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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I wish ZetaWoof had comments enabled so I could comment on his Facebook Post!

Instead of writing my own post and then linking to him. So read this and then comeback and look at what I have to say. Or not, whatever...
Of course you do have to take whatever I say with a grain of salt, er about five lbs of salt. I'm setting around as I am setting around eating doughnuts, drinking coffee, and listening to Mel Torme instead of working. Yes you did read that correctly, Mel Torme... It is a long story...

But, I digress...
And now I will say with a perfectly straight face, Facebook is not cool. It is pretty much yesterday. I have no idea exactly what is hip at the present time but I can tell you that anything populated by middle-aged women detailing their every movement is no longer The Cat's Meow. (Nothing personal to you if you happen to fit that profile, you are the exception and your Facebook posts are really insightful and interesting! And I was not accusing Gorgesgrouse of being a middle-aged woman!)
I am on Facebook but I find it very annoying and never post. Of the five or six people I wanted to find when I signed up, I found two.
It is handy in many ways and is probably a useful social media tool. I like to cruise people's profiles looking for embarrassing photos and people revealing personal information that I find amusing but that is typical behavior for someone who sits in his easy chair and is now listening to Burt Bacharach.
You know I do have more to say about Facebook but I just realized that I am insulting a number of people who read this blog and I really don't have that many readers to insult so I think I will go back to sorting another box of records to send to GoodWill.  Anyone like Andy Williams or perhaps need a couple or five big band sing-along albums!
Do I keep albums for the cover even if I never intend to listen to them?
Anyone like Ed Ames?
Anyone want a Numark graphic equalizer? It has glowing lights!
I think I will post on Facebook now!



    I need to stop by more often.

  2. Its ok Budde, you have not offended me. I mostly go there to discuss Coronation Street episodes with the rest of the Canadian Corrie fans.

  3. I also made the mistake of joining facebook. Can anyone tell me how to turn off the constant emailing of updates I am getting from someone's page? How do I make it go away? I have never posted & I could care less about it.

  4. I refuse to join Facebook. I'm not sure if I'm doing it for any practical reason, or for the pure joy of seeing people's reactions when I tell them I'm not. But I don't really think I need to be informed of when my summer helper of a few years ago is at the grocery store buying yogurt, for example!

  5. Ok, I went and read the zetawoof blog post and I can't say that it applies to any of my facebook friends. Of course the site is mostly a big information harvester for advertising money but as long as I get some fun out of it I have no problem ignoring the ads.

    1. I was thinking about your comment and then my wife left her facebook open on my computer.
      She uses it to chat with her sisters, My brother has a circle of friends, Ed Winkle, Me, some far off relatives, and he posts photos of life on the farm and they post photos of their lives.
      My wife has set a few of her "friends" to ignore. Mostly it is the idiotic 30ish women connected with the beauty salon in town. Incredibly vapid and stupid and mean, it would be funny if it didn't go on forever...
      So I both agree and disagree with my own post. I think zetawoof is essentially correct in his assessment because in the end, what advertising revenue is gained from You, my brother, my wife chatting with her sisters, possibly the annoying women my wife ignores? I shall go and check out my one "hip" friend and see what they are talking about. If it were not so much trouble to remember my password...

  6. I have accessed my page about five times and had to have five new passwords sent to do so. Now I have managed to remove myself from the face book ether. I will let the rest of the world inhale it without me.


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