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Monday, January 19, 2015

I replace the hydraulic pump on the 2-155

I'm sure most of my readers are here for the comments on White tractor repair.
With that in mind I may drone on for ever. (Oh yeah, an ad keyword. Drone! I want a drone. oops off topic again)
My White 2-155 has been plagued with hydraulic leaks and funny noises that sound like pump cavitation. I have never been able to figure out how air was getting into the hydraulic system.
Saturday afternoon I installed a new hydraulic pump and Saturday evening I finally got the tractor running.
It is quiet as can be. No hydraulic noise on startup. No foaming in the hydraulics, no strange squealing noises. The brakes and steering started working right away and this is with most of the hydraulic line empty.
There are two things I have learned.
First, the hydraulic charge pump is on the inside of the transmission case and the same shaft that drives the charge pump drives the main pump. The charge pump is a low pressure pump that supplies fluid the the high pressure piston pump that runs the main hydraulics.
The suction tube feeds a cavity between the main pump and the charge pump. The fluid is sucked into this cavity and then fed through the filter into the charge pump and then through a tube that goes outside the transmission case and into the main pump. (I think this how it works)
There are a number of places that an air lead could cause a lot of problems.
The main hydraulic pump is held on with two half inch bolts that are nearly impossible to reach. One of those bolts was loose when I removed the old pump.
Also, the o-ring and back up rings on the suction line were are hard as rocks. I suspect that there were multiple leaks in the suction line which caused much of my problems.
Second, $1,000 for a new hydraulic pump is not that much money in the scheme of things. You really can't check the condition of the pump unless you have a flow gauge. I tested it using a pressure gauge hooked into hydraulic remotes. Upon activation the pressure spiked at 2,500lbs and then dropped to 2,200. That doesn't show you flow.
We shall see if it now works better.
I did not work on MuddyValley's grader blade.
I understand my brother worked on it and the stuck bolts have proved to be very stubborn. First we tried heating the bolts red hot and letting them cool. We applied a mixture of ATF and Acetone. My brother welded nuts on the bolts and they still broke off. Then he put the part in the drill press and drilled the bolts to use an easy-out.
They are pretty stuck...
And that is my post for Monday Morning...
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  1. Oh, you mean those wierd growly noises aren't normal?


    1. Brief weird growly noises seem to be ok. Having them appear randomly when running the tractor appears to be sign of an possible problem. I think.

  2. I got lucky buying a used hyd pump for the Massey Super 90 about 20 years ago. About a third the price of new as I recall. Your Amazon ad today is looking for product testers for free beauty products. I can't bring myself to click.

    1. My add is for healthcare. I thought the adds are supposed to be based on blog content.

  3. 1) I'm still wondering why you build a ramp when you had a forklift. 2)Bolts...nuts. 3) I clicked on a drone ad w/ no intention of buying anything. After looking at a couple I may purchase. When I revisit I'll do it thru your blog post. Does that work out to a 60/40 commission split? 4) In the honeybee world the drones do their only work in flight. At the moment of ecstasy parts break off with an audible snap and then they die.

    1. 1. The last time I drove the forklift on the lawn I thought it was going to have to stay there till spring. Which is kind of like Wheelchair lift I suppose.
      2. yes
      3. no, more like .06%
      4. ouch

  4. i clicked! so when i read these posts i see "blah blah blah blah blah" but i'm always excited to read them.
    ps i want a drone also

    1. "but I'm always excited to read them," ok well sometimes that is why my comments on your blog or so completely off topic.
      Drones are cool.

    2. i just really like to see what other people are working on. i see your tractor posts and 'i'm all, yay! tractor stuff! that's super!' oh geez now i gotta run right over and click on your ads again.

  5. Funny, when I checked in here tonight I see the ad at the bottom is focused on hydraulics. Wonder if it based that ad choice on my earlier comment containing the word "hydraulics"? We are being targeted.

    1. Sometimes the adds seem to be base on blog content and sometimes on what places you have visited. The Ebay adds show what I have looked at recently. If the ads were more interesting one would tend look at them more frequently. Perhaps I should use different keywords, like BOOBIES!!!!

  6. We had the same issue with our 853 Bobcat; white oil etc......After the shop purged the hydraulic system they decided it needed a new hydraulic pump (a wore out pump "cavitates" putting air in the oil?)......$1,600 later plus NEW TIRES we have a new-ish wore out skidloader!!!

  7. Replacing the tires is always bad luck. Something major always fails after replacing tires.
    On the other hand, a new hydraulic pump is pretty nice. Especially on a bobcat which uses hydraulics a lot.


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