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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Everyone learns the wrong lessons or misses the point or something. Murdered girl in Oregon

A hay customer told me about this yesterday and so I looked it up on Oregon Live.
Click here for link...

1. The girl was abducted by someone she knew...
2. Having a gun would not have helped her
3. The family organized their own search party and found most of the important evidence.

The lessons to be learned are,
1. Don't wait for the police
2. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
3. Don't be nice to creepy people? I'm not sure about the third one, but she trusted someone she should not have trusted.
Which leads us to the important lessons in judgement. You have to be aware and you have to be careful. Those are things that you have to think about all the time. I would imagine that by the time she realized she needed a gun or pepper spray it was too late. Although they were seen driving around Gresham...
What do you do in that situation? Jump from a moving car? I think if I were such a situation and even if I had a gun pointed at me I'd jump. You have to realize the point when you are already dead. I suppose that if I were in one of those stand offs like you see on TV and someone had a gun on my child or wife and I had a gun I'd still shoot them. Even though it would violate my moral principles. You might as well consider yourself dead the second the gun or knife is pulled. Why would they let you go if they have gone that far?
I hope I do not have to make that decision...

I suspect there is more to this story.


  1. As Gorges said..."Right on all counts"
    As far as the abduction goes, rule number one for the victim is : Never let them drive you from the initial place of contact. Scream, yell, fight, jump out, etc. Whatever it takes.

  2. There's no veneer thinner than civilization.

    1. Yep! A little too much of the wrong liquid & it peels right off.


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