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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yamhill County wants to build a park because they want to build legacy, bad smells and grumpy neighbors be damned!

The Head of the Yamhill County Parks Department wants to go places in life. He needs to justify his job and he needs to build a resume.
He says Yamhill County needs more trails and campsites and there are 90 acres that Yamhill County owns which are just sitting there doing nothing. Well, much of it is being leased for farming, but that is not a huge income.
The vehement opposition of residents surrounding the proposed park means very little to the Parks department or the parks board. The issue of a huge landfill across the river, which smells very bad in the summer, is not an issue either.
What matters is following through with their proposal and essentially, winning their argument.
It is fascinating to watch the process in action. The issues that we argue about are essentially meaningless. Traffic and crime are items on a graph or report to those who do government planning. They are issues to be addressed by regulations and conditional uses restrictions by the Yamhill County Planning Commission.
No one in Yamhill Government will discuss the old landfill as the landfill has already been closed and has regulated through DEQ and I suspect that as long as their approved long range plan is followed, liability is limited.
They will not acknowledge the stink of the Waste Management site across the river. They claim that it will have no impact.
This denial will work as there is no accountability. Ken Huffer, Head of the Parks department, will be long gone to bigger and better things before anyone in government discovers that the sort of people who want to camp and walk nature trails are also the sort of people who object to a mountain of garbage.
Ken will have his legacy park on his resume, the Parks Board will have done their civic duty by building a park over the objections of a bunch of "selfish farmers," and the local meth heads and kids will have a place to party that is closer than Deer Creek park.
So really, it is a win-win situation for everyone but the neighbors.
And that is the definition of "for the public good..."

(It is pretty funny that Yamhill County may one day be known for Landfill Park, the park that stinks. But, I suppose that will be called a positive as in some sort of green recycling project and everyone but the people who smell it will think it is all a great idea...)


  1. Maybe you could do us a favor in the Southern Kamp of the People's Republik of Kalifornia. When you get the park finished maybe you could run a shuttle service for some of our homeless. They might like to get out in the fresh air (comparatively speaking) and stretch their legs. We would also appreciate it if you would make the trip out free and charge for the return.

    Just a thought.

    Grace and peace.

  2. Pumice, it is kind of funny you mention that... There just happens to be an "undocumented" hobo camp where the train switches cars at Whiteson. It is within walking distance of the 90 acre park. Also, I've planted for everyone around the proposed site and have actually found campsites in the area. So... Just get the word out, "Landfill Park in Yamhill County, It looks better than it smells!"

  3. Maybe you'll have your own little "Occupy Yamhill" movement!

  4. Gorges, I think I will become an activist. I see there is another rails to trails proposal coming up. These ideas sound good until you realize it puts utter morons in your backyard!

  5. stupidestplaceforaparkeverSeptember 4, 2012 at 12:03 AM

    Wow I love this. Laying here late at night, grumbling and groaning to myself about this stupid park proposal and picked up my kindle and found this. Very funny! And oh so accurate. Have you caught the News Register's editorials lately? Three of them supporting the park being approved. Know I am old, but when did newspapers become so opinionated? Sure, there has always been the good ol' boys club in politics, but didn't newspapers used to publish facts, and actually have integrity? Well, probably not. But they should have. Makes me wonder who the Bladines are doing the editorials as a favor for...maybe Kathy George? She's all over this park going in.

  6. spfape, The News Resistor is in favor of the park because fits with the whole concept of turning Yamhill County from an old style agricultural/forestry/working class type place into a progressive suburb of Portland. Wine country and nature walks and all that.
    Of course the park is a bad idea mostly because it is being built in a buffer zone for a toxic dump.
    I'm opposed because of traffic, crime, annoying people, my opposition to the same type of progress the News Resistor is in favor of.
    Thanks for ready my blog.


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