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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I acutally worked

I actually planted some 45 acres yesterday. It was a pretty good day considering I didn't get a very early start.
When I arrived at the field the farmer had left for more oat seed but he had in fact filled my drill for me. It was still a little wet and soon got a lot wetter. It poured on me. It was a long drive home so I took my fishing pole down to his creek and lost my Mepps # 5 spinner. I am a terribly bad fisherman.
I retreated back to my drill and started greasing and oil chains and otherwise fooling around.
Then the farmer's daughter brought me cookies and I of course pretended to think she was 22 instead of 26. I have often resorted to flattery to continue my supply of cookies. They were good cookies. They were chocolate cookies. They went good with coffee.
Then I got the genius idea to go look at the field.
The field was less than a mile down the road. It didn't rain there.
So away I went.
I finished in the pouring rain at 9:30 at night.
I love my FarmerGPS program.
You get free upgrades after buying the program.
The latest version gives you a 3-D view like you are driving a video game and it lets you measure fields by clicking and dragging the pointer pen on the screen. (If only it had auto-steer.)
It was raining so hard and there was so much mud and it was dark and I finished the field driving by instruments. I hope on the last pass I did not offset the drill 12 feet and leave a 2 foot unplanted strip a half mile long due to GPS drift.
Without the GPS I would have been completely blind. Of course my foam marker was not working properly. They never work properly for more than a half hour.


  1. I am envious. Still nothing doing in the fields here. I did see some ruts in a field left by huge metric dual tired wheels some 60 feet apart (about the width of the drill) so I see at least one farmer tried his luck in the field. We have had our one day of sunshine for the week I guess.

  2. 92* and sunny here in Fla. One more week & I'm back to the rain. Dry as a bone here. Too hot though.
    Budde: I can't tell the difference between 26 and 22 anymore.


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