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Friday, April 29, 2011

Our tax dollars at work. They are all morons but think they are saving the world

Why is it the most dangerous drug in the country is raw milk? Probably because they know the Amish won't shoot back.
Click here to see the Fed's brave and clever plan to keep Amish from smuggling raw milk to Washington DC.
Note: I think it is crazy to drink raw milk but if you agree to the risks you should be able to do it...

I visit NewAgTalk and find it much less entertaining than it once was

I joined NewAgTalk in 2007. I thought it was 2005 but I think I was a lurker for a while. I used to post at lot at Yesterday's tractors but moved over to NAT when I bought the no-till drill.
I was wandering around NAT looking for Ed Winkle and Old Pokey and I didn't realize they have all been sniping at each other for the past year.
(Edit: I didn't mean that Ed and OP had be sniping. I meant the rest of the folks on NAT. Ed was always a pretty positive influence and I think the ill-will made his pretty frustrated. Old Pokey also did not like the bickering and that is why he cut down on his posting.)
Wow! What a bunch of whiners. When i joined NAT I got a lot of good info on No-Till planting and Great Plains drills. I used to post photos of our old stuff and get a fair amount of entertainment out of fellow bottom feeders.
Everyone seemed to enjoy calling people BTO's (big time operators) but there were only a few really obnoxious ones.
I suppose I'm getting a bit cynical, probably due to my own lack of success but I really get bored by pictures of the same big new John Deere and the same 24 row planter with Greenstar in the spring and the same fleet of John Deere combines in the fall. Different farmers but the same photos.
You can't make rude comments and people get really hostile when jokes are made about cleaning oil off the shop cat with a match. (Like someone would actually do it. )
I guess it is just the whole change in society. People are more insecure and less able to take a joke. It seems to me that most of the farmers want to farm 20,000 acres and think it is their divine right to do so as they are better farmers than anyone else. So, if they farm 50 acres they are made at the 20,000 acre farmer not because he stole all their ground but because they didn't get the chance to steal it from him.
I like the medium time operators the best. They seem to work hard and do a good job and do interesting and innovative things. And I like the bottom feeders like myself. They are always up to something.
I didn't really find a lot of good info in the last couple days. Just kind of bs about what John Deere you should buy or photos of big John Deere planters.
I guess I have not missed much.
I worry about Ed Winkle. I hope he is doing well. He was the first person to comment on my first NAT post and he always had something positive to say.

Update: I posted a reply to someone banned last night and now the thread has been removed. I think that is kind of a poor way to handle dissent. Of course I don't run the board. I do understand that the moderators are probably intimidated by my incredible sarcastic wit. I agree with Ralph there is an interesting cross section of people there but I'm not sure it is worth the effort. I was also trying to find out some baler information but the crusty guy who runs Freeman's didn't respond. He is probably banned as well.
In short, these modern farmers with their short pants, and their "just do it" philosophy annoy me. But I guess you all know that from following thelazyfarmer.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I remove the Engine on the 2-155 again and attempt to be a troll. I fail at trolling...

