officially know of a person who legitimately got the virus China let loose into the world and has died from it. I am actually rather sad about it as he used to read this blog. He was a rather decent fellow.

I attempt to boycott the bastards but everything cheap comes from China and I am cheap...

In other news, last week my wife discovered my job description listed on Indeed under groundskeepers wanted. I asked my supervisor about it and apparently they were just too lazy to write a new help wanted advert for a different opening. I was working on my resume and cover letter but thought I would let my five readers get a laugh at my expense. I would just go with the incompetence angle but my specific job has not been listed for probably ten years. That was not the job I applied for when I got his job. It was never advertised, I was just installed.

Also, last week I was put in charge of the sexual harassment and Implicit Bias and micro-aggression training. I am pretty good at micro-aggression and gas lighting. Sort of a minor hobby of mine. I try to avoid sexual harassment although after being told certain types of jokes were not funny there is now a temptation.

The story i am about to tell is anecdotal and unprovable.
For some unknown reason i was put in charge of hosting our racism and sexual harassment training videos (which are produced by Vector training solutions. )

The grounds crew at present consists of four people who immigrated from Mexico, one old white guy like me, and our supervisor who is of Hispanic background but born in the USA.

I think I was put in charge because it is presumed I both speak English and run a computer. This is only partially true.

We got the training started and the newest worker insisted that he had taken the training on his own. (Cause he is just very conscientious about his job) so I excused him but did not let him sign the training sheet. (This was intended as a Micro-Aggression.)

(A Micro-Aggression is where you piss someone off with the hope that they will punch you and get fired. A macro-aggression is where you have the balls to punch the idiot yourself and don't care if you get fired.)
I got about three minutes into the neomarxist claptrap about unconscious cultural racism and micro aggression and i stopped the video and asked my coworkers, ok look, i am an old white guy, but I don’t feel this way about you! What do you think? I think this is a load of horseshite. How do you feel about me?
The agreement seemed to be that the training did not quite reflect our work environment and i was ok, as long as i was laughing with them and not at them. Well of course.
Then they wanted to watch Speedy Gonzolas cartoons on YouTube, which we did until I realized that there was no way i could explain my way outta that one to HR. We also got 100 percent on the assessment quiz. Took it three times till me got it right!!! I am an excellent teacher!
This training has sparked a lot of discussions. I don’t have good Spanish so it is hard to relay the stories.
Apparently, local schools have been giving some sort of assessment test to young students. Those who seem to be confused about sexuality or gender roles are picked out and given counseling reinforcing any tendencies which go counter to stereotypical/traditional gender roles.
Two examples, a boy who had strong feminine traits was encouraged to consider switching genders rather than to retain his masculinity but also understand his tendencies towards the feminine side.
A 12 year old girl was encouraged to identify as a lesbian and have a girlfriend, much to her parents consternation.
Parents who complain are threatened with termination of custody.
These parents are recent arrivals with poor English skills. They will not speak up out of fear.
Now if i take what I learned in racism class and apply it to White Liberals if makes a lot more sense. This is classic oppression. A social class with all the power of the State backing them. White liberal “intellectuals” who are teachers, inherently a “power class,” vs people without monetary resources or cultural power. Not native speakers, no acces to unbiased legal representation, fear of retribution, fear of deportation. The oppressed class that people like me are not supposed to identify with.
Honestly, Hispanic’s are pissed.
(Also, do NOT refer to Hispanic males as Latinx!!!!!!)
Of course i could never prove this. The person who told me would suddenly not understand if confronted.
In conclusion,
Republicans are missing out on the Hispanic vote. This is essentially a cultural civil war.
Hispanics who are here do not want the crime and corruption they left.
They want working path to citizenship, they don’t want their kids to be turned against them, they do not want to be forced to sell drugs to pay for getting to the USA, they would like a guest worker program with a path for citizenship. AND they don’t want criminal gangsters streaming across the border.
Is there a single Republican that speaks Spanish??? I don’t…
Sweet white female school teachers are screwing up your children! It is absolute insanity.
I don't know what to do about it. Obviously, no cell phones and private school or homeschool your kids.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Pre Christmas jitters.

We had one heck of a storm! Rain and wind and the power went out. I hooked up a generator so my wife could have light to wrap presents. 

I am sure that crazy weather across the nation will result in people asking forgiveness and redoubling their faith in their gods. Science and Climate change. Hopefully they will respond with more yard signs. I especially like the one that says they believe in Science, Women's rights are human rights, and Black Lives matter. Also, I hope this weather reminds everyone to vaccinate and to wear a mask. 

Obviously the god of Science is displeased.

(I am personally worried that Clyde Lewis is right. The projected change in the Earth's magnetic poles has caused devastation in the past eons as has the increase in Solar activity on the sun.)

But, I digress! More legislation is required to stop manmade global climate change. Everyone who grew up in the 1960's and read the Hobbit knows the internal combustion engine is the root of all evil and must be banned.

We also need to blindly plow ahead with mandatory Wu--Flu shots because once we are committed to a course that half the world hates, we must continue! The party line must not be questioned!

In other news... My wife is watching the TV. I hate TV. It makes me angry.

The Portland Timbers didn't win. Soccer is not a real American sport anyway. Baseball, American rules Football and Ice Hocky, are real sports. Timber fans are all obnoxious arsehole. 

I cannot concentrate. 

I gotta go...

Note: The title of this blog has nothing to do with the content. It was originally to be about my annual quest to a cheap Christmas tree ending in failure, rebuilding a KLH model 20 for my daughter who no longer cares, and me being put in charge of the Racist programming at work. Perhaps another day when the %$&*# TV is off...

Have a nice day...

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