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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The sun has set on the British empire!

You have got to read this, I found it in my BBC news. The BBC news is very depressing. There is no Great Britain, Eustace's parents killed it!
Of course it is us in 10 years...
So, crazy sports fans can't talk trash anymore? There was another article, click here, where a fellow was accused of saying mean things about Gypsies and was hauled off to jail. The idiots were completely wrong and he did write the email. What was frightening was the email was not directly hateful. As in there was no actual hate-speach, they just thought that was the INTENT.
Thought Crimes anyone?
So apparently there is no crime in England anymore and the coppers (was that hate speech?) have nothing better than to arrest people who are being rude on the internet. No, rapes, murders, knife attacks, pitchfork attacks, speeding cars, so they go after bad language. Of course not bad language as in dropping the f-bomb or curses, but stuff like to horrendous to repeat but is most likely silly school boy racial remarks. Nothing like saying "Jews should be wiped from the face of the Earth," or telling people to kill minorities. No, stuff like, "why did you leave the door open, born in Arkansas?" or "you areall  dressed like a pack of wild Gypsies," or perhaps telling that joke about sprinkler systems being racially integrated...
Idiots run the world!


  1. The majority elected them; what does that say about the citizenry?

  2. pc is the rule of law these days. and pc is based upon the principle of the "end justifies the means" which goes against everything we are taught about justice.

  3. Freedom of speech gone? Freedom of thought is next! I will try not to think about it when I'm not wearing my colander.

  4. I think, Therefor I do.

    No spaghetti tonight. Gotta have my hat.

  5. Rambler American hupcap '61. No thoughts escape, no rain gets in. And just the proper style. Need a good chin strap. Only downside is now I need a new receptacle to store used 16d nails.

  6. I listen to the BBC and visit the site daily. Your observation on their coverage is pretty spot on.

  7. msladyd, If I called you by a racist term you should punch me in the nose-and not go to jail. However, I should not go to jail for calling you that name. That is quite the different world view...


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