So the 2-155 started leaking oil out the rear main seal the other day. Perhaps leaking doesn't really give you a good picture. One gallon per 17 acres is more than a leak it is dust control. If there was any dust. It probably qualifies as a HAZMAT situation.
Yesterday we pulled the engine. Actually it was Wednesday evening. My friend Eddie came over to give me a hand. His name is not really Eddy but dad got confused and started calling him Eddie and it was easier to just change his name than to explain what it really was.
But, I digress.
In a couple hours we had the hood and radiator off and the bell housing unbolted. There is a special tool that holds the PTO shaft in the 3-speed housing so it doesn't come out with the engine. I couldn't find the tool (it was exactly in the correct drawer where it should be I just could see it because I am mentally challenged...) so we decided to try pulling it without.
I blocked up the 3spd with wood blocks and slid the engine ahead on the motor mounts. There is a protrusion from the front right side of a Hercules engine that keeps the engine from going ahead enough to lift straight out. You have to lift the front of the engine up and that puts a bind on the PTO shaft so it stuck in the engine hub.
I quit and went to bed.
Yesterday morning my brother and I finished the job. I slid the engine back together with the three speed, removed the fuel tank and all the little lines and wires and crap that I didn't want to remove and we pulled the engine and three-speed together.  This time when I had to lift the front of the engine the PTO stuck in the transmission hub. So... I unbolted the three-speed and the engine came free.
I got the flywheel off and could see that the rear main seal had come out of its housing. This is a bit of a puzzle. I put a prybar under the end of the crank and pried up. The whole crankshaft moved.
I said, "oh shucks..."
I went to CarQuest and got some putty that you can used to measure clearances. It is a little thin strip. You unbolt the main bearing and put a strip of "plasti-gauge" on the crank. Then you torque the bearing back down to specs. Then you take the bearing back off and you compare the width of the squished plastic putty to a chart on the package and it tells you the clearance. It showed .004" which is with in clearances.
I was still worried so I called my friend Mel at the coast. He is a genius and a fountain of arcane mechanical information. If only it were possible to down load his brain into a data base. You wouldn't want to do that with my brain. You would get a lot of info that sounded almost right but was actually wrong. And a lot of lyrics to really bad and really old country western songs...
But I digress,
Mel pointed out that I was only measuring part of the clearance as I needed to push the crank up against the top bearing. I needed to put a piece of cardboard (like a business card), in the adjacent mainbearing and torque it to specs, and force the crank up tight against the top bearing.
I did this and my clearance dropped to .005" which is at the end of the tolerances.
Mel also noted that since all the force of the piston firing was at the 6:00 position on the bottom main bearing that I could do two things. First I could roll out the top bearings by putting a cotter pin in the oil hole on the crank and spreading the ends. Then as I turned the crank the it would push the bearing out. (if you go the correct direction and don't fight the tabs holding the bearing in).
Next you switch top and bottom bearings. This puts the worn bearing on the bottom. To improve your tolerances you can put aluminum foil under the bottom bearings.
But, really all this will do is raise your oil pressure. The crank rides on a thin film of oil that is trapped by the bearing. If that film of oil is gone due to excessive clearances, antifreeze in the oil, or low oil pressure, your bearings will fail rapidly.
It was quite the interesting conversation.
He also wants me bring my daughter to Montana May 22, for a week long rafting trip. I am not even going to tell the family. I expect to be chopping silage, planting corn, making hay, and having a nervous breakdown somewhere at the end of May. I'm sure my brother would help but I suspect he will have to help anyway. There is no one to take his or my place at that time of year.
In other news I tried trolling on NewAgTalk. It didn't work. I thought my post was funnier than a train wreck but no one responded. I think those guys have way too many female hormones. I made reference to a hilarious post made sometime ago where someone asked for advice on how to clean off his cat who had gotten into hydraulic oil. Apparently he was serious and many people got offended. But, for crying out loud. If you go on the internet and ask how to clean your kitty you are going to have to accept some rudeness!
Have a nice day...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sometimes My Wife leaves us alone on Sunday Afternoons

And sometimes the Kitty suffers in her absence.
Nerf Machine guns are on sale at Amazon This Month (FYI) But this one came from GoodWill

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The sun has set on the British empire!

You have got to read this, I found it in my BBC news. The BBC news is very depressing. There is no Great Britain, Eustace's parents killed it!
Of course it is us in 10 years...
So, crazy sports fans can't talk trash anymore? There was another article, click here, where a fellow was accused of saying mean things about Gypsies and was hauled off to jail. The idiots were completely wrong and he did write the email. What was frightening was the email was not directly hateful. As in there was no actual hate-speach, they just thought that was the INTENT.
Thought Crimes anyone?
So apparently there is no crime in England anymore and the coppers (was that hate speech?) have nothing better than to arrest people who are being rude on the internet. No, rapes, murders, knife attacks, pitchfork attacks, speeding cars, so they go after bad language. Of course not bad language as in dropping the f-bomb or curses, but stuff like to horrendous to repeat but is most likely silly school boy racial remarks. Nothing like saying "Jews should be wiped from the face of the Earth," or telling people to kill minorities. No, stuff like, "why did you leave the door open, born in Arkansas?" or "you areall  dressed like a pack of wild Gypsies," or perhaps telling that joke about sprinkler systems being racially integrated...
Idiots run the world!

