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Monday, May 7, 2012

Reason # 22 why I don't want Yamhill County to build a park on my road, The antenna I use for FarmerGPS, and I make an omelette out of a really big egg!

We like to do things which are unsafe and would possibly invite unwanted attention on Sunday afternoons.
My daughter got a kit to build things out of cardboard boxes. It has funny little plastic rivet things and you punch holes in boxes and then push the rivets through.
I may not get the lawn mowed or the window fixed in my wife's truck but when it comes to building forts out of cardboard we get stuff done!
The box of puny rivets and little cardboard boxes were cast by the wayside! Lulu and I found the pile of BIG cardboard boxes that I get my grain screenings in and we now have a forklift!
In about an hour we had built a pallet stand out of scrap lumber and old pallets. The clever part of this whole scheme is that the pallet under the top box has a hole in the middle of it. This hole is so that you can take a really huge bag of grain on the pallet and still get at the pouring spout on the bottom of the bag. This way you can unload a bag with a tractor that doesn't life high enough to put the forks through the bag handles.
In this incarnation it is how you get into the second story of the rickety fort.
It is not really all that safe.
The cousins were banned from it.
I think the concept and process of making the fort was more fun for the daughter than actually playing in the fort. She was jumping on the trampoline with her cousins most of the time.
I made her measure and mark all the boards while I ran the chainsaw. I also made her run the hammer as I have a sore arm.

And now in answer to a number of search inquiries.
Here is a picture of me using FarmerGPS in the rain.

To answer the search that got you too this blog... Yes, you can use many different GPS antenna's with FarmerGPS. I am using an old Raven Invicta 210. I also have a Garmin 18 USB antenna that I got on ebay. FamerGPS is set up to use a serial to USB converter but I found I can use a program called Spanner to make a virtual serial port so that a direct USB connection will be recognized.
You cannot use the GPS antenna that comes with Windows Streets and Trips. Do not buy Streets and Trips as a GPS route finder to find directions to the fields you are going to plant. It is a horrible program. It is cheaper and better just to get one of those TomTom stand alone GPS navigators.
The Garmin 18 is good enough for finding field sizes or spreading fertilizer but not good enough for strip-tilling or planting. In my opinion...
The better the antenna the better the program will work.
If you look at the photo you will see I am using a tablet PC. It is attached to the dash of the White 2-155 with bungee cords. It is sometimes a problem if I climb a steep hill or hit a really big bump. Yes, I do need to make a better mount.

In other news... I have been making omelettes again. My daughter and I were home alone and discovered we were quite hungry. Upon examination of the clock on the wall we discovered it was in fact lunch time. A quick perusal of the pantry turned up nothing but Top Ramen and Clam Chowder. Then we discovered that a tray of possible meal choices had actually been left on the table for us!
So we made an omelette. You can't do that without breaking a few eggs I have heard.
This was one really big egg. It came from a fellow who gets chicken feed from me. It was a double yolk! One of the eggs was a little older than the rest. You couldn't actually see the baby chicken so I don't think we can qualify as a third trimester Sandra Fluke sort of testimony and get insurance to pay for the egg.
I didn't point any of this out to the daughter I just worked the whisk a little faster and dumped some milk in to cover up the eyeballs. It was a good omelette. I put mushrooms and pepperjack cheese in the middle. You couldn't tell a thing!

I suppose comments of the sort I just made will destroy all my credibility when protesting Landfill Park. But only 35 people a day read this blog and none of them found it by doing searches for Yamhill County Planning Commission, or Whiteson Dump, or Parks in Yamhill County, or hiking trails in Yamhill County, or Riverbend Landfill, or Monroe Landing, so who really cares.
Got to work on those t-shirt slogans!
A protest in my own mind!
How do you spell omelette?
I tried looking it up and it shows omelette but blogger says it is spelled incorrectly and I went to Amity to school so I really don't know much of anything!

UPDATE: Here is a link to a blog called "Chicken Feet for the Soul," wish he would update more.


  1. I've had a few surprises with my "farm fresh" eggs too. Now if in doubt I give them the float test in water. If they float, they are cat food.

  2. and dumped some milk in to cover up the eyeballs.

    Gotta git them eyeballs covered.

  3. Hey, I've heard that eyeballs are VERY nutritious!

  4. Was that an emu egg? Pretty big!
    Sheep eyeballs are a delicacy in some parts of the world. I don't know about chicken eyes. I think i'll pass on both.

  5. Yes indeed farm fresh and fertilized eggs are wonderful! I don't think those things were really eyeballs. I was attempting to research this went I cam across this blog and got distracted.

    I don't know how to put links in comments. Perhaps I will update the post.

  6. But, what about the fort? I think it is pretty cool!

  7. Ok! The fort is cool! However: The eyeball link did not convince me to eat any of the delicious dishes mentioned there.


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