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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Since everyone cares about the details of my life on a farm

Today I am grinding feed for a neighbor.
I am also loading a 1,500 bales of wheat straw on a truck. This one of the few times I actually wish I was doing it by hand.
The straw is in blocks of 80 bales. You pick them up with a big Hyster squeeze forklift.
The customer wants blocks that are in the back of the barn with a number of blocks of 14"x18" bales in front.
Little bales do not pick up well the second and third time you try and squeeze them.
It is raining.
I just got notice that I am supposed to watch the store for my uncle. This is due to the fact that the only person in our extended family who is capable of sitting on their arse all day and answering the telephone is Chronic Boy and it would seem he has managed to get himself banned.
Good grief, the place has been there so long it is basically a self service facility. People even make out their own invoices. There is wireless internet.
My sometimes-a-great-helper seems to have taken his vacation. Perhaps he will show up today.
Perhaps MuddyValley will come over...and bring coffee. He does a very good job of roasting coffee. The MuddyValley blend...
Mmmm coffee! I think I will have some more...
I love winters on this farm!


  1. Argh! Winter! We have it here this morning with wet snow turning everything white and wet. Thankfully I am self employed and nobody will complain if I take the day off. Well, the cows might like a bale of hay later on.

  2. Ralph, yup, the cold, the wet, the mud, the dark. Two days of wet snow is a vacation, but a week is something else. Perhaps a Lazy Farmer cartoon. I completely understand the fellow now...

    1. Two days of Dry snow is a vacation. Two days of wet snow is a pain in the &$$.

  3. Actually us city slickers do find a farmers day interesting.

    Grace and peace.


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