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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Pre Christmas jitters.

We had one heck of a storm! Rain and wind and the power went out. I hooked up a generator so my wife could have light to wrap presents. 

I am sure that crazy weather across the nation will result in people asking forgiveness and redoubling their faith in their gods. Science and Climate change. Hopefully they will respond with more yard signs. I especially like the one that says they believe in Science, Women's rights are human rights, and Black Lives matter. Also, I hope this weather reminds everyone to vaccinate and to wear a mask. 

Obviously the god of Science is displeased.

(I am personally worried that Clyde Lewis is right. The projected change in the Earth's magnetic poles has caused devastation in the past eons as has the increase in Solar activity on the sun.)

But, I digress! More legislation is required to stop manmade global climate change. Everyone who grew up in the 1960's and read the Hobbit knows the internal combustion engine is the root of all evil and must be banned.

We also need to blindly plow ahead with mandatory Wu--Flu shots because once we are committed to a course that half the world hates, we must continue! The party line must not be questioned!

In other news... My wife is watching the TV. I hate TV. It makes me angry.

The Portland Timbers didn't win. Soccer is not a real American sport anyway. Baseball, American rules Football and Ice Hocky, are real sports. Timber fans are all obnoxious arsehole. 

I cannot concentrate. 

I gotta go...

Note: The title of this blog has nothing to do with the content. It was originally to be about my annual quest to a cheap Christmas tree ending in failure, rebuilding a KLH model 20 for my daughter who no longer cares, and me being put in charge of the Racist programming at work. Perhaps another day when the %$&*# TV is off...

Have a nice day...


  1. Along the lines of repairing ancient audio equipment, do you have a source for cassette tape deck player belts?
    I can't even watch or look at fox news much as it is annoying.

    1. I search by model number on eBay. I have used rubber bands before on my 8-track but they don't hold up well.

  2. TV is mostly background for me although I do love my British tv drama and comedy. Plus a little Turner Classics now and then. Internet has become my main entertainment and information. That and AM CBC radio. Although lately CBC is getting way too heavy on climate change and covid and I have to turn it off.

    1. I enjoy watching video by this odd duck called Roosty6 on youtube. I think he is from Canada.


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