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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Will someone in Nashville please buy me this?

It is a rare and not really valuable Triumph 250.
I've been looking at "dual-sport" motorcycles. I want to do some exploring of back roads with my daughter. But, I really don't want to spend $4,000 on a newer motorcycle. Honda XL500's seem to be a bit spendy and parts for a 20 year-old Japanese motorcycle are as hard to find as parts for a 1970 Triumph 250.
But a Triumph fits into my obsession with obsolete technology.
And I also think my daughter needs to learn to make the evaluation on what point you attempt to make a repair or when you need to walk and to always have tools and chewing gum wrappers.


  1. Chewing gum wrapper? I was always told it's duct tape and baler twine!

  2. That would look good in the back of my 1210 IH!

    1. It is quite possible it would end up in the back your IH as I doubt the reliability of a 40 year old motorcycle.

  3. When I was your age and my children were young I knew I needed to stay alive so I gave up my motorcycle. I swore I would get another one when they were old enough for me to die. Now I find that the ground looks much harder and I heal slower.

    Think twice, maybe three times. But off road is a different world and great fun.

    I thought it was baling wire and chewing gum. Times change.

    Grace and peace.

  4. I said chewing gum because once the rotor on my brother's pickup came apart in the middle of the night going over Mt. Shasta and we repaired it with a chewing gum wrapper. I don't think they come wrapped in aluminum foil any longer so I suppose we are back to duct tape and baling wire.
    I suppose it is all a touch on the dangerous side. Street riding makes me a little nervous. My goal is back roads and out of the way places.

    1. Dropped the little tension clip out & couldn't find it when you took it off to clean the points? I've shimmed one up too for that reason!


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