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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I am planting wheat.
It is a bit early for wheat according to the old timers. Not that there are that many old timers left...
It is not really no-tilling as the field was a grass field which has been worked a couple times but there is enough sod left that a conventional drill wouldn't go though it.
It is so dusty I can't even see the drill behind me. If the wind changes I also can't see the marker track in front of me.

I told the farmer I could do 70 acres per day. You can't quite do 70 acres at 4 mph. We are also chopping silage so it makes it a little tough to do both.
Worked on adjusting chopper knives a couple hours yesterday morning. Didn't get my field planted.
Things got a little difficult after dark.
I have FarmerGPS on a tablet computer, but the program is only as good as the antenna. Everything was fine on flat ground. I following the little glowing arrows on the screen and it was all matching up with the marker row. Then I got to the hillside part of the field and it got dark. Sometimes the GPS was correct and sometimes not. Then I ended up in wrong field due to the fact that I was staring fixedly at a computer screen and couldn't see out the window.
So I went home.
This morning I will go and see what damage I did. I hope it is a straight row.
I thought about buying this truck. It was not very expensive.


  1. The Pentateuch titles are taken from the first words of text. Perhaps you could look up the Hebrew for "I am planting" and use it.

    Grace and peace.

  2. I think Pumice has hung out in schools too much!

  3. Hey, thats an IH truck. Looks like an A or B series dash to me. Now I really must do a blog post about my IH adventure today.

  4. Normally the damage shows in a couple of weeks time when the wheat starts to grow and every man and his dog can see the lines! This is why my dad never let me drill!

  5. I will see how my wavy passes come up soon and see if I can plug anything inbetween. Did you really end up in another's field? I had a hand do that 3 years ago because the maps were not clear.

  6. Pumice, have not been doing much wondering online as of late however this is an interesting suggestion.

    Gorges, Judging from my own odd obsessions I will refrain from commenting further.

    Ralph, Glad you survived your IH misadventure! I would really like to buy this particular IH truck. Amazing 1960's industrial design.

    Kev, Oh and I do hear about it. I do a lot of no-till planting in the neighborhood and I get plenty of commentary on my driving skills!!!

    Ed, I checked the next morning and I missed the newly seeded fescue field by a foot. I usually map the field when I start but I was going back and forth and I don't like to run over what I have already planted. I didn't think about the field coming to a point as the other end was quite square.


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