It is a beautiful day!

I am waiting for a call from a fellow who is buying straw from me.  It is 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday. At 7:30 I am selling some hay. I think...
Yesterday I spread fertilizer on some of the most sorry looking ryegrass I have seen. The plants are barely 2" tall. The geese and continual flooding have not been kind. The good ryegrass is turning brown at the tips, save for the spots where I stopped my drill and extra 10-34 ran out. I made one pass through the good field but it was so soft I gave up on it.
I was hoping this would have been done the day before but somehow it was not.
My next plan was to plant barley. I had a 4 acre field and then a 30 acre field. The 4 acres was to be Baronessee and the rest is Steptoe (sp?), they are bearded barley with rough awnes, meaning the itchy scratchy stuff.
However, I ran out of seed twice in the 4 acre field. It would seem the drill planting chart is just a bit off. Then I broke off a no-till coulter and I just gave up. I came home and installed the generator starter on my ancient Wisconsin 8hp engine that runs the auger on my feed box. It just buzzed. I think I hooked up a wire wrong. Then I tried the Variac device I just bought on ebay so I can gradually power up my old tube radios and not blow the caps. The Variac seems to have a bit of a short circuit. As in a loud buzzing noise and many sparks. So much for that idea.
Then I came home and attempted to find a nice Easter poem to read for church but got distracted by trucks and balers on craigslist.
I need a farm truck. Ours are such unbelievable hunks of junk but we have five (5). So that makes it all right...
I went and looked at a 1976 Ford LN7000 with a 671 Detroit and what the fellow said was a 13spd Road Ranger. He wanted $2400. It had a new supercharger and one rear end. Has a 22 ft bed but a 4ft overhang and the bed rails are not sturdy enough to put a hoist on it. It runs and drives good. I did not buy it as I am really scraping bottom on my cash reserves.
I think if it would have had stake pockets I would have bought it. Then I could put 2x4's in the stake pockets and had something to hold the scrap metal in the bed. Perhaps I could use some truck frame rails for side boards.  If I had the $2400 I think I would go buy the truck. I just hate to bring home more crap.
Today I am planning on grinding feed with a neighbor who bought a NH feed grinder. The truck that has the barley has no license nor insurance nor brakes and I have to drive five miles. Brakes are for sissies anyway. Don't need no license I'm a #$%^&ing farmer!
Have a nice day!

Note: I have not been posting comments on your blogs as I have not been wandering around the internet late at night. Nothing personal, I've been sleeping...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Engine removal

After 50 hours the rear mail seal appears to have failed on my 2-155. If there is anyone who likes to remove and replace Hercules engines, perhaps as a hobby, feel free to drop by.
The seal only leaked a little bit before I changed it. It didn't leak at all until 4 p.m. yesterday and then it leaked a quart an hour. I guess it is back to the 2wd tractor for planting. This will be a great day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It is the electromagnetic rays zapping my head!

I am really going to start wearing tinfoil in my hat. I heard on a very respectable radio show that solar flares are zapping us with electromagnetic radiation and microwaves leading to all sorts of ailments including newscasters having migraines on the air.
I've been sick for a month and my symptoms exactly match the broad symptoms described by the talk show host. (pretty broad list of ailments-I admit)
Yesterday I attempted to play a game with my daughter that involved buying and selling and trading stuff and keeping track of things in your head. I could not do it. It was like fighting my way through mush. I would have to ask her to help me figure exchange rates. It was absolutely maddening.
There were these little charts that showed what your cards were worth and you had to have a certain number of different cards to buy a town or a settlement. It got so bad that I had to set the cards down on the chart in the EXACT order of the pictures on the chart in able to figure out the right combination of cards.
Finally we took a break and had a nerf machine gun battle with each other. That helped a bit, but not much.
Today I am back to attempting to buy grain and sell feed and I can't even think.
My ear has been popped for weeks and when ever I speak it sounds like I am shouting in my head. I've had two or three types of antibiotics including one the Dr. said was specifically to treat resistant infections.
I hope my wife is not reading this as she will want me to go back to the Dr. which costs money...
I think I am just way too uptight. I suspect that if I am able to go back to planting and pay a few bills I will feel much better.
Thanks muddyvalley for pointing out that I could farm forever on the price of one wasted cruisemissle. That really made me feel better!
That is my complaint for the week.
Have a nice day...

