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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

There are a lot of rules in Elementary School! Somehow this sign seems downright Un-American!

I guess it is just a sad commentary on the bunch of weenies we have become. Fireworks and firearms were once a way of life and there are still folks with missing fingers to show you just how short is too short when cutting a fuze for a home brewed fireworks display.
This was actually a good thing as instead of make the inadvertent amputee a victim or a felon, you made him an example of what would happen if you got a little careless with a little black powder and some match heads!

Anyway, look at the sign and then look at the pickup I drive. Does this truck look like the owner is not violating at least three of the five rules?

Perhaps tomorrow I should bring Stanley along!


  1. That would make it four out of five by my count!

  2. Are knives OK? Or did no one think of that security threat?

    1. I have seen specific rules banning knives and slingshots as well.
      Tom Sawyer we are not!!!

  3. We used to lock kids in the cob shed when we played cops and robbers at Wall Lake #6. No lights, no way out, big fun. One more rule for the sign:No Fun.

    1. Collieguy, remember all the people we hated in school? Well... Now they run the world!


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