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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Sunday afternoon we waited for the eclipse or rather the dragon eating the sun. It was somewhat of a let down. Clouds appeared. Must mean bad luck of some sort.
Of course it was cloudy...
I tried to take a photo...
I had read that you needed to view the eclipse though "smoked glass" as all my science books are pre 21st pre 20th century. When I explained this at coffee time as we were trying to equate the UV protection of smoked glass to modern tinted welding shields (#16)  Chronic boy thought I meant "smoked grass," and he has stayed "baked" all week. How else would you explain the shop antics this week and the dent in shop pickup?
But now I'm just being mean...
Speaking of mean, look what happens when you apply a force of 360lbs to a Minneapolis-Moline Kneodler tractor seat!


  1. Heard about it but guess I was too wrapped up in tractor driving and planting crops to notice. Seems to me the sun was shining and the earth rotating much the same as always. Maybe the polarized glass on my tractor cab filters out the view?? I was more concerned about the clouds in the sky that might shut me down. Today is a day of rest (it rained).

    1. Ralph, it is raining here and I'm having a very hard time working in the shop! I am kind of lazy.

  2. We used welding lens when ever we could view an eclipse. That seat don't look too good.


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