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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Forklifts, Snakes, No-till

How did I ever live without a forklift?
Forklifts are pretty cool!
I attempted to put the boy's 4wheeler in the Walnut tree but it started to slip. They sure came out of the house in a hurry.
I was also able to move lots of really heavy objects.

I now have two forklifts that work. The fellow I bought the small forklift from has been working on it. He was quite concerned that it was not working properly.  They came out and worked on it quite a bit on Sunday. I watched them for a while. The engine seemed to be out of time.
Yesterday morning I checked the timing by taking out the number one cylinder plug and putting my finger over the hole. Then I cranked the engine. When it blew my finger off the hole I checked the number one spark plug wire at the distributor. It was 180 degrees off. I twisted the distributor to line up the rotor and the cap and put it all back together.
It fired right off and ran very well.
I was going to call the fellow and tell him I got it started but then I got busy and forgot.
Later I saw him working on it.
He asked me if I got it started. I just told him it started up when I got the battery charged. I didn't see the point in telling him it was 180 degrees off after he had worked so hard on it.

I am rained out on the planting. Went to plant yesterday morning but my customer thought the ground was a little sticky. I worked on the drill for a couple hours. He thought the ground was still too sticky. Then it rained.
I think I would have just got it done.

I came home and my helper came to work, had coffee time, and went home. He texted me for a suggestion of jobs to do. I replied that he could 1. Put the hoses on the sprayer, 2. Get the silage chopper in the barn and check it out, 3. Work on a forklift, Or just go home... He went home.
He didn't tell me he was not done spreading fertilizer.
It is kind of funny.

Saturday I found this gopher snake in the field when I was planting. He was really angry. He hissed and rattled his tale like a rattlesnake. I looked around for an apple but didn't see any. Later I discovered I was naked but I don't think it was the snakes fault.
Now if only I had an excavator.
Or perhaps I would compromise by finding a Dragline or one of those really old steamshovel (you have to read that link!)  type excavators with cables and clutches. That would be more my style.


  1. That's great Budde! Now when you get one stuck you can lift it out with the other. :-)
    I once played the Sousaphone naked up on the roof. Somebody had to do it. I think i was high.

    1. Stranger things have happened at Muddy Valley...

    2. That was in Florida. The relentless heat & humidity had a negative effect on me. I'm waiting to see what the rain does...

    3. You were naked on the roof last week?
      I did in fact get the other forklift stuck and lifted it out of the mud with the big forklift...

  2. Those snakes crack me up. They remind me of the rich white kids in Eugene who try to dress and act like gang-bangers. They try to look really bad-a$$ but are in fact harmless.

    1. Well, I still didn't mess with him. They also get really mad when you bale them by mistake.

  3. Your mechanical skills amaze me! (Just don't use the same method for checking to see if your gun is loaded.) ;-)

    1. Gorges, I'm not really a very good mechanic. My mechanical skills are borne out of desperation. The also mainly apply to things which are completely out of date, like points style ignitions and consist mostly of eliminating all the easy fixes first.

  4. But your (and my) style of mechanic-ing is cheap and effective. Modern vehicle/farm equipment repair theory goes something like this: mechanic hooks computer to unit. Computer tells mechanic what to replace. If computer has no suggestions, mechanic starts replacing parts at random. Once all possiblities are exhausted, unit is fixed. If not, mechanic shrugs shoulders and tells owner that it probably isn't worth fixing anyway...and don't forget to pay the bill on the way out the door.

    I'm a little frustrated with modern on-board diagnostics. We just fixed three 90's era units this spring that had fairly major driveability issues without ever giving a trouble code. Did it all without throwing parts at them, just good old fashioned mechanical sleuthing.

  5. And I just realized that I called that 90's stuff "modern"! Hey, it was cutting edge just a few years ago when I was in high school!

    But I'm guessing that mistake can be forgiven among the usual crowd at this blog. Heck, It probably wouldn't have even been noticed had I not brought it up!

    1. I thought 80's stuff was modern.
      Budde...Lots of old draglines available here in Fla. now that they don't let you drain the swamps. And I can give you a great deal on a Cat Traxcavator.

    2. Pre-WWI is ancient, Pre-WWII is old, Post war to 1960 is modern. 1960 to 1980 is almost new, 1980 to 1995 is modern.
      Everything after that is post-modern or New-Fangled or just doesn't exist in my mind...

    3. Muddy-perhaps we could start our own construction company. I once saw Studebaker dump trucks with 371 Detroits for sale on eBay. There have to be more.
      Although, I suppose they won't let you "oil the Driveway," any longer...

  6. Well now I don't feel too bad driving a "new to me" 97 Blazer. I guess most of my machinery (and maybe myself) are becoming dinosaurs but we just keep on going. And you are right, it is getting hard to find anyone that knows how to work on carburetors and ignition points .. and draglines.

  7. I think draglines are pretty cool. Some of them had Minneapolis-Moline engines in them. Can't remember which ones. The high price of scrap is taking away our history. Actually, I think it might be the low value of the dollar... Don't know how it is in Canada..

  8. Properly right now When i tend not to feel too poor generating a "new for you to me" ninety seven Blazer. I reckon that nearly all of our devices (and it's possible myself) are getting to be dinosaurs although many of us simply continue going. And also you usually are proper, it really is receiving difficult to find anyone who is aware of how to focus on carburetors in addition to ignition points.. in addition to draglines.


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