Friday, April 15, 2011

The price of gas

I spent half the day on the phone trying to sell barley, get a solid price on the aforementioned barley, collect hay money, sell more hay, trying to talk a dairyman into a really good deal on grass pellets because he is getting hosed on his feed bill, and hearing people telling me they are broke.
Here is the deal,
Fuel and fertilizer are too expensive.
We hear the pundits going on about the budget and the loan crisis and people's spending habits and this and that but they don't really have a clue. No one in the press or in the government has ever really worked for their living.
The truth is that $4 gasoline and potash above $500 kills the whole economy. Everything that we buy involves fuel. Everything that we eat requires P and K to grow. There is a lot of fuss about natural gas and nitrogen but you can compost and you can conserve N. But P and K and lime are the building blocks of soil health. The USA no longer has cheap potash and lime costs a fortune to haul and fuel is so expensive you can't afford to farm.
Food prices must go up.
When fuel and food go up people can't meet their payments and they loose their homes, they can't buy the useless crap that fuels our economy and tax revenues go down.
However, the clever folks are so determined to lie to us about everything, and are so committed to doing the wrong thing, that we never really address this issue.
Everyone I talked to today is expecting the worst.
I listened to them talk about the budget on the radio. It was a really big unfunny joke...
In other news, I went to my daughter's school convention. It was an interesting cultural experience. More on that later.
The kids were incredibly well behaved and they all seemed quite happy and mostly self confident. Interesting experience. Perhaps more on that later.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peaceful resistance? Free Roberta Spen!

I think this lady should be considered as the Rosa Parks of automobile discrimination.
When the officer tried to pull her over for having "faulty brake lights" she drove into McDonald's ordered lunch and then left.
She did stop for the officer outside the parking lot but refused to roll down her window further than an inch and said, "she was not speeding and she would not roll her window down."(From the Palm Beach Post)
And then-she drove off. This got the whole police department on the scene and there was a low speed chase and clever driving by the police department. She finally decided to get gas and they nabbed her at the gas station.
I wonder if they took a clue from Amity police department and asked her if she had guns, knives, explosives, or lots of cash, before they pulled her from the vehicle.
I'm sure you all realize that faulty brake lights, license plate light, or "I didn't see your seatbelt," or rolling through an intersection are all reasons to stop someone on the officer's whim. She probably fit some profile. Perhaps the car was dirty and she looked like a meth user.
I think it is really funny when people resist but don't do any sort of violence, they just don't do what they are supposed to.
She is lucky she didn't get tased.
If I had any money I would start a legal defense fund for her!
Here is a link to her mugshot.
I wonder if she actually got a chance to eat her lunch. Or, what exactly did she order? Did she "super size it?"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dwight Yoakam continued

