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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Death of a Uni-tractor


My father built this swather attachment for the Uni-Tractor. It features an Owatonna cutting platform with modifications. Variable speed reel and drapers, adjustable height reel has a rotating drum with fingers to pull material through center. Top of the line back in the day.

By the time I ran it in high school it was pretty frustration to run. Rather horrible to run, I might add. It has sat in a shed for all these years and now the shed is falling down. The nephews decided to clean out the shed.

There is no where for Mr. Uni to go. Since there was calcium in the tires, the rims are shot. I seriously doubt anyone thought to put air in the tires before moving it anyway. 

Sort of an end of an era... I mean, before we could always get it running, for parades and stuff....

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  1. What an interesting machine. No doubt it was very useful in it's day. Some "Uni collector" would likely buy it for parts. I've only ever seen one here at an auction. Had a combine attachment.


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