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Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Civil Disobedience (Lite Version)

I done showed em yesterday! I loaded up two dogs in my pickup when I went to get my daughter and I parked right by the sign. It turned out that my daughter had a meeting for the school yearbook after class and so I needed to go into the school with her and find out the new time to pick her up and talk to her teacher about a science project.
I didn't sign in at the office!
Oh boy, I'm a rule breaker now!
However, while I was setting in my truck I got to thinking about the sign and the rules. I don't think they really were talking about what you had in your truck. Instead it is what you do on the play ground. I wonder if at some school somewhere someone brought their dog to the playground. A dog armed with a gun, smoking a cigarette, chewing tobacco, drinking Bud Lite, and shooting off bottle rockets. It is lucky people are not offending by cussin' anymore. Cause that would be on the sign as well. Obviously no children stuck their heads in five gallon buckets and drowned as that would be on the sign also. Perhaps I should propose that addition. It could happen and it would be a liability for the school district I am sure.
My act of protest is shown below! Guess how many rules I was breaking!
(Ok, yes i am the person who leaves those rainbow stains in the parking lot when I deliver my child in the rain. But the parking lot is made out of tar and tar is oil and so a little more oil on top is just preserving the parking lot. Adding to the layers. That stuff ain't cheap! I didn't mean to give it away!)


  1. Just tell 'em you need those dogs in the back to protect that $4 diesel in the L-tank.....

  2. Nice bumper sticker.


    1. Keep America Beautiful, Drive a Studebaker?
      Sharp eyes!

  3. You rebel, you!

    Bobby, if you can read the fine print on that bumper sticker, you've got better eyes than me!

  4. Gorges, I really have no idea how he could have read that bumper sticker. It did come from the Studebaker Museum in South Bend Indiana.

  5. I read on another blog that covering your license plate is really a waste of time. They know who you are and where you live.

    I have driven a Studebaker. That word was all I could read.

    Grace and peace.

    1. Pumice, it reads, "Keep America Beautiful-Drive a Studebaker."
      On the license plate... I am pretty sure my secret identity is not so much of a secret anyway. They already have my name and location down at the fusion center...

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