I dug around in the record collection and found my old Dwight Yoakam records. I have Guitars Cadillacs, and Hillbilly Deluxe. There are a couple more on CD, but the first album was the best in my opinion.
Check out his biography at Wikipedia.
Dwight's family came from Kentucky. His parents made the trek to the big city to find opportunity. This is the cultural shift that gave us blues, jazz, and country music. Yuppies moving into earth-tone subdivisions in the Florida pinewoods has not produced anything I can stand to listen to.
Anyway, We put Guitars, Cadillacs on the old turntable. It was in remarkably good condition.
The song list on Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc. Etc., includes songs by Johnny Horton,  (Honky Tonk Man), Harlan Howard, (Heartaches By the Number), and June Carter Cash, (Ring of Fire). There is a duet with Maria McKee (Bury Me) and in the credits thanks is given to Dave Alvin, The Blasters and Los Lobos.
I kind of forgot the context of Dwight Yoakam and the music scene of 1986. Alternative country promised a return to country roots. When I heard Dwight singing "Honkey Tonk Man," I was amazed. Simple straight forward country music. It made your foot tap and and it wasn't that over produced Nashville sound. Steve Earle came out with his album and the Guitar Town single. Los Lobos and Dave Alvin gave us the Tex Mex sound. There were actually young people interested in Country Western music. I saw Joe Ely several times, I missed the Blasters (which I've always regretted), saw Steve Earl at the Starry Night, it was really kind of an exciting time.
The radio was playing such crap. The only thing by Lefty Frizzel I had ever heard was "Long Black Veil," and they never played the good George Jones songs. You did not hear Hank Williams Sr. and the Junior material was painful to hear.
Dwight and his tight jeans and big hat and big old Cadillac was pretty funky and cool way back then. Since then we have moved into dips--t country and tight jeans and cowboy hats are the rule. Dwight was certainly a California cowboy, but that was alright. That's where the energy in country music was coming from.
Anyway, I enjoyed the show. It made me feel pretty old. Forgot how many years ago I was in college.
Check out Johnny Horton-

Now see the Dwight Yoakam version.

I swear my head is still ringing from the horrible harmonics at Spirit Mountain. I don't know if the sound is that horrible at every show they have. The mike squealed at least once per song. You couldn't hear him speak unless he was 1/2 inch from the mike so when he talked to the audience you only got about half what he said.
I don't mind the volume but it has to actually sound good. This is the 21st century, it would seem that good sound at a concert would not be so much to ask. Especially in a new concert hall!

NOTE: Here is a real review of a Dwight Yoakam casino concert. (Click Here) It is IDENTICAL to the show we saw. Including the comments on the encore song, "Since I started drinking," and Long White Cadillac." Also, the exact same audience. Oh well, I guess he has been doing this a few years. Nothing wrong with a formula performance, as long as it is good...

My wife takes me to see Dwight Yoakam and the accoustics at Spirit Mountain are absolutely horrible!

My lovely wife took me to see Dwight Yoakam at the Spirit Mountain Casino's auditorium last night.
I discovered Dwight Yoakam while looking for the Johnny Horton song, "Honky Tonk Man."
Back in the 1980's, especially in this little slice of heaven that I call home, country music was not promoted, and was mostly considered uncool.
My high school was populated by kids who wore bell bottoms cut off a little high and quite frayed in the manner of timber fallers and they listened to AC/DC and Foreigner. (As I recall)
I remember Butch from Discus Records tried to get me to buy Dwight's first album but I did not have the $6.99 to try out a new album. A year or so later I had to special order it and I think I got it from Roundup Records mail order company when I was in college, as I think Butch had quit by then. (I still have his Kenwood KA3500 amp out of the record store)
So, unless my memory is completely shot I've been a bit of a Dwight Yoakam fan for a few years now.
At the time I was just out of high school and was concerned about things like authenticity and real emotion and for all of Dwight's posing there was energy and authenticity in his first two albums.
Dwight was not so far removed from the hard working, suffering sort of white person who we find in "Sidewalks of Chicago." He grew up in Columbus, Ohio but his parent's were from coal country. People who moved to the city to better their lives.
(I did not do a complete internet search so I might have some details wrong. You can do your own search and complain if you like.)
Dwight Yoakam and Merle Haggard are the last real Country (Dwight) and Western (Merle) artists left and from a cultural perspective will most likely remain so.
Sure we will always have "shit and sit back down in it" music from the Billy Ray Cyrus/Nashville school of over produced country music, but it ain't the same to me.
I can't get into the cultural demographic of,  "my parents did a lot of drugs and I'm not sure who my father is but I love the USA and my dog and my truck and I am determined to ruin my life with meth but I like corn bread and I'm a country boy, really, and I love my momma and I might love God but I'm pretty confused on that subject," which is my view of modern country. After being forced to listen to it for a summer on the shop radio.
And I love the steel guitar and western swing/tex-mex influence in Merle's music. Merle is from CA and Dwight from the midwest and there you have it. End of the era.
But, I digress...
I need a refresher on why I dislike Sprit Mountain every so often.
I should have posted a photo of their overpass to nowhere, but I like it how they bought an overpass on HWY 18 to by pass the Fastway, or Coastway or whatever Chevron station on the way to the coast. Put them out of business so that the Casino gas station could get all the traffic.
But, I digress again...
The Casino makes millions of dollars. Basically takes it from idiots who throw away their life savings on one-armed bandits. So, you would think they could spend a little to build a really good sounding venue for the bands they bring in to attract more gamblers.
That was the worst sound of any concert I have ever been to, excepting the Satyricon in the late 1980's.
I don't mind the loud music. In fact I expect it it. It was the harmonic distortion thing in the upper midrange that combined Dwights nasal twang and his guitar twang into some sort of sonic death ray that echoed around in my brain and could not escape due to one ear being completely plugged.
I didn't even mind the drunk lady stomping her feet so hard the video screen jiggled. But the sound, and the repeated screeching of feed back from the microphones drove me insane.
Dwight was good. Seemed to be happy. He did rush through nearly his entire discography in 2.5 hrs. Security kept the middle-aged ladies from rushing the stage until his encore.
The crowd was older.
I had to think back to when I saw Johnny Cash. I think he was 25 years past his hits then, and I guess Dwight is the same age difference now.
I expected to see more young people but then again, how would you even hear of anything out of the ordinary with the same playlist on every radio station.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I quit

