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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Almost done and then not at all plus an update in the aphid vs ladybug barley fiasco

Just when I thought the end of baling was in site I am reminded of another hundred acres I promised to do but forgot about.
I also have to drive 10 miles with possibly the last White 8700 Combine running West of the Rockies or (most hopefully my brother will do it) to combine a ten acre utter failure of a barley field.
Apparently having one ladybug per square foot is not enough when you have 1.2 million aphids per square foot. I would bet cash that the person who advised us not to spend the money on chemical did not actually set foot on the field. Actually, i did bet money on that one. Lost it too!
Plus it frosted last night. Have not seen if it got the corn.
So I came in the house to sort of eat lunch and see if I got a good deal on my latest batch of records from GoodWill.
I've been leaning towards highbrow music of the 50's and 60's.
I bought a Pete Fountain album, "Mood Indigo." I hate backup singers. Don't mind the Clarinet but the backup singers just are annoying.
Thought I was buying a Dave Brubeck album but it is sampler with Paul Desmond, Bobby Correll, and Frank Blake, who ever the %^&*( they are.
Got a Mel Tillis album which is "ok."
Bought Chet Atkins', "Teensville," for the cover which is pretty funny.
So I fired up the Dynaco and drank some cold coffee and took a break from repeating the same four swear words over and over again in my head.
Perhaps one of the more Christian bloggers who link to me will put in a good word for me...
Perhaps there is a incredibly wealthy blogger who will give me 1.2 million dollars on the agreement that I will never post the Legendary Stardust Cowboy again... or that I will post him everyday, don't care-just want the 1.2 million dollars.
Or perhaps Bob Newhart can be my therapist...


  1. I will give you the Mega Millions lottery ticket that I picked up from the table when we had lunch at Shari's in Wilsonville. (food was terible)
    It has yet to be filled out & won't be by me. I got it to see what the odds were of winning anything.
    Grand prize: 1:175,711,536.00
    $250,000 are 1:3,904,700.80
    The odds of winning $3.00 are 1:74.80

    Don't count on that 1.2 million any time soon.
    You need to acquire another 175,711,536 subscribers to have a chance.

  2. Yes but there is still that one chance...


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