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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh what a beautiful morning!

It is a beautiful morning I should be at work.
I started, but I got so annoyed I had to come back inside and shout at random anonymous people in the ether...
1. Employees
2. Modern Scholarship
3. Price of Gas
4. Stupid economic ideas

My daughter is working on a science project. She built a shake table and tested various Lego and Lincoln Log designs. That was a lot of fun. But she is a typical modern kid. She thinks shes knows more than she does and then she gets upset when she finds out she doesn't. I don't deal well with gently explaining that you do good work for the sake of doing good work. Because if you throw something together that looks like crap and you don't really try, it reflects on your character. Because if you don't do your best then life is really boring and frustrating?
I don't know... Her mother gave me a whole bunch of advice and then she left. I don't know how to handle this.
The basic problem is that the school did not treat this very seriously. There have been no deadlines for research and no real supervision. I think it is kind of a joke and so does the daughter. It seems like too big of a project not to do a good job on. Of course this is the last minute.

Employees and Gas. I bought gas in December when the price was good. Or at least I think it was my farm. Perhaps it was the main farm. Anyway, I've been rationing it out. Only use it when I really need it and the gas station is closed.  It appears that the employee has been filling up when he comes to work as he didn't work all winter and now is hopelessly behind in his rent and child support.
Today my wife ran out of gas and the local station was closed.
I have refused to buy gas as I want to know just how much is being used and where it is being used. Filling stuff with a five gallon gas can makes you thing twice about how much you are using. Also, I'm broke. (Not only did I buy two forklifts but I will now have to spend more an a transmission for the stacker than I spent on the two forklifts!)
So... I ran around the farm looking for five gallon cans of gas. The spare can in my pickup was empty of course. Employee got to that last week, plus I gave him ten dollars for gas to get home last night. (and a lecture)
The tank of gas my brother had in his pickup was pumping air.
So... We poured the last two inches out of the can and the wife headed off for Monroe or Junction City. Hope there is a gas station open on the way. Good thing I paid the AAA bill. Wonder if she is going to see Orin. Probably something I should have found out about. Perhaps she is going to buy me one of his combines for Father's day...

Now here is what really irritates me...
The price of gas is high for the same reason the price of scrap metal is high. Gas and scrap metal are real products like gold and timber and hay. The clever folks that run things are printing so many dollars that we have serious inflation or currency devaluation or whatever they are not calling it these days.  There are other reasons gas is high, but I think the above mentioned reason is pretty important.
We can buy really cheap LCD televisions and other worthless crap at Wallmart because it is mass produced by slave labor with cheap materials. Look at anything made sturdy or by hand. It is expensive.

This BS about being an information processing society is crap. Just like the idea that Landfill park will boost the local economy with tourist dollars. Tourists come into your local community, annoy the locals, interfere with local industry, buy cheap stuff from stores owned by people who are not local,
 CRAP, and leave. The local 7-11 does not do a lot for the local economy other than provide an income for people picking up beer cans alongside the road.
Our national economy will not improve when nothing is made in our country, nothing is grown in our country, no natural resources are extracted, and we spend all our time "processing information." As in banking and litigation and screwing the dog?
The tree grows, the faller cuts it, the logger hauls it, the mill processes it, someone builds something out of it. But that only works if the money stays in local circulation. AND I would suppose that will never happen again.
So, we will have high gas prices, high taxes, lots of regulation, lots of handouts to people who will come to expect it, more handouts to keep certain key business from failing (hopefully farmers will be included) and we will print more money...

Yeah, I really feel like going to work today. Burn some more $4.10 gas and $4.35 diesel to raise a crop that most likely will fail due to how late I am planting it.

Perhaps some bicyclists will come by. It is Saturday morning and some folks have time to go fishing or ride their bicycles on Saturday morning... Bicyclists always cheer me up. I always think of Mr. Garrison's bicycle when I see them and it makes me laugh...


  1. How depressing. I am burning up $4.00 something a gallong diesel fuel to put $1200 per ton anhydrous fertilizer into the ground to grow a crop that will hopefully, if it makes it, turn me a profit. We are some big gamblers in this farming business.

  2. Yeah, I went to look at no-tilling job today. The hot weather and wind have dried the top 1" of soil and under that it is mud. If I no-till it I think it will split down the rows and the oats will die. I suggested working the ground. Then the guy offered me 20 acres to plant some barley. I can't turn anything down. I'm thinking about breaking out the plow.
    I could get $100 an acre in farming, another $100 in rent, and anther $40 in harvesting and I'd be ok as long as I got a ton to the acre as the price is $360 (cleaned and bagged). But, it could go the other way pretty fast as well. It is Oregon. It might never rain again for the rest of the summer. And I forgot to add in the fertilizer costs, so there goes another $75 an acre.


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