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Friday, April 29, 2016

Forget Bullseye Glass, Yamhill Counties dump in a floodplain or lead in your paint!

The real polluter has got to be wine snobs!!!

I find these stupid corks everywhere on campus. Corks and those little plastic things with dental floss that you clean your teeth with.
Of course I hate the wine industry in general. Wine attracts Californians who in turn attract bicyclists with their funny little Bruce Jenner outfits which attract the scourge of humanity, middle-aged-white-liberals which give us angry young progressives and street beautification projects that don't work, confusing restroom signs, confusion when it comes to cake baking, overpopulation in Portland, and general annoyance which leads to more wine, more bicycles, more gender confusion, more democrats, more wine, more bicycles, the end of civilization.

Posted using a the horrible blogger app with an iPhone while sitting on the toilet 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Budd E Shepherd's wall of inferior sound

I have been accumulating speakers for The Lulu Shepherd Summer Movie Series. I tend to take interesting stuff if it free (the Tandbergs) and Bose 101's are semi water resistant so I can set them on the lawn.
It sound pretty bad at this point. Perhaps some tinkering is in order.
I could use this receiver as an amp and
have a Dynaco surround sound decoder. It is non powered and works kind of like a speaker crossover to send sounds to separate speakers. I'd provide a link but it is too hard to do with google's pathetic blogger app. Look up Dynaco qd II for more correct info. I suspect it won't work correctly on a mono sound source but it does give me four speakers to cover up the projector noise.
I've been nervously awaiting my purchase of The Blues Brothers which was supposedly on its way from Australia. 
I decided it was airmailed via Ford Trimotor. 
Apparently is has been in the back seat of the car for a week...
But I could digress...
lulu and her mother want to go to England so the summer movie series is a fund raiser of sorts. There will be a donation can and Lulu's silk screen t-shirts are planned.
planed is the key word. Lots of things are planned.
Not all happen.
The movie list includes, numerous short cartoons. Mostly woody woodpecker or farmer alfalfa.
Movies: blues brothers, King Kong, Gum Ball Rally, also six episodes of hogans heroes, one episode of Surfside Six, random other short films.
We shall see...
Need more hours per day.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Things I want to write about but never finish

1. The American Farmer's obsession with feeding the world...
If I get another Facebook post about how one farmer in 2016 feeds 500 people and one farmer in 1950 fed minus ten I will... Well, do nothing. Probably burst an internal gasket and not wave at someone.
I suspect the truth is that in 1950 one farmer had a small farm and fed his family, supported local businesses and led a nearly self-sufficient life.
By 2016 one asshole farmer had claimed the "American Dream" and displaced 700 1950's farmers and farmer with his "Asshole Family RiverViewCanyon Side Farms LLC" and is of course... "Feeding the world," cause every day is earth day for farmers.
If I were scholarly I would look up the USDA statistics and I could tell you some points that are always left out of those pro-corporate farming posts.  How many people per acre are fed now vs, in 1950. (I'm sure the rate has gone up)  How many farmers who make a living off their farms now vs 1950. Average population of small towns then vs now, hp of tractor then vs now... But it wouldn't matter. No one but people wearing scratchy woolen underwear or lover's of Bernie Sanders want to move back to the farm and actually live off the income.

2. The insanity of modern academic life.

3. The insanity at my job

4. How steep a hill I can climb with my Gator.

5. How Republican's banding against Trump will get us Hilary and Bernie and what is wrong with that. (There is no loyal opposition)

6.  Random hilarious news stories, with added commentary

7. How I used a propane torch and JB weld to repair the Tandberg Facet speakers Muddy Valley gave me. How to spell Sandberg Fascet speakers. How crappy a plastic speaker stuffed with fiberglass insulation sounds. How Bose compensates for this with crossovers designed to hide the fact that 101 music monitors have cheap crappy speakers and how The Sandberg Fawcet uses expensive speakers and still sounds like plastic.

8. Updates on farming. How I managed to crack my ribs again. How I am not actually repairing the a/c on the MM G1355, a place to get a driveline for a New Holland 1411 mower.

9. That I am now late for work. I can't decide to ride the Triumph, the Honda, or take a car. Kind of my morning question of if I should poop or go blind. A difficult decision I face every day....

I leave you with an unedited blog post and a video...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A cup holder

I have been drinking a lot of ice coffee.
I made a cup holder out of a strange brightly colored bendy thing that my wife gave me.
It jiggles when I drive...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Motivation on Mondays

I like to climb things with my gater. 
That was supposed to be a video...
Stupid blogger app on my iPhone 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

I hate working on Sunday.

Sunday's of always been my day of refuge. Well I have been known to skip church, The day is usually devoted to something having to do with my family.
Now I am literally working two jobs. So there is always something to do on Sunday afternoon. Today I am no telling to Roosevelt's and one row of fescue.
This morning I took my daughter to church. It was a good message but I got distracted by the pastor's sermon illustration of Natives in the frozen north killing a wolf by dipping a knife in blood and letting it freeze.
The woof Licks the frozen blood covered knife, cuts tongue, can't feel it is cut because it is so cold and he bleeds to death.
I suspect this is a story. Hey cursory Internet search shows this is currently a popular sermon illustration. 
I have no idea what it was illustrating, because I kept wondering about the BS story.
So I am now planting and blogging using speech to text with my iPhone. I have no idea what I'm saying.
I hope you are having a better Sunday than I.

Friday, April 15, 2016

My education continues

Yesterday I went to lunch with the pastor of the church I have started re-attending. 
He is an interesting fellow. I am optimistic but just a tad skeptical. It's kind of hard to explain. His family seems to be pretty well adjusted so probably no ego issues at home.
I have to commend him on a good follow-up with lunch. He is reeling me in. If he read me correctly he will assign me some minor responsibility which will set the hook.
I returned to work.
The grumpy mechanic wanted to see me. He is one of my favorite people at work.
He wanted to know if I still had my decibel meter app in my phone.
He got "in trouble" from the safety lady for playing his music too loud.
So we checked his sound levels. 
Normal conversation with the fan on was 80 decibels, the fan was 50 decibels, heavy metal thunder in the middle of the shop was 86 decibels and at the speaker, 90 decibles. But he also wears ear protection all day.
I don't think the volume will decrease.
I found out from another employee what happened. 
The mechanic called out safety lady for not following through with the lawnmower insurance claims and something else. I think it was disposal of things she had deemed hazardous.
He did it in the depart head meeting.
She retaliate by declar his music to be ear damaging.
Emotionall damaging in my opinion but my opinion doesn't count.
And that is how it works in a bureaucracy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

But just one goat....

I trimmed this hedge, I raked the leaves, I edged the grass, mowed the lawn...

But does anyone call me Budd the groundskeeper?

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