A long time friend wants me to help him with his produce business in Virginia from now till December. I wonder if my brother would notice I was gone? I wonder if I could sell a $40,000 no-till drill in a week, and a $30,000 stacker and a $5,000 Allen V-rake. Everything else is paid for. I wonder if I would want to come back?

If you don't complain nothing happens, I get a new grease gun!

Being sick and uncomfortable brings out the grumpy farmer in me. At one point I attempted to grease something and discovered my Plews-Edelmann grease gun had failed one again.
I think I may have posted about it.
Anyway I wrote a letter to the company and complained. I got a very nice letter back from the Sr. Product Manager of Plews-Edelmann and recently, a new grease gun arrived.
They even thanked me for giving them "feedback."
I did not use bad language so perhaps they were just grateful for that.
It seems to work quite well. I greased the 54 grease fittings on the drill yesterday and was quite happy.
I even planted close to 30 acres before I got rained out.
Here is a photo of my new grease gun. 18volts gives you a lot of power. I am somewhat skeptical about the power supply. They told me they did not want my old grease gun back. I tried the old batteries in my new gun and they did not work. I had tested them before and they read 18v with a voltmeter. I wonder if they have failed and this is just a "surface charge" as they say.
Perhaps I will experiment further.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Adjustable Wrench and the Damage Done

I was in a feed grinding frenzy yesterday.  I had several calls for barrels of feed and I also got a call for a ton of wheat. I thought that would be easy to find. I discovered most folks have sold their wheat and it is expensive and hard to find. I scored a ton which had some wet chunks from around the auger and fired up the hammer mill. I found that fellow who wanted the ton had found some grain closer but that made little difference to my plans as I need the whole grains anyway.
The first feed customer showed up when I was adding the alfalfa. I was in a hurry to get done and I pulled the baffle out of the mill so the alfalfa would flow in better. Suddenly there was a crash and bang and the hammer mill jumped an inch in the air. A handful of bolts dropped out the bottom where the vent to control the airflow is. It cleared out right away and so I finished the bag of feed.
Then the hay customer showed up.
It alternated between rain showers and clouds as I filled the bin.
The chicken feed customer took an extra two barrels.
The hay fellow also took a 50lb bag of chicken feed, but when I checked the weight it turned out to be 40lbs so I sold it to him for $5. When it cam time to settle up the bill was $89. He gave me a hundred and said to keep the change as I gave him a good deal last time. I argued briefly... Did make me feel good.
I went and checked the hammer mill. Half the hammers have broken bolts and the screen does not look so good. It also split the top and put quite a few dents in it.
Good thing the adjustable wrench was one of those cheapo wrenches from China. A real crescent would have probably blow up my mill.
Here is the damage:
Can you spot the parts of the wrench?

