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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sometimes My Wife leaves us alone on Sunday Afternoons

And sometimes the Kitty suffers in her absence.
Nerf Machine guns are on sale at Amazon This Month (FYI) But this one came from GoodWill


  1. Those make a good banjo head.

    One place I teach, guitar teacher and his students have ongoing nerf battles raging out in the hall. Even the yoga instructor from across the hall gets involved. I should pack. Any recommendations for repeat, accuracy?

  2. Lay it by the side of the road; she'll never know it was you!

  3. Collieguy, the nerf machine gun is best for fixed positions as it is bulky and belt fed. Daughter has a pump action rotary magazine nerf gun that has better range and accuracy. The single shot pistol is the best for range and surprise. It would be a good concealed carry side arm. However, I have found that humor and surprise of a sneak attack on an unsuspecting child is often offset by the shear volume of return fire...
    Gorges, eventually the cat woke up and seemed somewhat annoyed.

  4. Judging from your photo, your cat could get a movie job as a stunt double for a shot of road kill. Might make a little money on the side. Just don't feed him any better or it will ruin the effect.


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