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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unrelated but painful subjects, A long drive on a busy road and switching my ISP

Today I am planting at Carlton, OR. It is 14.9 miles from home. The map says it will take me 29 minutes by car. I think it will take two hours by White 2-155 and Great Plains 1500 grain drill.
Click for map...
If you look closely at the map you can see the alternate route I will take. Specifically the little side roads along HWY18 or in winespeak, "The Salmon River Highway." (to the west of 99W)
I think I have found a gravel road that runs parallel to my planned route. We shall see what we shall see. Actually, we won't see much of anything until the fog lifts. Not going to move in Pea Soup fog...
Speaking of pain and suffering we are about to give up on OnlineMac or OnlineNorthwest (whatever they are calling themselves now) for our internet.
My wife found a plan from Frontier for $100 a month which also gives us a home phone. I'd do it if it didn't also include 30+ TV channels. I really hate network TV.
I emailed onlinenorthwest to see if thy would speed my connection up from 1.2 mbps but I have a feeling it is a lost cause.
Was was optimistic until I looked at the chart that comes with the Onlinemac/Northwest free speed test.
If you care to click on this link you can see the various speeds of ISPs in my area. Note that OnlineWhatever is down at number 25 and Frontier is right in the middle at 10mbps. That is a big step up from 1.2 Mbps.
The most frustrating thing about switching-aside from the added TV channels and the extra $50 per month, is the Frontier modem. It is hard to extend the wireless network. The Frontier modem won't let you bridge with another wireless router to give wider coverage. Instead you have to hook another wireless router to the Frontier modem with an ethernet cable.
We already have two Frontier modems at the farm and we could just share one instead of three separate accounts. I can extend my OnlineMac service around the farm buildings by adding routers, or at least I was able to do that until we got the new Apple Airport which in the true spirit of 21st century Apple products, make things more difficult than they were previously.
Have a nice day.
If you are driving in the Amity/McMinnvile/Carlton area please watch out for the large silver tractor with really bright headlights-no it is not a train...


  1. 9:15 and still pretty foggy over this way.

  2. No fog here, just light snow as we prepare for hibernation here in Sask.

  3. It was only foggy at my house. I didn't realize that until I gave up on the wait and just started out. If I keep going North I suppose I would end up in BC and then I'd have to turn left. Probably would encounter some fog. Possibly wear out my tires.


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