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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I have been ranting about Yamhill County and Landfill Park for two days in a row!

And there have been almost no hits from anyone but regular followers.
The top google searches resulting in hits to the Lazy Farmer are:
1. New Ag Talk
2. NewAgTalk- I think NAT is fine. I am not really boycotting it, I just don't have time to comment on every short pant's farmer and his identical tillage program powered by John Deere. Sure that is a blanket statement but I am a grouch. Sue me...
3. Back Neck Tattoos - What is up with that? Perhaps someone is interesting in my universal tattoo program. One tattoo in either Gothic or Script, "Dumbass!" It would be less expensive and more to the point!
4. Hesston Pittman bearing puller- OK, you are not going to find that info here...
5. Build your own tractor splitting stand- No I didn't do it. I only have two of the rollers.
6. Build your own metal detector?
7. Dual 1019, Ok I did talk about that...
8. Can cows Walk down stairs? Yes, with the proper encouragement. Saying that they can't is not the same as saying that they really, really, don't want to.
9. Big Old Tree, I don't even know...
10. Will James, That post was a long time ago and I should post a link to it but I am lazy... Hence the name, "The Lazy Farmer..."
11. The Blue Goat - I should get a free Goat Burger for all the publicity I've given them!

In conclusion...
People in Yamhill County really don't give a rip about parks. They either know were they all are, they don't go to parks, or they just flat don't care about them.
There are really not that many searches for Whiteson or Riverbend Landfill or Monroe landing. Either that or my blog titles are just not exciting enough to bring people in.
I suppose that is the reason Yamhill County will site a nature park next to a stinky landfill and then pat themselves on the back for being concerned about the public good...

Have a nice day... And please don't ride your #$%^&*(&% bicycle past my house, go ride in Ken Huffer's backyard.


  1. Nobody cares about nothin' no more, Budd! BTW, there's a term in my latest post that I haven't seen used before and I think you'll approve.

  2. It is interesting what search words/phrases bring hits to our blogs. One of the big ones for my blog seems to be "the lazy farmer" So thanks Budde. Who knew that pull type combines and growing flax would be of interest to so many people? Those were some of the search labels I put in a few posts.

  3. Even more surprising is where the hits come from. I get nearly as many from Russia as from the U.S. this past week. Who knows (or cares) about me in Russia? I would have thought I had enough relatives in the U.K. to come up with more than 2 hits this past week from there though.

  4. If it will cheer you up, I have found (while triaging my books here)one for you. It's called: The Science Of Successful Threshing, published by the J.I.Case threshing machine Co. in 1915. It has extensive information on the heat values of various fuels for your steam tractor as well. Something that you might find useful as you (re) digress. No, methane is not mentioned.
    We built a metal detector when we were kids. Well, mostly my brother did.

  5. Gorges, I did a search for Yamhill Parks and this blog comes up right away. No one really cares about the supposed lack of Parks in county or they would be looking for them. It is all stupid.
    Nice post by the way...

    Ralph, If I could just find my copies of the Song of the Lazy Farmer I'd give you a run for your money. I think they are still lining the shelves in the basement of the old farmhouse.
    I've been getting a lot of hits from Russia as well. However, the Blogger stats are not as reliable as you would think. I think they are really affected by spammers which is why you get spikes in hits from odd places. Not sure how the spam works but I see the spike.

    Muddy, How timely as I was in fact thinking of converting to steam! I think I posted a plan for a metal detector that uses a coil and an FM radio.

  6. This made me laught.
    We know where they are, just to busy to go to them, and the fields and creeks we go by and thu are better than a park.

  7. Yamhill, thanks for the comment. If you are part of the rural community and do not abuse that relationship then you have access to a huge amount of recreational opportunities.
    If dress up like a poof in spandex bicycle shorts and annoy people's dogs then people tend to not let you wander around on their farms and woodlots.
    If I find someone on my property in a vehicle-or if someone stops to ask if they can go fishing I check out the bumper stickers, Duck's Unlimited, teacher's unions, Obama 2011, get an automatic no. Old Oregon Wheat Grower's league usually get a yes.
    Anyway, like your blog, thanks for making a good point on mine.


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