Insanity in the World and on the internet

I was wandering around the internet last night and came across this article in the Huffington Post.
I was not as amazed by the reaction of the religion of peace as I was by the apologists for racism, sexism, and extremism, who commented after the article.
Are there no more universal standards for behavior?
I realize the collective reasoning ability of the modern world is pretty much at a Star Trek level but...
Lets say you think you are a tolerant person and you believe in a woman's right to choose, woman's right to work, walk around unmolested, right to choose sexual partners,  the rights of homosexuals, free speech, and you are passionate about it-how can you have any empathy for a religion which kills one group of white people over the act of a completely unrelated group of white people.
Especially when that very same cultural group makes women cover themselves in public, won't let them work, drive, have abortions, talk to men, and that group executes homosexuals.
The people in Florida who burned the book of love and peace have no responsibility for the choices made by people on the other side of the world. If you believe that Florida pastors are responsible for the deaths of 10 non-America UN workers then you have to also accept that people who blow up Abortion Clinics are Freedom fighters... I don't and I won't.
Of course that connection is never made but I am right in my argument. It is the same idea.
People carry this empathy for the devil thing way to far. Sort of a cultural suicide in my opinion.
The Florida folks certainly proved their point! Way beyond a shadow of a doubt, and yet the idiots of the world do not get it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Movies at Cafe Saturday at 6 p.m.

I hatched a clever plan to find out what time I had agreed to show movies at the cafe. I took the daughter to the Cafe for Clam Chowder. She is quite fond of the stuff and my lovely wife is away at a "woman's retreat," which I suppose is the opposite of a woman's advance. Whatever...
ANYway, there was a sign posted in the window that advertised movie night with Gene Autry and Woodie Woodpecker. Showtime is 6 p.m.
I expect to be served free pie but everyone else has to pay.
It will either be "The Man from Music Mountain" or "The Singing Vagabond." I'm going to have to preview them to make sure I don't have reel 2 of 4 or something...
We are previewing Woody Woodpecker right now.

Movies at Ashe's Cafe

This lack of short term memory is a bad deal. I am showing a Gene Autry movie at Ashe's Cafe and I am pretty sure it is Saturday evening. I even wrote it down but lost the scrap of paper I wrote it on. I would go in and ask but I'm hauling fertilizer. I'm obviously not hauling right now but that is only because I have stopped to..... um...  check my email. (wireless routers are wonderful) Perhaps there is a phone number.
Perhaps someone who reads this blog knows...

Who would have thought?! I really am sick!

I went to the doctor yesterday. This is a new doctor. My wife found him.
He turned out to be quite good. He sat on his little Dr. chair with a laptop and asked me all the right questions and tapped away at this keyboard. Then he asked me more questions relating to things I had said earlier. Then he checked my ears, eyes, nose, and throat. Back to the computer.
Then he says I have infection in both ears and one eye. I wonder if he had some sort of flow chart set up on his computer? Seemed much more efficient than scribbling on a pad. He emailed my prescriptions to the pharmacy of my choice and I was out of there. Cost me $60 cash.
He was wearing a Kilt. He has somewhat knobby knees.
I kept wanting to steer the subject onto first prize awards but I resisted. He has probably heard the joke about the drunken scottsman.
I wanted to ask him if he celebrated St. Patrick's day as the room was green, but thought that was to obscure.
In the end I discovered I didn't really care.
The fellow has an interesting business plan.
He has two clinics in two towns five miles apart. The clinic I went to is in an old logging community, sort of the last town before you head into the coast range. He is open late in the evening and on Saturdays. He gets a lot of seniors and working class folks. I'm not sure he is getting rich but he seems to be really busy.
After my first visit I would rank him up there with the old plugger with the thick glasses I used to have.

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