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Friday, October 5, 2012

I attempt to buy a disk and discover my wife is correct about me having ADHD

I am unable to make a decision, but yet I obsess about the details and then forget half of them and have to start over again. Perhaps medication would help...
I want to buy a cover crop disk.
I looked at two well-worn disks which would be in the bottom-feeder price range.
First was a Steiger 12 foot disk.
It is part of a larger folding disk made first by Wilbeck. It has 9" spacing, I think. 16 blades per gang. The disks are worn down to 22" and will have to be replaced. I was quoted $65 each for 24" notched blades.
However, I think I would get by for this year as it is, replace the front gang next year and the back gang the next.
Plus, we have mostly 12 to 14 foot equipment so the rollers and harrows would go nicely behind it.
Tires are ok, all the gangs are tight, bearings good, no welds on the frame, a little wear on the lift assembly, adjustments seem to be frozen with rust, but nothing I can't deal with.
I called a farmer who owns a similar disk and he loves it. Says he can pull it with 135hp and has never replaced a bearing.
It is $2000 delivered.

Then the salesman said, "I have this other disk you should look at."
It is a Krause 1480.
It appears to be 15 foot wide.
It has 26" notched disks that are worn down to 25" in the front and 24" in the back. There are various welds and "fish plating" on the frame. However the frame appears to be square and straight.
It appears to be a much heavier disk.
One front gang was run loose and needs to be tightened.
The disks would cut.
Bearings are good.
$4,600 delivered.

So here is the deal...
1. Can I pull the 15ft disk with a White 2-135 2wd that is turned up to 160hp?
2. Would it be better to have a (the Steiger) 12ft disk with new bearings and blades that is a little lighter and fits all my equipment or a bigger disk that will go in the ground deeper but I might not be able to pull with the smaller tractor?
3. Will the narrower spacing and smaller diameter of the disks on the Steiger mean that it will not cut through much trash? Even if the disks are new?
4. Does the Krause ridge more than the Steiger?
5. If I'm pulling a 15ft disk at 4 mph will I still get more work done than pulling a 12ft at 5.5 mph, BUT, would it not be too rough at 5 mph and so would I not be better off disking at 3.5 mph anyway?
6. Should I buy the Steiger because I could take it to MuddyValley and disk up all the anthills without worrying about breaking a blade because I have to replace them anyway?
7. Does MuddyValley's Traxcavator have hydraulic remotes? Cause then he could do it himself!
8. Should I just quit farming and turn it all over to my brother and become a janitor somewhere?
9. Shoud I poop or go blind? Sometimes I just don't know...

I'd go listen to the Ledge and kick back in my broken down lazy-boy but I blew up my DCM timeframe 350 speakers the last time I had a crisis and so I have no recourse.

I know! I'll go blind! Yes that is a great decision!


  1. RE:question 3. Ask the man that owns one!
    question 4: Ask the man that owns one
    question 5: The answer favors the Steiger
    question 6: Probably. I doubt the ant hills will break a blade after a day or two of rain. If it ever rains again.
    question 7: I don't think so. In any case, the poor right brake kind of makes for several left turns to go to the right, & it sucks great amounts of diesel. It would make a nice static display on a large post outside of the Caterpillar factory.

    1. The Krause has a nicer paint scheme. It is tan and red. The stieger is Terex green.

  2. Good questions to post over at the ag talk forum. I'm sure there are some experts there with an opinion. I've had a similar day here. Too many choices and I hope I picked the right one.

    1. They would just tell me to get a John Deere and someone would get off subject as to why a 2-135 has extra horsepower and if I actually knew what horsepower I had and if it was a 2-155 instead and then I'd make some comment about how to get oil out of a cat's fur and I'd get banned.

  3. 1. Probably, in most conditions. But I think it is a better match for your 2-155 and the 12' is more matched to your 2-135.

    2. If you buy an implement that is too big for your current tractors, then you have the perfect excuse to add a bigger tractor.

    3. In my admittedly limited experience with a disk, I've never felt that disk spacing had much effect on cutting trash. Blades spaced too far apart do not size clods worth a darn IMO. The bigger disks would be much better I don't know. Gut feeling is that the Steiger with new 24" disks on it would be good for a long time.

    5. Depends. I think you get more action at 5 MPH than at 3.5.

    6. Anthills shouldn't break a blade.

    In case you need a break from the Ledge, try this out:

    1. Well thanks for the link Orin! Cowboys and Indians, just like Grande Rhode and Willamina!
      I want the Krause but I am never sure if I will have the 2-155. Right now it is hooked to the drill and setting in a neighbor's field. It needs to be moving!
      Am farming with the 2-135 right now.

  4. Part of the solution is knowledge of the comparative specific gravities of 10/40 and cat's fur. Had a manual here somewhere...

  5. Might I suggest that you form a committee. Maybe you could ask the children to discuss how they think it should be dealt with. Maybe there is a government program sponsored by someone who wants to sell you something. Those are the solutions we try in education.

    As a public educator I should be able to give you definitive advice in something I know nothing about, but I will refrain. God still monitors my words and at the most inconvenient times.

    Grace and peace.

  6. So you are suggesting I just go blind?
    Yeah, we formed a committee and have gone back and forth on the two courses of action. Each disk idea has it's merits. I'm leaning towards the big disk with more appealing paint scheme as of now.

  7. In my area, your tractor size would easily handle the larger disk. Also, my experience shows going slower is better with a disk. If you do not have it set perfectly level, the higher the speed, the more ridging you will get. The laws of physics state if you go slower, you will get better penetration and you will not throw as much soil out and back.

    Good luck with whatever choice you make.

    1. we have a lot of heavy clay soil and everything seems to pull harder. I will make up my mind today.


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