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Friday, April 15, 2011

The price of gas

I spent half the day on the phone trying to sell barley, get a solid price on the aforementioned barley, collect hay money, sell more hay, trying to talk a dairyman into a really good deal on grass pellets because he is getting hosed on his feed bill, and hearing people telling me they are broke.
Here is the deal,
Fuel and fertilizer are too expensive.
We hear the pundits going on about the budget and the loan crisis and people's spending habits and this and that but they don't really have a clue. No one in the press or in the government has ever really worked for their living.
The truth is that $4 gasoline and potash above $500 kills the whole economy. Everything that we buy involves fuel. Everything that we eat requires P and K to grow. There is a lot of fuss about natural gas and nitrogen but you can compost and you can conserve N. But P and K and lime are the building blocks of soil health. The USA no longer has cheap potash and lime costs a fortune to haul and fuel is so expensive you can't afford to farm.
Food prices must go up.
When fuel and food go up people can't meet their payments and they loose their homes, they can't buy the useless crap that fuels our economy and tax revenues go down.
However, the clever folks are so determined to lie to us about everything, and are so committed to doing the wrong thing, that we never really address this issue.
Everyone I talked to today is expecting the worst.
I listened to them talk about the budget on the radio. It was a really big unfunny joke...
In other news, I went to my daughter's school convention. It was an interesting cultural experience. More on that later.
The kids were incredibly well behaved and they all seemed quite happy and mostly self confident. Interesting experience. Perhaps more on that later.


  1. Kids out-think politicians any day!

  2. I"d agree on fuel and fertilizer. If I could find $4 gas anywhere I guess I'd be filling up every tank on the farm. On a dreary cold rainy morning like this I can't be bothered doing the metric conversion but know we have been over that price for quite some time.

  3. Of course the reason fuel is expensive is not because of supply and demand but because of speculation, meaning, rich people are no longer playing roulette, they are playing futures.

  4. The big oil companies are reporting record profits. Billions of dollars are being thrown away daily for wars nobody wants, largely to protect our "oil interests", and our country is being bankrupted by our high tech expensive munitions. You could live, buy all the fuel you need, and farm comfortably for the rest of your life, for the cost of just one small laser guided bomb.

  5. Agreed on the speculation . Its the same reason our canola and flax are not up in price like they should be. With low stocks and prospects of planting a new crop decreasing every day it stays cold and wet, canola and flax should be jumping. Limited supply and steady demand don't seem to work anymore.

  6. Maybe the answer is to let the government shut down. At least they couldn't do anything else to mess things up.

    Grace and peace.


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