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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Landfill Park baloney continues

The neighborhood is attempting to stop the creation of a park in the buffer zone for an old unlined landfill.
The News Resistor is for the park as they have absolutely no connection to anything relevant to anything but "Wine Country" and the local farmer's market.
The Yamhill County Commissioners have already made the deal with the parks department to push through the park.
The general population of the county is not clamoring for a park. They want the roads fixed and methheads to go away.
The purpose of the hearings dealing with the park is to let local residents rant and rave and for the commissioners to feel smug about their "public duty."
They get to lecture us about the public good and civic responsibility when they reflect on a back-room deal made a few years ago and their wonderful legacy as park builders. "We care about Yamhill County."
So we can talk about the environment, they don't care unless a private individual has an oil spill on 99W.
We can talk about traffic, but in the end it will be our fault for driving wide equipment on narrow roads.
We can talk about crime, they just ignore the fact that all Yamhill County parks are famous for crime, drugs/booze, and vandalism. (Unless they want more money for the County Sheriff.)
We can just say we don't want it, but of course that is just a "Not in my Back Yard," complaint and not valid.
And that my folks is how our democracy works...
I think we need to get away from that quote about asking not what my country has done for me, but what I can do for my country.
What your country is doing is making your life more difficult. We need to be able to say "no, I don't want to spend that money, it is my money, I gave it to you, use it wisely."
People need to go into a skeptical mode, an obstructionist mode, a "no that's not a good idea mode."
And that is my .02 for the day...


  1. Until enough folks get peeved to vote the skunks out, nothing will change.

  2. Gorges, you know that is all fine and good to vote the skunks out but how do you find non-skunks to replace the existing skunks? A white and black skunk smells pretty much the same as a black and white skunk and that seems to be the choice...

  3. Landfill Park? Is that where they buried Kenny?

  4. So, who did they bury in Landfill Park? Wasn't that an Ol' Indian Burial Grounds?

  5. They buried Kenny? Those bastards!


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